Summary Key Points:


  • The annual Fairy Tail 24 hour race is held
  • Much to everyone’s surprise, Happy is the one who wins
  • Natsu, Gajeel, Jet and Gray lose, and have to take the dreaded Punishment
  • Natsu and co run away after hearing that they have to do an embarrassing photo shoot for losing


Opinions: (B)

From the very beginning of this episode, one thing was pretty apparent, this was not going to be a very important episode. The final filler before we move into the new arc, this episode had another event that the Fairy Tail guild held amongst themselves.

This was pretty much a classic retelling of the whole “Tortoise and Hare” story that’s pretty much become a bad cliche in terms of races and race related stories. I didn’t hate this episode, in fact I found it quite funny and nice. Its interesting to peer into the Fairy Tail world. I do think that while this episode was entertaining, I recognize that there wasn’t much to it.

If there were an episode that I would tell you to skip, this episode would probably be it. Its not BAD per see, just really lacks a point to it. Its a nice entertaining situation for those of us who enjoy the Fairy Tail characters acting odd and crazy. The characters are also all in character from what I could tell.

I did find it interesting how all the Fairy Tail wizards used their powers in unique ways to cheat their way to finishing the race. Jet, a normally pretty background character, got a bit of the spot light, and it was kinda interesting. More than anything though, this was a good episode for Happy, as he pretty much ended up not being a jerk, and still managed to win at the end of it all. I think that, was probably the only twist to what would’ve otherwise been a pretty cliche and forgetful episode.

Not that it isn’t forgetful, but you get what I mean. If anything, many will find joy in the fact that this is the last of the fillers. Yep, next week get into the next big arc. Here’s to an awesome next episode!

And yes, this is perhaps one of my shortest episode blog posts for Fairy Tail XD


Gildarts finally returns next episode! All about who he is and more next week!

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