This week’s episode seemed to be all over the place but we did find out a little about Merry and the Dream Demons. Oh, and also that donuts make Merry super adorable!

Merry wakes up in Yumeji’s household and is there for about half the episode before she leaves to go do what she must do. In the time span she spends there, she is bathed and fed. Also, as she and Isana are bathing, Yumeji walks in… for the 15th time, according to Isana. Dinner time proved to show Isana’s tendency to play the nagging wife as her friends mentioned last week. It also helped the viewers see the family relationship between Isana, her father, and Yumeji. Isana and Yumeji are just like siblings to each other.

Merry and Yumeji share a moment later (for all Yumeji xMerry fans) as Merry talks about herself. We find out that she is a Dream Demon, just like Chaser John Doe. But for some reason, she’s different from the rest because she got to our world without taking a vessel; she just woke up in this world. Since she is shown in the opening as a little girl playing alongside Yumeji, I’m guessing that she has some special connection to Yumeji that brought her to his world. Or, even if that isn’t the reason she was brought to Japan, nevertheless, there must be some special connection between the two (Yumeji xMerry!!!). And so, thereafter she leaves in the dead of night to go solve her problems.  Straying a bit away from the story, the moment Yumeji opened the can of soda for Merry definitely reminded me of Bleach when Ichigo had to poke the straw in for the juice Rukia was trying to drink.  I’m also a Ichigo xRukia fan as well.

As Merry was explaining, it kept switching back and forth from this girl Yumi who had a peaceful Dream Demon share her vessel. I don’t remember her at all from the manga so I’m assuming that her part was just to sorta show what Merry was talking about… unless she is actually significant in the anime so then her part wasn’t just whatever.

A new character Chizuru Kawanami transfers into Yumeji’s class and that’s never a good sign. She is most definitely suspicious of the attack on Yumi and Serio, her Dream Demon. And speaking of not-so-good characters, the teacher seemed to be a little creepy. Either he has something going on with high school girls or he is someone to keep an eye on (or both).

My main concern with this episode had to be the pacing. I felt events were going too fast and the scenes were jumping around. The part that bothered me the most was when the attack on Yumi occured. Just seconds before, Yumeji tries to help out the new girl, gets the cold shoulder, gets a strange feeling then BAM! flying scissors fall onto the street in front of Yumi and BAM!! it turns all SHAFT on us. (I love SHAFT btw~.) That whole event just was strangely peculiar.

As for the next episode, Merry and Yumeji reunite so things should be well. I hope pacing won’t be a problem again.

Score: B+/A+

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