Thought this show was badass before?  Well shit just got a whole lot more intense and confusing!  This week we open up with Kazuya being introduced to his classmates and Kaho Hiiragi, Arthur’s Pandora, comments on how Kazuya is really cute.  One of her friends and classmates whispers to her, asking if he’s more of her type and she denies it.  Kazuya notices that Arthur is missing, although he should be in the same class as him.  Turns out, Arthur is in the hospital wing visiting his sister.  Ganessa asks if it’s really okay for him to be skipping class and he says that as a Limiter, he’s meant to serve Pandoras and his sister is the greatest Pandora ever.  He then asks her why she’s in the hospital if she won the Carnival and she snaps at him to mind his own business.  Meanwhile, Kaho introduces herself to Kazuya at lunch and shows him around the cafeteria.  He’s amazed that everything is all you can eat (and I can tell you I’d be demolishing the sushi bar they have) and she comments that since the fate of humanity is in their hands, it’s only fair.  He then notices a rather large line and asks her why everyone is lining up there.  She says it’s a really popular burger joint, although you have to pay for it (she then mentions offhandedly that they have a lot of calories, which makes me think she’s on a diet or something.)

With their lunches purchased, they sit down to eat and Kaho tells Kazuya to stay away from Bridgette because she’s nothing but trouble.  Gee, familiar theme here?  Kazuya says that he needs to apologize properly because it’s his fault that she lost the Carnival in the first place.  Kaho seems shocked by this and just as she’s about to ask more about why that happened, Arthur shows up.  She hurriedly whispers to Kazuya, telling him not to say anything about it to Arthur because he might get upset.  As she’s saying this, Kazuya notices everyone scrambling to get out of the way as Bridgette enters the cafeteria.  She purchases several bags of food from the burger joint and as she’s about to leave, Kazuya calls out to her and yet again grabs her arm.  She shakes him off, dropping her food in the process, but ignores it and leaves the room in what I’m sure is an attempt to hold on to some of her image and/or pride.  As she’s leaving, she thinks about how she doesn’t have the terrifying flashback she usually has when someone touches her.  Judging by the creepy image of large hands roving over a very small body, I’m assuming there was some sort of sexual abuse in her past.  Anyway, Kazuya scoops up her food and chases after him, Kaho and Arthur hot on his heels.

Kazuya finds Bridgette on the roof of the school and goes to give her her food, apologizing at the same time.  He then mentions that she has to at least not hate him since she used the forbidden Pandora Mode to save him the previous day.  She then mutters that he saved her earlier in the fight and she always repays her debts.  Kazuya then asks her to let him become her Limiter, but the pair is interrupted by someone commenting on how they should pick a more memorable location for his baptism.  We then find out that she is Kannazuki Miyabi, the woman we saw at the end of last week’s episode clad in black lingerie.  Kaho (who followed them, along with Arthur) comments on how she’s a Limiter Hunter and has a collection of Limiters.  Bridgette attempts to leave and so does Kazuya, but Kazuya is grabbed by Miyabi, who promises that she can be a much better Pandora to him than Bridgette.  This pisses Bridgette off, so she draws her Volt weapon and the two begin to duel.

The duel seems evenly matched until Miyabi unleashes what’s called an Accelerating Turn, which allows her to move rather quickly.  However, it turns out that even Bridgette knows this supposedly higher-grade technique that is only taught to seniors.  And so the two fight on and Bridgette lands a blow, cutting Miyabi’s cheek.  Miyabi freaks and calls for her boy-toys to use their Freezing.  They do so and is about to attack Bridgette when Bridgette leaps into the air, unaffected by their attack.  Unfortunately, Kazuya is affected and as she goes to help him, she’s pinned down by Miyabi’s daggers.  Miyabi tells her boys to take Kazuya and teach him a lesson while she deals with Bridgette.  She shreds Bridgette’s top (which seems to happen a lot) and proceeds to start molesting her in an attempt to destroy her reputation.  Bridgette seems unable to stop her and is eventually pushed down and Miyabi pushes her skirt up before pulling her panties down and having her Limiters take pictures in order to distribute them all over the school.  Kazuya is upset about this and somehow brings about a Freezing of his own, which enables Bridgette to not only destroy the cell phones, but also knock all three Limiters unconscious and defeat Miyabi.

However, just as she’s about to defeat her, Chiffon shows up and attempts to put a stop to it along with two teachers.  Kazuya ends up being the one to stop her, saying that Pandora’s aren’t meant to harm each other, but to protect the people they care about.  Somehow this gets through to her and she leaves Miyabi alone.  Chiffon comments on how this will throw chaos into their school because a sophomore defeated a senior, which will worry the upperclassmen.  Meanwhile, two of the teachers are looking over Kazuya’s medical records and it appears that Stigma, which is used to create Volt, composes more than 30% of Kazuya’s skeletal structure.  Neither of them are surprised since his sister was able to develop over 20 Stigma points where most Pandora’s can develop three to five of them.  Meanwhile, we get to see an upperclassman named Ingrid honing her skills against a Nova training machine and as she leaves, she’s approached by another upperclassman.  The girl, Athea, asks Ingrid to take care of a sophomore.  When Ingrid asks who, Athea simply says “The Untouchable Queen.”

Opinions: Another action-packed episode with plenty of fan service!  We get yet another peek at Bridgette’s seemingly traumatic past and why she hates being touched, although it’s still unclear as to why she’s not bothered by Kazuya touching her.  The battle between Bridgette and Miyabi was pretty awesome and also gave us another level of what Bridgette can really do.  The fact that she could fight on par and even defeat someone two grades higher than her was pretty amazing.  Of course, this development with Kazuya’s medical history and how his body has so much Stigma is intriguing and I wonder how that will affect him as a Limiter.  And how exactly will Ingrid’s confrontation with Bridgette pan out?

Score: A/A+

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