Episode 03 – Summary:

Wolverine faces of Kikyo and they’re pretty evenly matched. But still they both manage to land one blow on each other.They fight/dance/jump their way to the top of an apartment complex where Kikyo uses a similar sword strike like old man Shingen had (Yukio calls it ‘a blade wind’). While fighting, Wolvie suspects that Kikyo was the killer and they fight on as the police gathers on the ground. The fight ends when they both fall down from the rooftop – Wolvie crashing into the building on the side and Kikyo perching himself on a corner of a window sill. Wolvie realizes that yep, t’was Kikyo’s hand blade that killed Asano. The police yells for them to stop fighting or they’ll shoot but Yukio uses her weapon to take care of the police.

Kikyo and Wolvie and Yukio make a run for it (in different directions). While running, she asks if Wolvie can really beat Kikyo to which he basically replies that you cant know till the end. Back at Shingen HQ, word is received that Logan ain’t been beat and Kikyo’s vanished and the orders still stand for Logan to be killed. Mariko is told that after one delivery from Maripoor (which is meant to make Shingen happy) there’s just the wedding ceremony left. Back at the apartment, Wolvie declares that he’ll tear Shingen apart and get Mariko back. Yukio tells him of the Madripoor shipment coming in – mostly designer drugs – using Asano’s fancy hand held computer thing that Logan also had.

Come night fall, Hideki heads out for Tokyo Bay and waits for the shipment to arrive. But before the shipments can be loaded, someone crashes the party. While the baddies try to keep the goods safe from the raging fire, the police rush in to take control of the goods andHideki attempts to make a quick get away. But that’s not before he catches sight of Logan and Yukio on the top of a nearby factory. Logan jumps in for a piece of the action as well and stops Hideki before he can sneak away. But then two metallic tentacles come outta now where and grab Logan!


Score: B+/A+

Whoa, so much action Batman! 8D I’m digging this way more than Ironman now. I mean, if i compare the two this is like…Terminator 2 while Ironman was..well..Ironman. A few awesomely kool big bangs but Terminator 2 was “BANG POW WHACK BOOM BOOM YAAAAARGH MELT BOOM BOOM BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG!” Y’ know? XD

*facepalms…HARD* Wolvie…running on all fours? WUT? I dont remember  THAT in ANY comics? . . . . or did that happen during that time when Bucket Head removed the adamantium from his bones and he kinda ‘regressed’/mutated into his more…hairy form? ashdas whatever, THAT just looked so…stupid in the middle of that fight scene! I was expecting to see him jumping from tree top to tree top but I get that? I’m torn between being appalled and being totally amused.

The scene when Kikyo neatly deflects Yukio’s err…what do i call that…circular weapon…did anyone else suddenly wonder if those kinda weapons have some manner of homing device in em? XD I mean, they arn’t boomerangs so HOW did that weapon come back SO NEATLY in her HAND? Shes gotta have some kind of homing device with her XD

But my my my MY~ this is getting more and more interesting! WHERE are they going with this? Next episode here I come!

Episode 04 – Summary:

Omega Red is pisssssssed at Logan for nearly killing him. He got some help from Madripoor and he got better so he’s here to kick some Wolverine butt. Yukio tries to run some interference but its not good. Logan is being tossed around by Red and the Police try to get a handle on the situation. Sudden flashback when Logan was given information about Red’s history and past. More of Logan being tossed around like a rag doll and remembering that its pretty dangerous to be trapped within Omega Red’s tendrils.

Logan however noticed a back draft being created near a door close to him and kicks the door down. Big explosion thanks to which he manages to get away. Omega Red is pretty much determined to beat Logan’s ass and Logan passes out after one particularly hard hit. Flashback – In an underground frozen facility somewhere, Logan steals the carbonadium synthesizer cause he was told by his bosses that they wanted to study it. But he meets Omega Red while he was running away and they fight.

Wolvie tells Omega Red to take his grudge and shove it before he tackles the man into the nearby warehouse. The drugs are burning up when the police run in and…..the lady just…throws herself on top of the suitcase…..when there’s a fire burning around it…and screams that shes got the evidence….oooooooooooooooooooooooooookay. Shingen is not amused that his drug shipment got frakked up and that Logan was the one who did it. Not amused at all. Omega Red is pissed that he’s suffering from carbonadium poisoning thanks to Logan and just wants to turn him into minced meat. Flashback – Omega Red chasing after Logan in the Siberian cold but Logan manages to get away…but he losses the synthesizer while doing so.

Logan tosses a canister of gas at Omega Red which causes an explosion big enough so that he and Yukio manage to run away. Yukio tries to help Logan but you know how he is 😛 What they don’t realize is that Hideki noticed them sneaking away and gets a man to follow them. At the apartment, lady tries to clean up Logan’s wounds and they talk a bit but Logan catches scent (and then sight) of a guy nearby with…a bomb. Apartment goes “BOOM” but Wolvie goes “You piece a shit!” and Yukio goes “This has Hideki written all over it.” Random thug goes down…literally. Wolvie is determined to take the fight to Shingen, even when he is not doing too well with his healing power out on a whack.

Which is when Omega Red bursts through the wall and grabs Logan by the  throat. More of Logan being smacked around like a doll…wow that just looks more painful every time *winces* With one tendril wrapped around his torso binding his hands and the other around his neck, looks like Logan is in a big pinch!

Score: A/A+

Action, we got it by the bucket full. I was breathless in the whole first half!And yet again, I loved that they went into the backstories. We were told a bit bout Red’s history but even better I loved that they told bout how the Russians had done their own research to counter the State’s research into adamantium. Cause I HAD been wondering “Wolvie’s claws have adamantium coated on em, how can Kikyo’s sword and Red’s tentacles not be affected? Wouldn’t other fans ask the same question?” and then the tell the bit bout the carbonadium and I’m like “aaaaah well carry on, I didn’t remember that one.”

Oh yeah. Dear police lady, while I admire your enthusiasm, I must point out that when the evidence you are aiming to get your hands on, is in a ring of fire…you do NOT throw yourself on top of it and yell “I GOT IT”. If I was you, I’d grab the shit and drag it OUT of the fire. Just my two cents. Speaking of points that made me go “buwah”, Omega Red going that nuts over the carbonadium synthesizer. Why couldn’t the Russians make another one? I mean, what was stopping them from making another? Oo

I’m loving just how much action we’re getting in this series. Loving it loving it looooooving it! So much crash bang boom~ makes my inner Terminator 2 fangirl OH SO HAPPPPPY~ And I’m also loving that Logan isn’t being shown as the invincible superhero rather as just a guy with super powers who has some weaknesses as well. I love that kinda humanity being shown in my super hero’s. Though I think the only peeve I’ve got has got to me Mariko. I don’t really like my heroines to be this…meek. Then again maybe I’m in the wrong bout her….its not that she’s meek its just that she’s given up on being rescued? A despairing princess trapped in a paper house?

Next week, Asano!

Whoa, so much action Batman! 8D I’m digging this way more than Ironman now. I mean, if i compare the two this

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