In which a boy from the countryside moves to the big city to live with his aunt. Upon arriving to his new home, Makoto eyes the…person rolled up in a mattress (her legs sticking out) lying next to the genkan…His aunt calls her her daughter but pretty much ignores her for the most part, making the poor boy totally confused what to make of this…mattress person who talks REALLY strange. He goes to school the next day, comes back and has pizza with mattress girl. They go out to get some groceries. At arriving at the convenience store, the mattress is taken off to reveal…a blue haired, blue eyes bishoujo who says that shes an alien sent to observe the humans and to erase any evidence of contact between aliens and humans. Makoto replies back with a simple line “Ah sou.” And THAT is how he met Touwa Erio.

Score: B/A+

That was strange and surreal. I mean, VERY strange. Well I was expecting some level of strange anyways given the summary but this was not the kinda strange that I had been expecting. Sure I was expecting the pretty yet quirky girl who would talk all strange and say that she’s an alien but emm…able to eat half a pizza while her top half (including her face) is wrapped up in a mattress? HUH?! THAT was just….WEIRD.

The three characters introduced are kinda run of the mill. Except Erio but thats cause she sparkles but then again i think she’s supposed to the crack pot character who stands out. The guy seems interesting enough as well, a bit of a cynic. I get the feeling that hes just gonna be meh through out – please prove me wrong. But the aunt is just…yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaah. I’m just gonna back away from her now….and hope she doesnt follow me or anything. STRANGE. The bad kinda strange. Like a fat 50 year old woman wearing a really low neck dress thats not meant for her and is bulging in all the wrong places and shes talking like a Valley Girl. You just look away – maybe if i dont see her, she’ll go away!

The animation was decent. Extra smooth and silky at some points (with the long hair going all swoosh swoosh). But emm..Makoto…whats with all the weird head tilts when you look backwards? It was kinda making MY neck cramp up. It just looked awkward and weird. And emm…i really hope that you asked her “What are you” (after the mattress gets all wooshed away by the wind) cause you were just dazzled by her pretty sparkles. Cause otherwise just…yeeeaah.

The OP & ED were also strange – perfectly in line with the over all s trangeness of the show. Nice how everything kinda lines up really XD

Over all…its a strange, interesting show.  I’m definetly gonna add it to my list of anime to watch when they’re complete.

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