…….a new record. 49 SECONDS in and I’m wondering WHAT THE HELL was the production house smoking when they approved the character designs. The guy’s mothers(?????) head is an…upside down flower…or a gramophone speaker…Did the dog just hump the garbage bin? Oh GOD I hope not. Our hero, Clain lives on a small island which is filled with stuff that you can only think up only if yer high on weed…A LOT OF WEED. Or possibly tripping on LSD. Clain visits the junk market along with a friend who looks….a bit like life sized poop pile? Police shows up, crashes the party (most of the people there ‘de-rez’ cause they were ‘doppels’). Clain sneaks away a memory card which, when he pops into his…music player thingie starts showing information about Fractale.

While offering his 5 o’clock prayers, a girl on a …. flying contraption flies by over his head and shes being chased by some guys in another..flying contraption thing. Clain follows on his bicycle, wondering if he can help the girl in some way. Instead he falls from his bike and his headphones disconnect from his player and the song he was listening to starts blasting out loud. The girl hears it and pulls off her googles…stands on her flying thing before spreading her arms and falling back into the sea. Clain makes his way down the steep cliff as the chasing guys fly away. Clain finds the girl but shes out like a light and injured to boot. The girl wakes up and emm….shes…interesting. Clain comes home (with the girl behind him) and he manages to convince his mother and father to …. how to put this right…. well their doppels leave. But then they come back with a “ah we forgot something” which is of course the point when the girl has stepped inside the house XD

Phryne introduces herself (wow yer polite XD) but Clain forces his parents doppels away which doesnt sit right with Phryne apparently. He gets the first aid box, she pulls her clothes off and tells him to leave as she can handle the rest. Wow…she’s a strange one aint she? XD GYAHNSODHNA *jumps a mile in the air* WHY you showing up naked in front of the boy Phryne?!?! Poor Clain…NO he can’t look at you…oh wait..he does look…so he helps her put the ointment on her back. Clain asks who were the guys after her but before she can answer, she falls back in his lap – fast asleep.

She wakes up to find Clain typing away at his laptop. She turns on the projector which shows home movies of when Clain was a baby. Phryne says that he really does value his parents (which Clain starts to argue against) but Phryne starts crying, saying that his smile his changed since he was a baby…to the point that she tries to pull his cheeks into that smile. She says that without a doubt, he’s the one. Cause of the song and wishes for Clain’s smile to last forever. She gives him an amulet but then the door bell rings and o look, t’was the guys who were chasing Phryne parading as doctors. Oh lord the stupid XD Smart boy Clain to slam the door in their face and yes..they were dumber than they looked XD

Oh my GAWD *pounding fist into the ground as she laughs* Pretending to be a band of orphans? GYAHAHAHA CLASSIC. And the doorbell rings again! ooooh tis Security and DAMN you Clain for using logic against the stupid villains XD Tired of the attempted deceptions, they burst in and find Phryne’s dress on Clain’s bed. 100% sure that Clain did the dirty with Phryne he gets…sterilized which is apparently code for being sprayed with a fire extinguisher. Unable to find the girl, Team Rocket Baka Trio leave. Whoops..looks like ‘someone’ sabotaged the plane XD Sneaky Phryne.

Clain leads Phryne to an abandoned, ruined chapel where radio waves can’t reach so she’ll be safe in this place. Clain wishes to know who she is because her garb is that of a priestess of the temple. But then he says that he doesnt have to know, she’ll tell him in due time. They sit shoulder to shoulder and Phryne talks for a while but when she’s finished…Clain’s asleep. When he wakes up….there’s no Phryne around. Just her amulet attached to his shirt. He goes back to his house, pissed at her selfishness and tumbles into his bed, staring at the amulet she gave him. Then…something hits him. He runs a test or something on something (the amulet I guess) and discovers that this is pretty old world stuff which is when he someone conjures up a girl on his table. What..the…O_O

Score: C+/A+

I’m not quite sure what I just watched…but I’m not sure if I wanna watch it again. The summary made it sound very interesting yet this first episode felt a bit…all over the place? uncertain? here and there? “I dunno what I’m supposed to be looking for but if you tell me to look for something I guess I’m gonna keep looking around me.” kinda feel. I don’t think that I’ll be following this…but I’ll try another episode or two before making a final decision.

The colors and design immediately remind me of the older anime movies of the 80’s and 90’s for some reason. I kept thinking “Oh this is so nostalgic!” Its all so clean and sharp and…well I guess if I could compare it with junk food I’d say that this is kinda like Skittles. So brightly colored and fruity fresh. The animation was pretty sharp and smooth through out though err…what was that OP? My GOD….thats what I imagine an LSD trip to look like. I’m blinded Jim, BLINDED x_x

Did not like the music. Did not like the OP, the ED was half decent, did not like the BGM, did not like the insert song. And the BGM made me think “Ah this sounds like movie music…like Castle in the Sky or something…” And what was up with that inspiration style music in the end when Phryne was talking at the ruins before Clain nods off? Musical dissonance much – something softer and LESS inspiration woulda matched better I think. And when Phryne was singing the song…oooooooo *covers ears* Change singers PLEASE?

I think this has some slight Ghibli like feel where the story starts as something simple and builds up into something bigger but this has more of a sleepy feel which makes me wanna nod off AND FAST. The only reason I mighta sat through this just went and mysterious disappeared. That Phryne…shes quite the character XD Straightforward would be the way to describe her. And speaking of characters…the idiot trio. Oh lordy XD How DUMB can you be? I guess in your case, PRETTY DAMN much. Incompetent villain much though I DO like your method for sterilizing people who have indulged in H things ke ke ke~

Those doppel designs…oh my GOD. WHO thought them up? XD CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY stuff. And on the subject of craaaaaazy stuff, how’d Clain pull that girl out of….whatever. I had kinda hoped for more information than what we were given…which was actually close to nothing now that I think bout it. What a blargh episode all in all.

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