In which we meet ole Sour Face,Yokozawa and Ritsu is put in his black books faster than the apple fell on Newton’s head.

Our poor boy is still feel pretty conscious about the fact that he Takano is straight out aiming for him. Naturally hes still all “I’d rather avoid spending more alone time with him” with a big side dish of “NO WAY IN HELL that I’m gonna fall for that man again!” dawwww the boy’s SO CUTE when he’s in Denial~ *pats Ritsu’s head* XD

Determined to focus on his job, Ritsu contacts Mutou-sensei (the manga he’s incharge of) because she’s behind her deadline. Ritsu also got completely played by Takano (Yet again, oh you poor silly boy~ Takano totally dances circles around you dont he? XD) and ‘convinced’ to go over 5 YEARS worth of names/story boards (For EVERY manga published EVERY month) and then report back to Takano on his progress.

While leaving the office, Ritsu catches sight of Takano and Yokozawa hanging out and is surprised to see Takano laughing. But he shakes it before he walks past the pair and back home. Ritsu’s surprised that the pair can fight THAT much yet still be drinking buddies. But he repeatedly reminds himself, “Its got nothing to do with me”. Guess who followed the poor guy all the way into the train? Takano tries to make conversation but Ritsu gives short answers and brushes off the accusation that he’s been avoiding Takano.

Getting back home, Ritsu considers changing apartments yet again but finds out that his mangaka, Mutou-sensei, has sent her name in. The boy goes over it and makes corrections…but he’s not convinced if he’s making the right edits. Oh and the rule is that all edited names have to go through Takano. Ritsu would rater have a tooth extracted clearly and decides to FAX the name over…to the guy living next door. Naturally he gets one hell on an angry call immediately to get his ass over to the apartment along with the name XD Oh Takano, you and your yelling habits~ XD

Takano tells him to stop being half-assed about his job and goes over the name and the corrections. They discuss the whole thing and in the end, Ritsu asks for some feedback regarding his corrections. Takano says that he’s got the basis down right but he’s a bit too “by the book”, which confuses Ritsu as to what he’s missing. He attempts to leave quickly but Takano asks again if he’s being avoided. Ritsu again brushes it off, saying that he’s already got a girlfriend so Takano’s action are a real bother to him. Takano tells him to improve his lying skills before cornering Ritsu.

Ritsu glares at the man and weakly repeats the line but Takano smoothly cuts him off with a “Liar” and a kiss. Takano pushes Ritsu down and ..well…there’s naughty semi-non-con touching involved which ends in Ritsu quickly grabbing his stuff before running out the apartment.

As if things will go THAT WELL.

He bumps smack into Yokozawa RIGHT as he opened the front door to leave.

Score: B+/A+

Enter the rival, stage left. He’s loud, he’s kinda good looking and he tends to say whats on top of his mind. If you like that kinda guy, you’re gonna adore Yokozawa. We’ll go over the rest of his traits after the next ep though :3I think we’re keeping a good steady pace in terms of chapter coverage and I also liked the color tones that they used to show the flash backs parts – that was a nice touch. It had a very nice nostalgic feel.

As always, its amusing to hear Ritsu’s dry inner monologues – oh Ritsu, why so angry all the time? XD Though he’s just SO deeply in denial over the whole thing….its kinda sad to see him trying SO HARD to deny that he’s feeling anything for Takano. Truly a man who has become jaded in the matters of love.

Oh and this episode has TWO heart attack warnings for those with a weak fangirl heart. One when Ritsu realizes that Takano is looking at him in the train window and then when Takano is standing over Ritsu in his room. HNNNNNNN *clutches at her chest* I nearly fell over on my table at those parts, ESPECIALLY the second. ICON, I MUST MAKE AN ICON OF THAT HOT LOOKING TAKANO. TOO sexy there Takano, WAY too sexy!

Seeing Yokozawa and Takano argue. O LOL THAT WAS FUN XD I think that was the most amusing part of the whole episode. That they start arguing and you can HEAR THEM arguing in the background the whole while when Mino and Ritsu are talking XD I WISH i could have seen the recording for THAT bit XD

Some people were complaining that the quality of animation kinda went down a bit more for episode 3 and … yeah I kinda agree with em. There were some clear parts that were a tad off but hey, I’m just happy as a PEACH that its getting animated and NICELY AND STICKING TO ITS STORY, so i’m willing to turn a blind eye.

FOR NOW. *glares with narrowed eye suspicion at Deen*  But kudos for two points : Yokozawa looks GUUUUUUD in that last shot we see of him. And who wants to hug Ritsu for those red rimmed eyes? hnnnn lovely little adding of details!

Though on the point of details….MAI SMEX D: WHERE’D IT GO TOO WAAAAAAAAAAH ;A;

Ahem, on SANER notes. I was suddenly hit on the head all over again by the COLORS of this show. And i couldnt help but think back that “I wonder if Junjou had the same colors? It was colorful yet these colors in SiH just….they kinda make the whole thing SING.” Someone else get that feeling? That the colors are just so…beautiful and perfect and JUST that RIGHT shade and tone where it doesnt hurt your eyes but rather leave you catching your breath just a bit in reverence….Yes im a color nut, its showing again aint it *shooes that part of herself back into its room*

The bit where Takano asks “Are you in love with me?” and Ritsu goes “No way!”, I had imagined that the seiyuu or the scene would have greater impact. Like instead of just sayin it with emphasis, Ritsu would be all “THERES NO WAY OF THAT!” *sad pout* But DAMN. Takano looked SO FINE when Ritsu turns around to look him in the eye and go “I’ve got a girlfriend” Just….”Hey, whats cookin good lookin~” kinda thing. Or wait thats wrong. He looks so good that you just wanna fucking jump him AT THAT INSTANT. Though I’m repeating myself on that point…BUT IT BEARS REPEATING.

That cliffhanger ending…oh GOD I hate you DEEN XD But I’m not sure if that was the best point to end it….I think the better ending woulda been when Yokozawa whispers to him to leave Takano alone. THAT woulda make the viewers go “Wait…what? the hell’s THAT bout?”, then they’d be able to relate more with Ritsu’s thoughts as well that “What the hell’s going on? Why would he say that?”

Its interesting that some people were saying that Yokozawa didnt sound like they thought he would but to me…I liked it. He sounded good enough to me *shrugs* Then again, I’m not the biggest Yokozawa fan >>;;; *glares at Yokozawa and sticks her tongue out at him* You bully!~

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