I had been counting down the days, hours, MINUTES for this series to be released. I think that should speak a great bit just how much I had been looking forward to this series. And my expectation level from this level is VERY high. The studio had done a fantastic job with Nakamura-sensei’s ‘Junjou Romantica’ in like, every way. So I’m expecting something at the same level as JR, at the sheer minimum. Now, if yer familiar with Junjou Romantica but not Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, I’ll say welcome welcome and I hope you enjoy this story~ Personally, I love this story more than JR’s. Why? JR is more like various different stories from the couple’s lives where as SiH has a more overall cohesive feel to it. So, I hope you stick through for a great ride! Studio Deen, SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!

Now though I’ve read the manga, I will try my best not to post any spoilers if I can help it. And if I do, I’ll be sure to post a spoiler warning so that the newer watches don’t get spoiled. At the same time, because I’ve read the manga, I’ll be attempting to keep my summaries to the minimum with not too many details. I HOPE I REMEMBER THAT LITTLE POINT XD


Ritsu confesses to his senpai in the (highschool) library when he was but an innocent and loving lad buuuuuuut people tend to change after 10 years. So the once shy and earnest lad…has turned into one HELL of a cantankerous adult. Who happens to VERY pissed that he’s being put in the shoujou department of Marukawa Publishing instead of the Literature Department as he wanted. Having no experience in regards to manga (much less shoujo manga), the poor lad is taken to the Editing department where he comes across the sight of many a tired men. Even though they’re the number one editing department, Ritsu is hardly looking forward to working with a VERY abrupt and rude boss (Takano Masamune). Takano himself is hardly happy being saddled with a complete newbie but takes Ritsu along to observe a meeting between an editor and a mangaka.

Ritsu can only go DDDD: internally as he observes Takano dealing with the mangaka. Oh and he gets kissed by Takano too….sit back down in yer seats ladies, there was nothing romantic involved in that kiss. T’was for the sake of the job! I think Ritsu’s sentiments will match yours…”This really sucks”. (You have NO idea how much they suck Ritsu XD) Ritsu is depressed at his current predicament and we get to know just how and why Ritsu got to work at Marukawa Shouten. He used to work in his father’s publishing house and he worked hard. But a lot of the employees said that he was simply riding on his father’s coat tails. So in effort to prove his worth, Ritsu left to join Marukawa Shouten. Ritsu also wonders if his previous relationship with his sempai is the reason why his personality changed so much over the years.  Mid-way his mental flailing, Takano  comes up to him and directly asks if he is heir to the Onodera Publishing Hous as well as his motives for working in Marukawa. After receiving his answer, Takano attempts to cheer Ritsu up…if you REAAAALLLLLLLLY stretch the term….no, I lie. He’s totally bullying the poor lad XD

Takano wonders out loud if perhaps they have met before and Ritsu says that who knows. After hearing Takano, Ritsu is determined to try his best and starts to read all the shoujo manga that the company has published so far. The next day, Ritsu is very much WIPED having read shoujo manga through out the night and walks right into….an office full of pretty boys. COMPLETELY confused and CONVINCED that he wandered into the wrong department, Ritsu hastily backtracks. But nope, Ritsu’s in the right place…which freaks the HELL outta the poor lad and he hastily beats a retreat to the bathroom…after grabbing a random office worker to give him an explanation as to WHAT THE HELL is up with those sparkly guys when yesterday they were like zombies? AND WHY THE PINK OFFICE? Lets just say there’s a cycle of events that they go through every 20 days and the cycle just ended so they emerged all refreshed.

Wondering just what the hell he signed up for, Ritsu starts working in the department (being guided by the other editors). Though given that the poor boy doesnt have ANY experience with shoujo manga, he asks a wrong question and gets whacked on the head with a flying T-ruler (ouch. Those things HURT. TRUST ME.) Ritsu is explained the err….subtle nuances of shoujo manga…which he DOESNT GET AT ALL. Though I kinda agree with him on some points….why does the wind suddenly start blowing in a confession scene? Even if its indoors? The sudden use of tones and backgrounds and sparkles?  While working on the manga, we see that Ritsu’s got a fairly…pessimistic view towards love (he says realistic but yeah….Denial baby, DENIAL.) He is interrupted by Takano running his fingers through his hair and wondering that they really MUST have met before. Ritsu brushes the older man’s off saying that they work in the same industry so perhaps they met at some point in time.

Takano seems to accept the very plausible explanation and is about to walk away when he overhears Kisa and Ritsu talking. Kisa asks what Ritsu is doing with the company’s manga catalogue and Ritsu explains that he is planning on reading and memorizing all of the manga that the company has put out. Kisa exclaims that there is no way that Ritsu can manage such a task but Ritsu laughs and says that he used to read all the books in his school library as a hobby. Clearly this has some manner of significance for Takano and he quickly turns around to stare at Ritsu. The younger boy however gives him a semi-angry/confused glare and asks whats wrong. Takano is quiet for a moment before saying that its nothing and going away, leaving Ritsu to get back to his work.

Score: A+/A+

The minute I saw the release, I felt the urge to squee loudly bubble up. But at the same time, a part of me was a tad scared too. Because I have VERY high expectation from this series. “Studio Deen, dont you fail me now like A-1 did. I’ve been lookin forward to this in the same way, if not more, than I was Togainu no Chi. I do NOT want to be let down again!”And I am VERY happy to say, that it was MORE than what I had hoped it would be.

Lets start with the animation qualities. Much better than the previous work that Deen did (i.e. Junjou Romantica). And sneeeaaaakkkyyyy Deen XD Sticking the posters of their other works into the show? Oh you sneaky sneaky people XD The animation was smooth and nice~ nothing too slick but just smoooooth~ ALLOW ME TO SCREAM IN DELIGHT FROM THE ROOFTOPS THAT THIS IS AVAILABLE IN 720p! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIII! I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPPPPPPPPPYYYYY~~~~~~!!!!!

The characters that we were introduced too are a rich and varied bunch. And the best part is their little quirks that we will get to see more and more off as we go along. Oh and if you’ve seen the OVA and then are seeing this…start wondering what the HELL happened to Ritsu that he went from that sweet, ADORABLE boy to this pissy adult stage XD And isn’t he cute folks~ *pulls adult! Ritsu’s cheeks* SHOOOO CUTE when he gets all riled up and whoooa *pulls hands away* No biting man D< Thats just ruuude! On the subject of quirks, we see more of those coming from Takano in this ep. Though….Takano….flying T ruler? THATS A WORK HAZARD MAN! You wanna kill someone? THOSE THINGS HURT ;A; poor Ritsu *pats his head*

Oh and speakin of, you GOTTA love Ritsu’s inner monologues XD I mean, in some ways he really comes as the sane voice of reason amidst a sea of sheer CRAZY. And hats off to the seiyuu’s seriously! I think they did a just as good job as the guys in Junjou Romantica. Not to say that those guys didn’t do a damn fine job (cause they were DAMNED awesome) but this cast…also DAMN ASS GOOD! Or dare I say it….I think they were better than JR….Maybe cause I feel that the voices match the characters more for SiH? Perhaps  I should tip my hat to the person in charge of casting? Its a very amazing cast that was selected for the characters!

And oh oh oh, there was even a shoutout to Junjou Romantica! GUESS who made a cameo? XD USAGI-SAN thats who! 😀 But then again, it was hinted/implied in the manga that Ritsu was Usami-san’s editor…but still! SO AWESOME TO SEE USAGI-SAN <3 Oh and i LOVED the manga pages that they showed! They were so lovely~

Moving over to the music. The BGM was fun! They really brought a lot of the scenes to life in the best way!  The OP  was rocking!  It had me bopping in my seat and I’m damn sure that I’m gonna be totally aware of the lyrics within a week or a little more. And if you thought that you overheard a VERY loud squeal…That was me when I saw Yukia and Kisa in the OP *sweats and looks away* And OMG IT HAS THE MARUKAWA BUNNY IN IT KASHDOASDSAD LOVE LOVE LOVE But ahem yes…VERY nice beat to the OP, I DEMAND its full track RITE NAO. And then the ED! Oooooh the ED~ *sways* So pretty and just….kinda gives the impression of a clear April sky with a few white clouds floating around…warm sunlight and a slight cool breeze…the green grass swaying around you as you lie on the ground and point out the cloud shapes to your lover lying behind you… /waxing the light poetic XD

Character designs. You MAY argue that some characters (read: Yukina XD) don’t look as jump worthy are they did in the manga…but I would disagree! I WOULD JUMP ANIME YUKINA FASTER THAN MANGA YUKINA! Okay so I was kinda expecting Yukina to be a blonde (dont ask me why, thats just what I had thought…) but still, him as a brunette…unnffffff CAN I JUMP HIM PLEASE? I REALLY WANT TO HAVE HIS BABIES ;A; and I LOVED how Ritsu clearly LOOKS older when working. In the manga, I kinda felt that older Ritsu really didn’t look all that older. But here, he really looks his own age XD oh oh and also…the offices..HOLY SHIT WHY THE HELL SO GOD DAMNED PINK! D:

Too early really to say anything about pacing but this first episode covered about the first 44 pages of the first chapter so I think all things considered, its a good pace. Its not too fast and not too slow.

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