QAQ I cannot believe that I was not able to see this episode until just recently! Past suspicions on Ijima-sensei proved to be true!

Whenever the glasses shine (or whatever you’d call that) seems to be a good indicator that there is something suspicious going. Of course, we see that with Ijimi-sensei… the vessel of Tresea! His obsession of dreams also added some extra suspicion. At the start of the episode, it’s as if he attempted to trap Isana before she left the school but failed then.  But anyways, he is super crazy and murderous!! He’s also extremely cruel, beating up the girl~ Treesea is extremely dangerous and has the intent to kill all. Like, she gets her delight from killing. Very scary demon.

Elsewhere, in a Daydream, Merry continues to say that she’ll send back all the Dream Demons. But she hesitates and does not do anything as a result of Engi’s words. So Engi steps in. The Dream Demon taunts Engi and actually gives everyone a more in-depth view of the nature of Dream Demons. He says that the demons like the strength humans have to go on. That strength lies with their dreams. This explanation gives sense to the Dream Demons actions but it does not excuse those that violently take over or I guess any for that matter. The Dream Demon sinks pretty low and starts to mess with Engi. The reason that Yui is present in the Daydream is because Engi has not fully taken over yet. But even still, dreams die along with the inhabiting demon so if he kills Engi, Yui’s dream will follow suit. His threats anger Engi so much that she kills him–almost! Yumeji becomes a man again and stops Engi halfway. Merry then get angry that he almost got hurt from stopping Engi and questions Engi’s idea on no human involvement. Engi say that she does not want to invovle any humans but Merry says she already has by inhabiting Yui. One big reaction train!

Engi opens up a Daydream just so that Merry can use her as a punching-bag XD Merry loves the idea but just ends up faking Engi out! We also see Yui’s hiding technique which was very cute. I was instantly reminded of Yui from K-on!Yui also wanted to be Yumeji’s older sister because she like to be depended on but… Yumeji is one year older than her. Solution? Yui will just be his little big sister.

Isana ends up meeting Yui, complete with jealousy, of course. The arrival of Isana also signals the leaving of Yumeji and Merry. But, Yumeji’s says something manly (again :)) to Engi before he leaves. The most dreadful thing happens, which the viewers probably knew would happen eventually, Isana turns into a vessel!

Two big things in this episode! Ijimi-sensei is definitely evil, holding Treesea within, and Isana becomes a vessel!! Only aware of the second, Yumeji will become even more distressed when he finds out about the first >_<

Score: B+ / A+

Yumeji gets really angry that Isana became a vessel but I was actually very surprised at how well he was able to compose himself. He did it really easily! Obviously, Yumeji wants Isana to have a nice life; becoming a vessel just ruins that. The idea really disturbs him and he has a bad night because of worrying 🙁 Isana sorta noticed but her dad brushed away her thoughts. Yumeji tries to ask Engi for her help but it doesn’t help much. The only way to get rid of the dream demon residing in Isana would be to kill it but then that will kill her dream (although the president seemed fine before), leaving him in a pickle. But he swears that he won’t let anyone touch Isana.

So we know that Ijima-sensei’s next target is Isana, leaving Kawanami frantic. We finally see her dream demon Lestion or “Leon.” Before last episode, I had actually suspected Kawanami to be the vessel of Treesea. Leon questions Kawanami’s concerned look but Kawanami say that she got rid of her emotions long ago. Her past is quite tragic. It begun as a happy family but her parents committed suicide because of a huge debt, leaving Kawanami by herself. Leon wants revenge on Treesea but to do so, Isana has to be a sacrifice. This makes Kawanami even more stressed! As mentioned in a previous post, Kawanami turns out to be sorta of an ally. She shows up to Yumeji to warn him about the pressing dangers towards Isana.

We see the Lighthouse and he also talks about how amazing humans are, that’s why their dreams should be stolen. The previous Dream Demon tells the Lighthouse about Merry and Engi but he feels that he is so awesome that he does not need to worry.  He’s going to find some more followers before dealing with little bugs.

On a much lighter note, the study session between Saki and Akiyanagi was adorable. His haikus are actually for jest and not anything that should be taken seriously. Also, Isana’s artwork was super cute! I wish that I could draw such cute stuff <3

Score: A- / A+

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