Overall Summary:

Kujo is arrested for murdering someone and Vi-chan (unwillingly) helps him out. Kujo explains the scenario – he went shopping and on the way, a guy on a motorbike gets beheaded. When Kujo goes to report it to the Inspector, he gets arrested cause Baka-spector thinks that Kujo was the culprit. (Don’t give up your day job Inspector-san = = ) Vic-chan quickly explains that the metal thread was strung across the road so that’s how the guy’s head *draws a line across her throat*.  And also that the culprit was a blond girl with a wound on her finger. After Grevil leaves, Vi-chan breaks it down for Kujo.

Vi-chan tells an irate Kujo to leave and both of them part with extremely pouty expressions. The next day, the newspapers show that the real culprit has been caught aaaaand enter a blond transfer student from England who sits next to Kujo. But whats this? Her right hand is wrapped up in bandages and Kujo tells himself that its nothing. Avril reveals that she wants to be an adventurer like her famous Grandfather. While escorting Avril around, Kujo asks about Avril’s hand but gets the brush off.

Their homeroom teacher comes to ask a favor of them – the caretaker passed away and she has to prepare for the funeral. When opening the doors of the crypt, a dried up corpse falls down on the ground. Avril runs down into the crypt and picks up a book. The police show up and Kujo goes to Vi-chan and says that he is worried about Avril. Grevil shows up as well – they have identified the corpse as a former graduate of the academy. Vi-chan asks Grevil and Kujo to go check if one of the corpse’s is missing in the crypt and sure enough…there is. Vi-chan explains who killed the guy but Grevil is all ‘WUT?’. Vi-chan explains the crime and instructs Grevil to look into the motive of the crime.

Kujo asks Victorique to look into Avril because he senses something off about her. She runs down the steps into the library and explains that Avril came to the library to hide a book in the library. Vi-chan quickly finds the book which Avril hid and the pair goes through the book titled “The Golden Fairy of the Tower”. Inside which they find a picture postcard for Avril from her Grandfather but it hadn’t been posted. Kujo gets kicked out and outside he meets Grevil who has another crime to deal with -a Phantom Thief. Kujo is about to investigate an abandoned storehouse but before he can open the rusted gate, he gets whacked on the head and he passes out.

He wakes up to Avril by his side but the book is gone. Kujo suspects Avril but he remains quiet. Kujo returns to where he passed out to search for the book but no luck. He meets his sensei who has his book in her hands (much to his surprise). Upon hearing a noise from within the storehouse, Kujo and Cecile stand near the doorway and they hear a whispered cry for help. Avril heads up to the top of the library to search for Vi-chan but she gets interrupted by Kujo. Vi-chan reveals that Avril is that Phantom Thief that Grevil’s been looking for. Kujo’s surprised as hell as Vi-chan explains the whole thing….but not the storehouse ghost thing.

Vi-chan tells him to go and help the real Avril Bradley in the storehouse. With Grevil’s help, Kujo returns to the storehouse where they find the real Avril Bradley. Kujo runs to the tower where fake Avril is already present. She asks Kujo where he hid the book and more importantly, where he hid the picture postcard which has the rare postage stamp. Fake Avril tells him that all he saw was a faery and that Victorique doesn’t exist at all and demands that he tells her where he hid the stamp. She pushes Kujo down the stairs but before she can any more harm, Vi-chan shows up at the top of the stairs and tosses a whole load of heavy books on the fake Avril. Kujo goes to meet the real Avril and gives her the postcard.

Kujo goes to meet Vi-chan once more and she explains a few more points. Kujo asks where she was when he came searching for her. Vi-chan bashfully explains that because she didn’t know Avril, she hid herself in a small cabinet. Kujo asks then why wasn’t she hiding when he showed up the first time….and why is she blushing? Vi-chan screams that if she says that her face isn’t red then it isn’t red. Kujo sighs and gives up, sits next to Vi-chan and reads the story of the Golden Faery along with Vi-chan.

Sometime later, Avril has gotten used to the Academy and is out in the market with Kujo and they come across a magician putting on a show. They visit the stall of a nun (who has a really nice plate for sale) but in a bit of commotion, the plate gets stolen. Kujo goes to Vi-chan to explain about the curious theft. Victorique just considers it one hell of a boring theft and enter Grevil from the elevator. Aaaand he leaves as soon as Vi-chan explains who the culprit was. In the next days paper, Kujo comes across an article calling all the Descendants of the Grey Wolves for a meet-up – which has quite the impact on Victorique.

Vi-chan explains that there’s been tales of Grey Wolves since ages buuut while explaining that, she and Kujo have a fight. Of the childish and petty variety before Kujo storms out. Later that night, Kujo sees the mysterious sight of a trunk moving on its own…no no, tis only Vi-chan pushing a trunk along. Kujo takes her pouting face as a sign that she needs to go a dentist and grabs his wallet to accompany her. She keeps up her silent treatment even as she buys a ticket to the town where the Grey Wolves meeting is gonna be held. And oya~ the nun from the market shows up. And ack, shes going to the same town as the pair.

They reach an inn easily where the inn keeper tells them to be careful of the Grey Wolves and reveals that Vi-chan looks very much like a resident of the Village of the Gray Wolves. Kujo wakes up that night when he hears howls and comes across Vi-chan as she sleepily comes out her room. While ducking flying projectiles, Kujo asks why she came to the village (even when knew that she’s breaking the rules by leaving the tower without permission). Victorique explains that she came to the town in order to prove someone’s innocence – Cordelia Gallo, her mother.

Her mother was a dancer, the Marquis took an interest in her and the Village of Gray Wolves. Put 2 and 2 together, they hooked up, bada-bing bada-boom, soon enough Victorique was born but the Marquis found out bout Cordelia’s secret. That she was a criminal. After finding that out, the the Marquis regretted his actions. Cordelia managed to run away but Vi-chan was confined to the tower. Vi-chan believes that her mother didn’t commit any crime and that she will make sure of her innocence. The next day, the pair make their way up to the village in a carriage with some other people (3 guys and the nun…wow that sounds like the set up to a pervy joke dont it? XD)

They arrive at a rather impressive moat-style gate where they are greeted by a 20 sword salute. No, not of the good kind. The men want to get rid of her because she’s Cordelia’s daughter but one of the Elder’s quickly intervenes and lets her enter the village.

Score: B+/A+

I’m digging that we’re finally going into Victorique’s family history and all! Just at the right time too if you ask me. But man, I was expecting something a bit more on the magic and supernatural side when it came to why Cordelia was a dangerous person. This reviewer really likes her stuff to have a good dash of supernatural and magic in her stories XD

But anyhows~ lets deal with the first mystery first. The whole Avril case. THAT was very interesting. I loved the way that Kujo kept his suspicions that maybe Grevil had arrested the wrong person. Couldn’t help but agree with him a bit when Avril was being so aloof over her hand injury. Though I really hadn’t expected her to be the second generation thief! D: THAT was like “OMG WHAT?!” cause I kept thinking that maybe shes just an over enthusiastic albeit REALLY annoying bitch who wants to try to get to know Victorique for her own personal gains cause she’s a hoity toity bitch : Well shows what I know eh? XD

I loved how all the bits came together in eps 4 and 5. I mean wow that was kinda really intricate XD I didn’t think that the Phantom Thief story and the death of that Millie girl would be related but wow, that was kinda awesome! It was kool to mix in some really “oh. my. gawd, that girl is like TOTALLY psycho you know.” love into the story. Sucks to that graduate guy though : Toooootally hooked up with the wrong girl and wound up dead for it. Though I wonder about all the treasures that he had picked up along the way. Victorique said that they’ll show up sooner or later so…I wonder if we’ll ever get to see them too.

The bit where Cecile and Kujo hear that whisper of “Help…me…” OH CRAP that more or less scared the bejezus outta me XD I went “HOSHITGHOST! RUN AWAY AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” XD But then that just turned out to be the REAL Avril. Major “Oh…OOOOOOH!” moment. It was nice to see that in the end, Kujo made another friend in the school. And did anyone else kinda find it funny to see that that girl had one hell of an appetite? XD That was kinda cute!

And SPEAKING of cute moments. Oh lordy Victorique YOU ARE JUST TOO DAMN CUTE! Hiding in that cupboard when you dont wanna meet someone you dont know yet still being out in the open when Kujo first met you, the pouting cheeks, the tearing eyes…even facefalling when you trip over Kujo’s foot *covers her mouth* uwuuuuuuu you are just TOO DAMN KIYYYYUUUUUUUUUTO! *hugs Vi-chan tightly* hontoni hontoni KAWAII <3

Ahem. About Cordelia then. So the Marquis wanted to merge the blood of the village with his bloodline eh? Well that just makes you wonder whats so damn special about that village eh? Supernatural powers or something? Fallen aristocracy?  Tell me more! And also, who did Cordelia kill? Was it patricide? Homicide? Self defense? What was the exact nature of the crime? What the hell was up with Grevil’s reaction towards Vi-chan when she wore that turban – I mean, what’s his beef with Cordelia, why that “omg AAAAAAGH!” kinda face? And that  village…omg what the hell is up with that closed minded thinking D: That’s small villages for you I suppose.

Its interesting that Victorique didn’t exactly say that her mother didn’t die….has she said that before? I dont think anyone has outright said that. Makes me wonder if she really IS dead. Hrmmmmmm. AND THAT reminds me. WHO was that magician? D: We will see him again soon if we go by the OP! That damn textbook thief XD

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