We finally learn Homura’s wish and how she came to become a Puella Magi. She was a transfer student to Madoka’s class. Painfully shy, behind in her studies and physically weak due to 6 months of hospitalization, Homura was having troubles fitting in. She wanders accidentally into a witches maze but is saved by Mami and Madoka’s timely arrival. But soon Walpurgis Night comes and Mami dies….Madoka as well as she tries to defeat the witch. Kyubey makes a contract with Homura – where she wants the power to protect Madoka rather than be protected.

Homura fights alongside Mami and Madoka but on Walpurgis Night…Homura watches Madoka turn into a witch. She goes back to warn the others but they do not heed her warnings. Its only after defeating Witch! Sayaka that they realize that Homura had been speaking the truth about Kyubey tricking them. In the end of this time line, Madoka and Homura both lie dying – their Soul Gem’s turning dark. Madoka however pulls a Grief Seed out and saves Homura and asks her to go back in time and stop her from becoming a Puella Magi. And also to kill her before she becomes a witch. Homura complies. From this time onward, Homura has become the way we now know her – determined as hell to prevent Madoka from becoming a Puella Magi, defeating the witches on her own. Up to Walpurgis Night….from EPISODE 01!

Homura fights for her life but screams as Kyubey ‘convinces’ Madoka into becoming a Puella Magi – sealing her fate into eventually becoming the powerful witch ever. Homura jumps back yet again, this time to the ‘present’ time line and chases after Kyubey – killing one body after another…before Madoka finds her. And we all know how things went after that.

Score: A+/A+

*bawls like a baby into her hanky* I’m so so SO sorry for doubting you Homura-chan! I had not know of your past and how much….just how much pain you had gone through! I am ever so sorry for doubting you! To deliberately act like the bad guy like that JUST so that you could uphold the wish of your friend…OH GAWD *sobbing*

The shocker point of the episode : HOMURA ISN’T A CAT! After the girls find out that Kyubey had indeed tricked them all, Mami loosing it and killing Kyoko before attempting to kill Homura…BUT THEN GETS KILLED BY MADOKA! DX THE WHO DID THE WHAT WITH THE HUH AS;LDKHNA’SIDHA’PDHASDA *banging head into wall repeatedly* MAMI?! D: Of ALL the people I NEVER thought that MAMI would be the one who would suddenly turn all suicidal and go “Its better to die like this than become witches!” (Though I get where she’s coming from) And Madoka just whipping her bow out and *snap* there goes Mami’s Soul Gem :<

Homura taking her gun out and killing Madoka.  Ijust…asdiashdajda;sohndaod! ;A; Poor Homura! Just…Poor Homura! *cries* And and the part when Madoka asks her to stop her from becoming a Puella Magi…TOO amazing writing there Gen-san! And jeez, it musta been 9 kinds of painful for Homura to see Madoka in this time line. This Madoka must remind her of her old self …. A LOT.  Its like Homura and Madoka’s personalities did a near complete switch….

So it was like I asked last week that can Homura time jump multiple times…thats one helluva power. And that gun thing?! :O Wow! Can she like,, put in a crossbow too? It doesnt just have to be guns yeah? Then how did she shoot those pink beam/shot thingies? And GOD DAMN IT *bangs fist at the ground* In every time line, Mami, Sayaka and Kyoko STILL die?! ;A; NOT HAPPY! NOT KOOL!

That major witch thingie that the girls were fighting on Walpurgis Night…was that was Kyubey was incubating within himself? :O He let it out cause it was all full grown? THAT was one creepy and scary blarapiohsdfa THING! Clearly things are gonna be very different this time around – Madoka knows before hand the fate that awaits Puella Magi. Now the question is, how the HELL are they gonna get past Walpurgis Night?!

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