*runs in* I’m late I’m late I’m laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate! *crashes into the wall*


Old guy gets shot by Julie cause she had found a hidden gun as well. Ned gets mysteriously killed and its clear that Julie has some inside information. Vi-chan tells Kujo that if they arn’t careful, they’ll be murdered as well. The remaining three hide in a nearby room and search for weapons but are interrupted when someone comes in (carrying a battle axe like Noda from Angel Beats). Ned omniously declares that he has to hunt down the hares as he is the Hunting Dog. He grabs Victorique but Kujo runs in, punching Ned in the face while wearing some brass knuckles. The trio barricade the door from outside and run to the topside.

Kujo and Julie are curious as to how Vi-chan knew that Ned wasn’t dead. Vi-chan explains it (Ned had been playing with a tennis ball before so by tightly holding it under the armpit would be enough to momentarily stop his pulse) and walks on towards the radio room before them. But Ned shows up from behind, ready for some killing. Kujo pushes Vi-chan into the radio room telling her to call for help while he holds Ned off. Vi-chan argues back that she can’t leave him like this but Kujo admits that he just wants to save her and closes the door on her. Vi-chan bangs on the door and yells that they have to go home together because she doesn’t want to be alone. Kujo rushes at Ned but gets pushed down. He’s being beatenĀ  pretty bad and is thrown against the safety railing.

Julie comes from behind, stabbing Ned with his own axe. With a mad grin on his face, Ned falls into the ocean. Vi-chan’s sending a message through Morse code when Kujo comes to check on her. Vi-chan is clearly relieved to see that Kujo’s alright and calmly tries to cover it up. So they get rescued and they watch the ship go down. Back on land, Inspector Mine-is-the-hair-that-will-pierce-the-heavens is waiting …. to arrest Julie. Vi-chan explains that she caught onto Julie’s lies early on. That Julie wasn’t the daughter of a rich family rather she grew up in somewhere less spacious.

Julie tells her story. They all were orphans, picked up and tossed on that ship ten years ago. But when they find one of the kids (apparently) dead (much like how Ned was lying…in fact I think its the same place), they start accusing one another of who killed him. With everyone suspecting everyone, they killed each other. Still, Julie went around trying to help the other kids and amongst them, one of the girls gives her a heart shaped pendant as a sign of friendship. Julie grabs the girl and along with three others, the come to the radio room. Inside, they find a group of black ties (with Maurice at the head) ready to congratulate them. They want to know which nationalities survived.

From the corner, a voice rattles off the nationalities and what ho~ tis the same boy who was supposedly killed in the start. England – the Hunting Dog. Roxanne comes in from the side and tells them to sink the ship and to ‘fatten the hares’. Roxanne would let loose hares amongst her hunting dogs and predict the future using the surviving hares. Also at the time ten years ago, the Great War (World War I I’m assuming) had started and many countries turned to fortune telling to know what to expect. So in this case, they used the kids as hares and well…basically, it was just one big event to predict the future. Vi-chan tells him to reveal who the victors of the Great War were – they were the same nationalities whose hares survived.

Julie reveals that she spent a lot of time in the sanatorium after that event. And with the fortune she received, she recreated the Queen Berry. Vi-chan explains how she got to suspect Julie as the culprit and Julie gets taken away by the Inspector. While being taken away, Julie and Roxanne’s maid cross paths and what ho~ Julie recognizes her as the girl she saved on the original Queen Berry. Musing that Lee also managed to take her revenge, Julie tosses her back her heart pendant.

Back at school some time later, things are back to their usual routine. With the Inspector taking credit again for Vi-chan’s deduct-SAY WHAT?! THE INSPECTOR IS HER BROTHER?! *falls over* Oh but they have different mothers….yet they both have crazy hair…from their father’s side? It seems that Blois is a Marquis but Vi-chan’s mother was the mistress. Vi-chan was kept locked away in the Blois mansion and even in the academy, she cannot leave without the Duke’s permission. Vi-chan orders Kujo to go and find her another mystery before she dies of boredom and admits that they are friends. She falls forward on Kujo, dead asleep and Kujo softly says that they should go out again soon (Vi-chan suddenly pipes up, “Thats a promise.” Kujo: “EEEH?!”)

Score: A/A+

Well well well. That was an interesting case indeed! I hadn’t expecting for all the ends to come together like that. I had expected something a bit more…I dunno…I hadn’t expected that the whole reason why the whole hare hunt was done was just as one huge fortune telling event. THAT was kinda sick. But Julie as the culprit? . . . was a bit surprised and a bit not surprised. We had already been given the hints that Julie had been on board the original Queen Berry so it was clear that she had been involved in the original crime. The linkage was the problem. I had expected her to have done what she did to avenge her dead sister or something but still this is better XD

And hark! Roxanne’s maid was the girl from the Queen Berry as well! That had been an interesting twist. It was…an odd heart warming moment when Lee and Julie were standing across from each other in the hallway with tears in their eyes. I was like “…this is tugging at my heart strings for some reason yet both of these girls have blood on their hands. This feels so very peculiar.” While on the subject of moments…THE INSPECTOR IS VICTORIQUE’S BROTHER? WHOA. Though hmmm, explains why he looks after her so much as well. Guess he has a soft spot for her little sister? And it makes her interactions with him all the more amusing now~~~ And whoa, so Victorique had THAT kinda history huh? Thats uber harsh D: But why on earth was her mother deemed as dangerous and taken away (or whatever?) and Vi-chan kept locked away? There’s more to this story than is being let on right?

I loved seeing Kujo and Victorique bonding more in this episode. Yes, this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship (and something more? hur hur hur~~~) Victorique tearfully saying that she didn’t want Kujo to come to any harm and that they would go home together…that was so touching. I’m loving their relationship in some ways. Clearly Kujo isnt your stereotypical weak side kick. He fought against Ned (fine, got beaten up bad but come on, the guy was older and taller and had…what… a 100 pounds on the kid!) but still, he’s got guts this one. And he’s got good brains in him too. Now to do something bout this pride….XD


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