Episode 02 – Antidote (Candy) – Summary

Ganta meets with Yoh in the infirmary. Again and again he is told (in various ways from various people) that if he wants to survive in Deadman Wonderland, he MUST follow the rules. He is also told a little bit about the system – how he needs to take some candy and also about the casts system. Casts system being the monetary system on the basis of which you can get stuff, including food, clothes, sake, in the park. Ganta decides to take park in the Dog Race attraction (for the an-pan rather than the hundred thousand casts prize money). The big crazy inmate pushes the rest of the participants around in the locker room but Captain Makina steps in soon enough to put him back in place. But this is after the man has told the others to not pass him in the race.

Ganta and Shiro participate in a pretty damn gruesome Dog Race which boils down to a show down between Ganta and the crazy martial artist who went nuts on television. Luck is on Ganta’s side because the convict bites the dust! But when the crunch time comes, Ganta has to choose between winning the game or saving Shiro….he choosing to save Shiro. Even if it means loosing his chance of winning the antidote candy. Shiro is confused as to why he would chose to save her instead of winning the prize but he just replies that she wanted to eat the anpan together right? As he helps Shiro up on the platform, with his eyes full of tears, Shiro thinks that tomorrow┬á (on the third day), he will die of the poison being released by the collar.

Score: A/A+

This was a nail biter of an episode. I realized that when it suddenly hit me that I was nibbling on my thumb nail = =;;; ON MANY parts i found myself biting down on my nails and in other bits I was just going “uuuuurgh thats sick!” at the whole Dog Race bits. I mean jeez, this show needs to come with a warning label. Or I need to reprogram myself A LOT for this show XD Right, from next week, I will attempt to prepare myself FOR the madness that comes with Deadman Wonderland!

But over all, another strong episode. More details being revealed about the theme park, some intrigue tossed in as well and whole lot of grisly action. Off the bat, Makina-san! Yer so awesome o/ I’m a total Makina fangirl already~ I mean, shes got looks and brains all in one sleek, sexy package! Whats not to like? ­čśÇ We also see more of Yoh and hark! He’s an informant for that sneaky fox Tamaki?! Hackles…hackles were raised on that one!

Is Takami Yoh a willing spy for sneaky lawyer Tamaki? Or has he been coerced into it? Part of me says not to trust that guy at all because he sneaked away Ganta’s candy when he came┬á over…but at the same time, maybe I’m just being too paranoid? : Though on the subject of Tamaki, not only is he a SNEAKY bastard but he’s an unrepentant one. An unrepentant, selfish, apathetic bard. Now thats the worst kinda bastard to come along. Pushing the hurdles up to max just like that?! D: The hell man! WHAT is his aim really…its gotta be something related to that Sin thing from the first episode right? and naturally Ganta’s powers as well. I wonder if it was a crazy government experiment….and speakin of, Makina not liking Tamaki? Add 10 more points to her. The girl knows that some shit is up and i wonder though if she’ll look into it or just stay behind and watch how it all unfolds.

Aha, so THAT’s the story on the candy and the collar! 3 days huh…does the poison have any affects on the person like..weakness, dizziness, loss of hunger or something like that? And JEEEEZ, WHAT a STEEP rate on that candy! D:I find it interesting that the rule book was so…cutesy y’ know? Its creates such a dissonance that “Hi this is a prison-theme park, here’s your cutesy rulebook that you gotta read. Enjoy the cute chicken mascot!” Way strange….

Aw man…THAT kind of entertainment is just fucked up! Oh but wait, the audience just thought of it all as special effects? Oh jeez, my stomach *turns green* The little hunger that I had been feeling just went out the fucking window at the whole Dog Race part…the guy being electrocuted to death and then the crazy guy using his lackey’s as shields…thats just too much…jeeeez. Just shocked the hell outta me. And most of the more gruesome scenes had been censored too….the dvd/blurays are gonna be OFF THE WALL, MAN.

Ganta showing his childishness was a nice addition. That he questions why him and even though he’s trying to follow the rules and all. His frustration at his situation and himself shows so nicely in this episode. Don’t care what no one says, Paku Romi is doing a FINE job as Ganta. And then when he snaps and goes “Yeah BRING it” Yes, i did cheer him on! o/ Don’t give up Ganta! Fighto!!!

And emm…Shiro…WHO ARE YOU that you can pretty much go where ever you want too WHENEVER you want to? And how the hell do you get tangled up in bandages THAT fast? *amused* But seriously….when she was falling from that platform, half of me was gasping in shock “Oh my God shes gonna die!” but immediately I went “No…no shes not. I dont think she can die. While she comes across as a natural cloudcuckoolander, i dont think that she can die.” Course I couldnt get my proof on that given that Ganta chose to save her instead of her fall on those spikes.

So I think its more appropriate to ask WHAT is Shiro. Is she really a human? Or maybe shes had an experience like Shiro did like she was human but then something was inserted into her like that stone thingie and now shes…not exactly human? But then whats she doing in Deadman Wonderland anyways? And I find it interesting that a lot of the people pretty much…ignore Shiro for the most part.But really…that girl is STRANGE. She helps Ganta would to win the race to the end and is willing to fall to a fairly pain death just to help him win? Airhead she might come across and shes got this whole “I may not get a lot of things but i can see the bigger picture” air about her but…still, so strange this one…

Ah speaking of ignoring…we were shown some ladies in the races waiting room…WHERE DID THEY DISAPPEAR TOO? O_O I mean, one minute they were THERE and then, POOF. Gone. Or is there some rule that the ladies and men race separately? But then why did Shiro…or why was Shiro allowed to participate with the guys? Or is there some thing or power that Shiro has that she can make people ignore her presence? Even Makina didn’t really raise an eyebrow when Shiro was running down the corridor to sign up for the race. But she DID save Shiro from being punched in the face…urgh questions questions, so many questions!

(BAAAAD end for that crazy martial artist guy. He kinda had that one coming though….)

GREAT OP. It totally matches the mood of the anime. Angry, mad, twisted and in just black, white and red colors. Digging it! m/Makes a nice compliment to the more softer ED. I LOVED SO MANY of the angles on the characters. I WANT the UCOP so I can icon the hell outta it cause DAMN there are just SO MANY AMAZING shots that I wanna make icons outta. It was just DAMN good. And someone PLEASE tell me who was the guy going Tai Chi in the OP? PWEASE?

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