Another day another weird dream Madoka…that is until she catches sight of Kyubey. But still, she gets ready for the day like normal. While brushing her teeth, she recalls the last days events. Sayaka and Madoka go over to Tomoe (the blonde from last time) house for some explanations. Tomoe shows them her Soul Gem – which is created when a girl chosen by Kyubey forms her contract. Its the source and emblem of a Puella Magi. The contract is that Kyubey can fulfill any single wish of theirs. The sky’s the limit but the price is the Soul Gem. Having one means to fight against witches.

A witch is like the opposite of the Puella Magi and are created out of curses and spread despair. And normal people can’t see them either. You can possibly chalk up a lot of senseless murders and such to witches as they thrive on the negative emotions like worry and hate. How come no one notices them? Cause they hide inside magical barriers, like that maze place they got trapped in before. Tomoe warns them to choose carefully and asks them to go with her on a witch hunt so that they can judge if having that wish granted is worth the risk. Madoka heads off to school, freaking Sayaka out when she shows up with Kyubey on her shoulder and then revealing that the three of them can mentally communicate with each other.

At school, things are going as normal. Tomeo thinks that its a good chance that Homura is also a Puella Magi but Sayaka finds it odd that Homura tried to attack Madoka. Kyubey explains that Homura was after him, to stop him from making new contracts. Sayaka is confused by this because they’re all supposed to be on the same team. Tomoe explains that there’s a reward for defeating a witch which can cause conflicts. And class goes on like normal and soon its time for lunch. Oh do NOT feed the mystical creature with your own chopsticks D: That is so unhealthy *turns green*

Sitting on the rooftop, Sayaka and Madoka discuss the matter. They haven’t really decided on a wish or anything and Sayaka comments that maybe in their ignorance they can’t think of a wish. Because they are ignorance of misfortunes so they can’t think of a wish on which they can bet their life on. Homura walks onto the rooftop and with Tomoe watching from afar, Homura asks what the two plan on doing. She reminds Madoka of her warning from the last day before walking away.Sayaka and Madoka leave together and meet up with Tomoe once school is done.Time for Puella Magi 101.

The trio follow Tomoe’s Soul Gem in search of the witch she was chasing yesterday. But it seems that the witch in question has gotten away. Tomoe explains that witch curses are strongest in places where there are traffic accidents or places where people have committed suicide. Or hospitals where people are very vulnerable. And then Tomoe’s Soul Gem starts glowing – its getting something Captain! A women stands at the edge of the roof of an abandoned building looking down with a blank stare.

The girls arrive just in time to see the women throw herself off the edge. Tomoe quickly changes into Puella mode and uses her powers to catch the woman. As the woman is laid down, Tomoe notices a mark on the woman’s neck – a witch’s kiss. Tomoe leads Madoka and Sayaka into the building when a large butterfly seal appears before them. Tomoe tells them to stick close before they jump into the seal. Homura watches from the entrance. Inside, Tomoe is shooting at the weird… thingies that come their way and at the deepest part of the barrier, they come across the witch. Tomoe pulls gun after gun out to shoot at the witch but gets roped by the witch’s err.. tentacle. But Tomoe ties the witch up using her powers before turning her ribbon into a GIANT gun to blast the witch away. She shows them a Grief Seed, a witch’s egg. The Grief Seed can be used to renew the magic of a Soul Gem – thats the reward of defeating a witch. Along with another use…Homura walks out of the shadows and tosses the egg back to Tomoe saying that it was her prey so she should keep the egg.

The woman they saved woke up and is disoriented how she showed up but other than that, shes fine. Madoka thinks that she can’t pick a wish but Tomoe looks really amazing when she was fighting and she herself would really like to help people like that.

Score: A/A+

Last week I called this show different and I hadn’t been sure where I stood on this show. I know better now. I definitely am digging it through and through. I love the muted colors, the moe-moe art, the non-moe moe story (a nice twist on the usual Magical Girl show). I like the concept that any wish of yours can be granted and in exchange, you have to become a Puella Magi and fight the witches. Its a nice twist on the usual concept where you get the powers first and then work towards your goal. That makes me wonder if there’s an exit clause in the contract….

Oh Hitomi you silly nitwit XD Mistaking Sayaka and Madoka as a couple like that *laughs* Silly airhead! And speaking of, Sayaka’s reaction when she found out that she could communicate telepathically with Madoka, Kyubey and Tomoe. Her MAKES the scene. A total “HA?!” moment *laughing her head off* Another lulz moment was Madoke’s mother thinking how she was gonna become President. uwaaaa kowai kowai XD

And our Dark Magical Girl Homura-san….she totally needs a hug. And its indeed the question what she wished for. What are the odds that she wished to be pretty, smart and/or athletic? Perhaps she was sickly or something? Shes lacking some basic social skills for sure if she prefers to work alone rather than as a group. Wouldnt it be easier to take down witches if they work together as a group? Or maybe its not preferred because the Grief’s Seed can only be used once and by one person? In any event, shes quite the mysterious person. Though I think its quite extreme that she’d want to go and kill Kyubey before he could secure a contract with Madoka. A part of me thinks that the wish that Madoka might make would be that the future she saw in her future doesn’t happen…but then I wonder if something like that can be wished for or not.

Tomoe is really coming off as the sweet older sister type however at several points I can’t help but think that its all just a front. Tell me I’m wrong on that part please. Oh hell I have to be…or else why would Kyubey be alright with being with her. UNLESS KYUBEY IS IN ON THE PLAN TOO AAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH *gets bricked* Aite I’m back, random idiotic fangirl panicking done. Ahem. I liked that we got a lot of the basic information in this episode and in an interesting way. I particularly tip my hat to the music director for that creepy (cow?)bell-ish music which plays when the foursome are discussing Homura’s actions. That music put across a creepy yet serious tone which…kinda made my skin prickle and my stomach stay in knots in tension.And I said it before, I’m gonna say it again. I WANT THAT MUSIC PLAYING WHEN TOMOE KICKS THE WITCHES BUTT. And hell while I’m at that, I want her hat and skirt from which guns come out <3

Sayaka o Sayaka *shaking her head in amusement* A baseball bat for defense? I like you a lot already! And oh oh oh you know what ELSE I liked A LOT? The visuals inside the witch’s barrier. Oh my GOD. It was so trippy and creative and just….”WHOA that is so SCREWY that its awesome!” Visual Effects of Awesome? DARN TOOTING BB! Though I think its toeing the line of Nightmare Fuel….then again I think they cross that link when they show that witch. I mean, GYARGH WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING D: and while I’m on the subject of visuals…I LOVE the camera angles. Some of them are taken from such interesting and odd angles and in a very refreshing way. Its a joy to see 😀

Awesome episode! I can’t wait for next weeks! 😀

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