I admit, I thought this episode was just made to be eye candy. But as it turned out, it was not a total waste of an episode and it developed characters nicely… a lot of them! So, my thoughts this time will be focused on those characters by group.

Yumeji and Merry: Yumeji is really looking out for Merry. Yet again, he brings Merry back on her feet, both literally and figuratively. Merry is actually quite clumsy as a maid XD Yumeji had to catch her from falling face-first! And he acts so manly and cheers up Merry at the end of their vacation! It was very cute to see that they both could not swim so they accompanied each other as the rest had fun. Also, they’ve begun to understand each other more. Yumeji has committed himself to finding a way back for Merry and Merry has really started to trust and confide in him. On a lighter note, Yumeji was really interested in the girls’ swimsuits. He was very disappointed that Merry was only wearing a school swimsuit. That swimsuit actually covered more of Merry’s body than her regular outfit XD He was probably more excited at the fact that his favorite superhero was shooting a scene at the beach!

Random fangirling on Yumeji: He is awesome when he acts so manly~~~ Kyaa~~~~~<3  “I don’t support giving up,” and “I’ll definitely take you back to where you belong.” I probably would faint if he told me that in person!

Okay, I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but after the second statement above Merry gave Yumeji her hand as he reached out for it. After the first statement, Yumeji turns around to leave and Merry begins to lift both of her arms but quickly stops. She blushes and just dismisses the idea. <3 I think she wanted to reach out for him 🙂 She probably likes manly Yumeji like me <3 Nice Yumeji is nice too!

Isana and Kawanami: These two are getting a lot closer as friends. I have a feeling that Kawanami is actually going turn out to be on the good side. She may be a useful asset to Merry. She still is a bit depressing though.  She responded quite negatively against Isana’s compliment.  Anyways, Kawanami is the only person Isana has confided in about her future dreams. That seems to make Kawanami a little happy.

Saki and Akiyanagi: Akiyanagi lost major points with his sea monster act. But by saving Saki from two women-hunters, he seemed to have enough points to be able to walk side-by-side with her. They are both quite the couple! They care for each other and watch out for each other. Although, I am not really expecting any fruit out of them.

I should share a little on the bad side of things. This new character may have some connection with Hercules (going off of what I see in the OP). She is very dangerous and it is horrible to see that the victim was of a young boy’s.

Score: A- / A+


From jumping to get to Merry last episode, Yumeji injured his ankle. Yumeji calls it an “injury for the sake of justice,” so it’s all good.  Isana wanted to bring him to the hospital but she got caught into a counselor meeting with Ijima-sensei. She now adds the second person on the list of who knows her artist dream.

Surprisingly, Yui ends up being the granddaughter of the doctor Yumeji went to see. (The whole dentures falling out thing was very disgusting btw.) Oh, how the world works in anime~~~ But anyways, Yui is actually a reliable person for Play. If it weren’t for her, Play would probably be in a worse state of mind.  

The Dream Demon this time reveals some important information. It is all thanks to Pharon Elcres that he was able to get his own vessel. Elcres “illuminates” the way for the Dream Demons. He sounds like he may be the Lighthouse. And, just like Kawanami, Play will most likely be another Dream Demon who is essential to getting rid of the Lighthouse.

Short thoughts for this episode are short. I spent so much time writing on the last episode that I didn’t have enough time for this episode XD oh~ I need to graduate…

Score: B+ / A+


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