In which Kujo finds out that his errr ‘baggage management’ of Vi-chans luggage is the reason why he is deprived of snacks, tries to argue back and gets a bread roll stuffed in his mouth. And there’s the other pesky details where someone drugged the food and put everyone in a locked lounge room but there’s one extra person in the room. WHEEEEERE WALDO? And Kujo recalls that the Queen Berry is actually a haunted ship and they all are living sacrifices. Cue some scary blood writing on the wall and panicking by people. One guy opens a door and gets killed thanks to a …giant dart thing to the head. The others try to escape as well using the emergency rowing boat but they get swept away in a major wave.

Kujo is surprised that Vi-chan doesnt really seem to find the sight of dead bodies that weird. The survivors (5 of them) go back to the lounge which has aged some 500 years plus some mold. Old guy raves bout hares and runs away screaming….to bump into a sofa and come crashing down. He calms down and explains that he’s Maurice and works for the Foreign Ministry. Then there’s Ned who is a stage actor and the other lady is Julie whose dad has a coal mine. Vi-chan tells Maurice to spill before she tips him over. Maurice tells them that indeed this ship is the original Queen Berry. And 10 years ago, they collected 11 children of different nationalities nicknamed ‘hares’ and were left on the ship to spend the night.

However, when Maurice went the next morning to check the ship….all the children were dead, they had killed each other. But what would prompt the children to kill themselves? Maurice knows not, only that all those involved in the murder of the children have been gathered after exactly 10 years. Vi-chan tells him that he’s not being logical and then begins to break it down. There is a smell of wet paint in the air, plus the wine (though it SAYS its an old wine) doesn’t look it at all and the label’s a fake. Maurice doesn’t buy it, saying that that how can you explain this flooded lounge? Vi-chan goes out, tells Kujo to open the door across the flooded lounge and….tis another lounge! They one they were in before (corpse and all). T’was nothing but a trick. But then Vi-chan catches the sound of water – the ship is flooding!

They make a run for the radio room and mid-way Kujo and Vi-chan have a bit of a argument in which Vi-chan stomps the floor and activates a trap. They manage to duck the flying dart thing before they resume their search for the radio room. But the passage to that has been flooded. Maurice despairs but Julie tells them to hurry up before the passage is flooded even more. With Vi-chan riding on his back, Kujo follows the others and realizes that no matter how Victorique acts, shes still a girl and he needs to protect her. Maurice looses it and somehow manages to find a gun and points it at the others before he looses all his marbles. Kujo stands in front of Vi-chan and says that he won’t let Maurice kill her and Maurice pulls the trigger!

Score: A-/A+

The plot thickens! Now this was more like it!  A lot more mystery and detective work with a bit of pouting Vi-chan and introspection on part of Kujo. Like I said last week, he’s not the typical meekly side-kick guy to Vi-chan. There was enough mystery and an over all air of “we gotta hurry we gotta hurry before we die” that made me stay riveted at the edge of my seat. Though the last one was thanks to Maurice and the marbles that he kept loosing every 5 minutes. Now there’s a man who was hanging onto the last shreds of his sanity. Though I don’t particularly trust that Ned guy either *eyes him* He looks suspicious like…

Vi-chan mocking laughter is really something XD I think I wanna keep that as my sms alert. Deadpan snarking/laughter at its best! And seeing her pouting again, more winnage! Though I found it really nice when Kujo realizes that no matter how Victorique acts or how smart she is or how nonchalant she is towards a dead body or death, shes still very much a girl and that he needs to protect her. Though I think the only thing that wins more than that mini-revelation was when Kujo stands before Vi-chan and she asks “What are you doing?” and he says that he’ll protect her. The look on her face just speaks volumes.

I somehow can’t believe that those children were a victim of mass hysteria ten years ago. Plus that green haired girl…isn’t that Julie? But if she is…this grown up Julie hasnt given any hint or clue that she was on the ship 10 years ago. And then there’s Maurice who didn’t say anything bout there being any survivors. Perhaps some relative of Julie? Her sister perhaps? That’s why she set this whole thing up? Perhaps along with Ned who also lost someone he knew ten years ago? I’m speculating wildly.

I think the only two gaffs I found in the logic were a. HOW can you miss the smell of wet paint in a room? Unless of course there’s a moldy smell in the room THEN I guess you can miss it. and b. How on earth can you miss the sound of someone tearing a large ass piece of wallpaper from the wall? Then again Kujo HAD been yelling “VICTORIQUE!” pretttttty loudly XD

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