So last week we left Ritsu storming out of Takano’s apartment  only to bump smack into Yokozawa.

Yokozawa asks what’s Ritsu doing here (“Some work” “Really/Seriously?” Takano: “He was getting a name checked.”) and is surprised that he’s come over for work this late. Takano asks whats Yokozawa doing at the apartment anyways. Yokozawa’s like “I told you I’d come over for a drink.” Takano tells him to leave and Ritsu gets ready to leave. But before Ritsu can step out, Yokozawa quietly asks if Takano said something to upset Ritsu. And that Takano will not tolerate a half-assed job so he shouldnt be all weepy-teary over it. Before Ritsu can reply properly, Takano asks what they’re whispering but Ritsu closes his mouth. As he is about to open the door, Takano says “I’ll call you later” but Ritsu tells him not to do that.

Ritsu wonders why Yokozawa would visit so late and why Takano would let him in so late. Ritsu shakes it off and tells himself to focus on his work and picks up the name again…only to throw it down, thinking that his body aches. Wherever Takano touched him, it burns. He thinks that he can’t concentrate when he’s feeling like this and its a dishonor to Mutou-sensei if he can’t do his job properly. Remembers Takano’s words about doing a half assed job, Ritsu forces himself to concentrate. But then his phone rings and he remembers that from the start, he never intended to fall in love with Takano again. Takano drops the call when Ritsu falls to pick up.

At the Emerald Editorial Department, everyone is err….far from well. Clearly well into the hell period, Ritsu gets a call from Mutou-sensei! All her assistant have caught the flu and shes now behind schedule! Ignoring all the yelling and screaming and general panicking (courtesy of Takano and Kisa, in that order. LOL @ Tori AHAHAHAHA *lost it*)   going around him, Ritsu is still talking with Mutou-sensei and thats when Yokozawa walks in. Asking if its true that one of their best mangaka’s can’t make it on time (WHOA THAT WAS FAST NEWS DELIVERY. Thank you Kisa for saying that.) and he yells some more to keep the Financial Department in the loop.

In the end, Ritsu and Mutou-sensei agree to meet at the airport where they’ll finish the manuscript, barely within time. Yokozowa says to Takano that it doesnt look they can make it this time. Takano agrees but Ritsu cuts in saying that he’ll be able to get this done. Takano tells him to drop it and asks Kisa to take out the list of back-up artists. Ritsu insists that he can get this done within time but Takano cuts him. That it doesnt matter how hard an artist has worked, if they dont finish their work on time then it all comes to naught. Facing the facts is what being an editor is all about. But Ritsu still insists that he can get it done.  Takano says that there is no way they’ll print rough sketches or anything, it has to be completely. Yokozawa tells him to give up but Ritsu snaps and says that if he says that he’ll get it done, he’ll get it done.

Everyone around the office is surprised that Ritsu’s yelled at Yokozawa. After a moment of contemplation, Takano tells Ritsu to get going. And in case something goes wrong, Takano will take responsibility. Ritsu runs out and Yokozawa asks what the hell Takano is doing. Takano leans back in his chair and wonders aloud, ” I really wonder that myself.” So Ritsu manages to make it to the airport and meets up with Mutou-sensei. They get to work in the airport to complete the manuscript on time.

While working, Ritsu ponders at Mutou-sensei’s state (that she’s got huge bags underneath her eyes and shes probably not slept in a while and maybe shes got the flu too) and also thinks Takano told him not to get carried (and he kinda did). But when he sees Mutou-sensei working so hard, he wants to match her effort with his best too. He thinks that he needs to help her out as best as he can because he’s her editor. Plus, Takano’s said that he’ll take responsibility in case something goes wrong. But then it occurs to him that if something WAS to go wrong….the blame would fall on Takano’s shoulders (not Ritsu’s) and that bums him out. Mutou-sensei speaks up saying that there were some corrections that Ritsu pointed out which only a fresh set of eyes coulda done, especially the flow of the panels (which was actually a correction which Takano did). Ritsu thinks that in the end….he did a half assed job.

Back at the office, everyone is waiting anxious for Ritsu to return without time with the completed manuscript. The printers are saying that they cant wait any longer but Takano asks them to wait just a bit longer. Yokozawa tells Takano to give up but Takano is quiet. And then Ritsu rushes in, apologizing for being late. Yokozawa quickly goes over the chapter and asks if he’s gone over the whole thing. The chapter is handed over to the printer guy and he runs out. Ritsu turns around to face Takano and Yokozawa and apologizes for doing a half assed job. That is was his fault as an editor for letting things come to this point and that such a thing wouldn’t happen again.

Yokozawa walks out saying that he’s got more work to do. After he leaves, Ritsu asks if Yokozawa stayed waiting for him to return. Takano reminds him that its Yokozawa’s magazine too in the end so course he’d stay. Ritsu looks a bit down and Takano tells him to not to worry too much because they managed to get the magazine printed in the end. So its all well in the end. Ritsu says thats not the problem. Takano says that when it comes to Ritsu, its not a matter whether can he or cant he do it or not because once Ritsu says that he’ll do something, he gets it done. And thats something that Takano has always loved about Ritsu. Ritsu is taken aback by Takano’s words…he is even more surprised when Takano walks by him, ruffling his hair as he does so. He thinks that whenever Takano touches him, his body burn. And he pleads internally for Takano to stop getting close to him.

In the toilet, Ritsu’s washing his face and VERY RIGOROUSLY drying his face. He’s reminding him that JUST CAUSE he’s workin in the shoujo manga department DOESNT MEAN that he should start gettin all maiden like. And thats when he notices Yokozawa standing behind him. After a short silence, Yokozawa comments that Ritsu’s got guts to come into Marukawa. Ritsu’s confused but Yokozawa presses on! He says that Ritsu knew that Takano was working in Marukawa right? But Ritsu still doesn’t get it. Yokozawa asks if Ritsu is aware that its become of him that Takano hasn’t been himself. Blank confusion for Ritsu. Ritsu wonders what is supposed to be his fault and what is Yokozawa trying to say anything. Exasperated, Yokozawa leaves and as he leaves, Ritsu thinks that Yokozawa refers to Takano by his first name….but then tells himself to not think about it.

On the train back home, Yokozawa and Ritsu are talking about work when Ritsu suddenly falls asleep…with his head falling on Takano’s shoulder as he falls asleep. Before he falls asleep, Ritsu wonders what is the relationship between Takano and Yokozawa and if he asks Takano, then what kind of answer would he get. Ritsu wakes up the next morning….HEY WAIT THATS NOT HIS OWN. UWAAAAA ITS TAKANO’S BED~! Guess who starts screaming first thing in the morning~? Takano tells him to quit screaming and how they wound up like they did. As he pulls his clothes on, Ritsu worriedly thinks that he cant remember a damn thing from the last night XD And Takano’s pissed that he woke up too early and Ritsu asks (JUST IN CASE) that they didnt do anything….weird right? No hanky panky or anything? Takano’s all cool “Stuff like what? So what if there was? Isn’t it alright if you like me?” Ritsu blushes and excuses himself asking Takano to just leave him be.

He leaves, all blushing and huggable. Aaaaand then he realizes that …. he cant open his front door. cause he doesnt have his keys. cause his keys are in his bag. Which are in Takano’s apartment. So he stomps back…to see Takano standing there holding his bag out. And he reminds Takano that there is NO WAY he’ll be falling in love with him again (Takano: “yeah right”) Ritsu can only darkly think that he REALLLLLY hates Takano’s guts and that there is NO WAY that this can be LOVE!


Score: B+/A+

A more manga centric episode than before but that doesn’t mean that we have some more development on the relationship side of the story. We see Ritsu coming to realize things about his job and the way the works and also that he has a love rival. Strangely enough, this episode kinda zoomed by really fast! It didn’t feel like the regular 20 minute episode – it really felt shorter! SiH, why you gotta be so good in that way?

So we cover stuff on Ritsu doing his job and how much he thinks its important to give it his all when working with authors. And also that effort isn’t everything. Aaaaaaand that he’s seriously in denial about his feelings BUT THATS WHY WE LOVE HIM YES? 8D But whats this? Yokozawa blaming him for Takano being the way that he is? AND WHATS THIS? He calls him by his first name D: WHAT IS THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE TWO OF THEM? (Well i totally know but yeah~)  And silly Ritsu, if you’re thinking such stuff then yer clearly falling for the man. No matter HOW many times you pledge that you wont fall for the man again.

I think the best part of the whole damn episode was Tori’s reaction when Ritsu’s talking on the phone with Mutou sensei XD He walks on screen and then shivers before falling to his knees and falling down outta sight. O LOL XD Poor Tori! *pats his back* Too much pressure? XD Someone totally needs some SERIOUS R&R. Someone call Chiaki over please~ Oh oh but another great little part was Ritsu frantically drying his face with the paper towel. LOL XD Silly Ritsu, your face’ll turn all red!

So em…some more fall in the quality of animation. The part where Ritsu is talking with Mutou-sensei on the editorial department, Ritsu…DID NOT LOOK LIKE RITSU. Then again, there were a LOT of parts where Ritsu kinda didnt look like Ritsu a lot. And then when Ritsu’s working on the manuscript with Mutou-san and when Ritsu apologizes to Yokozawa…Yokozawa looked off as well :B DEEN WHATCHOO DOIN D: Dont go spoilin my faith in your guys!

Okay wow…Ritsu your apartment. ITS TOO DAMN CLEAN. WHERE are the PILES of clothes that are supposed to be on the bed? D: And helllllo shot of Takano and Ritsu in the same bed. Icon people, LETS GET A CRACKIN ON THEM ICONS NOW XD

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