Sayaka becomes a full witch. Kyubey reveals that the ultimate fate of all Puella Magi is to become witches and release energy which ultimately sustains the universe¬† – that is what he and his race have been doing. He tells Madoka that not only would she be the most powerful Puella Magi, but also be the most strongest witch ever. He tells her to approach him when she wishes to sacrifice herself for the sake of the universe. Madoka is hardly pleased with this. Kyoko wants to save Sayaka and approaches Madoka for her help. The duo search for Sayaka and engage her within her world. Their words seem to fall on deaf ears as Madoka repeatedly reaches out to her best friend while Kyoko fight Sayaka off. But it turns out its too much for her and ultimately, Kyoko sacrifices herself (and defeats Sayaka) telling Homura to protect Madoka. Homura is shaken up by Kyoko’s death and Kyubey reveals that (on her own) Homura won’t be able to defeat the witch on Walpurgis Night. The only way to defeat it, would be if Madoka becomes a Puella Magi too. Homura repeats her vow to not let that happen.

Score: A+/A+

In the words of Gandalf as they stand before the Tomb of Balin, “It is as I have feared”.¬† *sits down heavily with her head in her hands* Oh God…another WHAM episode. I shoulda seen this one coming, I really should have. And half way through, I suddenly sat up going “Oh no…please God no, don’t let it be the way I think its gonna be.” I was right…alas.

Kyoko…oh Kyoko. I was totally, completely and utterly in the wrong about you. A fighter to the very end and with such a good heart too. I never expected that out of all the people, Kyoko would be the one who would be so bent on trying to save Sayaka. It was very touching to see – and to learn that she also believed that being a Puella Magi meant being a hero of justice and all that. Unexpected yet sweet. Kyoko’s self-sacrifice was just….*reaches for a tissue* She went out with a bang, that she did. And if I may say, it was a true hero’s death in many ways. Not just that she saved Madoka and defeated the witch – but also, she was like…. “I decide the manner and time of my death, not any one else.” Y’ know? She died a Puella Magi – a hero. And that’s kinda awesome.

Kyubey you sneaky, evil BASTARD. So there’s a race out there keeping a watch on humans and the universe and they just decide shit like that and ashdpaishdspayhda *tearing her hair out* HOW can you NOT understand that when you FAILED to give the complete information to the girls AND THEY FIND OUT JUST HOW SHITTY THEIR CONTRACT IS….COURSE THEY’LL WANNA TURN YOU INTO A NEW PAIR OF SLIPPERS! I mean come on man! You didn’t tell them ANYTHING truly relevant! Y’ just showed them a glamour! Hide reality from them! FORCED THEM into a life of sacrifice, loneliness, blood, fights and despair! BAH. Goes to show just how irritating and strange a body can be without emotions and functioning only on rationality.

Homura-chan *crosses her arms and stares at her* ….she’s Madoka’s cat isn’t she? I’m starting to think that the folks who first said that are onto something….in the OP Madoka’s cuddling a cat…a black cat…Homura’s got black hair. She’s very attached to Madoka….and that’s all I got.It was nice to see Homura’s shell crack slightly in this episode – at some points she very clearly shows her emotions and has to check herself quickly. That was interesting to see – though in the end, the only thing that really effects her is anything related with Madoka and her safety.

Coming back to the Gandalf line…IT IS AS I FEARED D: The first ep start WAS Walpurgis night and it wasn’t a flashback at all I think…it was like “This is whats happening in the present, lets go back and see how we arrived at this point”. The real suck worthy point is for Homura. She tried so hard for Madoka to not become a Puella Magi and now its lookin like its the only way to save the town from Walpurgis night. Major suck ass.

Speaking of Walpurgis….Sayaka in her witch form. Like…holy….shit…O________________O New level of bad ass right there. Which made me wonder…The greater the despair a Puella Magi feels near the end, the stronger she is as a witch? Yay? Nay? AND WHAT THE HELL WAS KYOUSUKE DOING IN HER WORLD?! ASIOHDOAHDNAL;KSHNDISHD’SAP! For a split second I had thought that it was somehow part of Homura’s plan but IT WASN’T. Was that really Kyousuke in her maze? Or was it like an illusion or a glamour? *puzzled puzzled*

Last three episodes….hold on to your hats folks. This is gonna be one HELL of a fucked up ride.

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