This week in Wolverine. Thanks to that drug pumped in him, Wolverine passes out before he can land even one blow on Shingen. Hideki attempts to kill Wolverine by placing him on a train track with a train fast approaching. Asano chases after in an attempt to save Logan but before he can, a mysterious woman saves Logan (and kills Hideki’s two goons in the process).The lady has a vendetta against Shingen cause he killed her mother (mom was an assassin trained by Shingen and when she made a mistake, Shingen had her killed). With the lady’s help, Wolvie goes to Asano’s place only to (break in) and discover that Asano’s long dead. The police burst in, saying that they received a report that Asano’s been murdered and Logan’s been framed for the murder.

Our mysterious femme fatale and Logan punch, kick, slide, dodge their way out through the cops AND the yakuza! 9 point landing on that police car btw! Once outside, they notice a mysterious figure in a hakama standing on top of a nearby building watching them. And whats this? He has a single claw (like Wolvie’s) coming out from the palm of his hand? The lady recognises him as Mikage Kikyo, another one of Shingen’s assassins. Whoa, the man’s got a katana in the palm of his hand…literally. He jumps off the roof, ready to dance.

Score: A/A+

Fast paced and gripping, this weeks episode rocked so hard. A small part of me had wondered if maybe the newly introduced lady mighta been Domino but I was totally wrong I guess. But still, she seems to be another interesting character. Don’t really get any “bad guy” vibes from her and DAYUM at her moves!

Shingen definitely strikes me as the ‘gray area’ kinda guy – not good not bad, just adhering to his own code of morals and honor. Which I guess more often than not put him in the bad guy zone. But Hideki….oh you sneaky slimy snake in the grass! I can’t wait for you to just DIE. Cowardly weasel!  And Asano! D’: WHYYYYY! I had hoped that “He’s gonna get kidnapped! RIGHT?! RIGHT?! D: He can’t be killed he can’t! NOOOO WHY IS IT ALWAYS THE NICE GUYS :'(” And that Shingen…why would he send that Kikyo after Logan? Framing him like that…seems to me that Hideki’s the real one who wants to get Logan out of his way. Though if I was him, I’d try to keep Logan with me as a test subject rather than just tossing him away.

Random question that came to my mind in his episode. Logan’s bones being coated with adamantium and given his super healing powers, what would happen if he IS run over by a train? Naturally I imagine that it would hurt like a fucking bitch but…would he really be able to make it out of his alive? Would his bones manage to stop the train? And then this question made me wonder just how much Hideki and the others know bout Logan….

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