Logan is having a nice date with a lady called Mariko but of course that gets cut short when some men in black swimming gear shoot up out of the ocean and start firing at Logan. But Wolvie being Wolvie makes quick work of them and then we’re suddenly jumping forward one year. Megane-kun is being chased by these guys in WHITE suits who can make themselves invisible. They take out an evil looking machine which, when turned on, makes anything metal in its path go snap crackle pop and humans scream in agony. Logan jumps in, kicks evil butt, saves Megane-kun from dying (no more going to the roofs of tall ass buildings Mister! *waggles finger*) and welcomes him to New York…with a beer. Where’d that beer come from? . . . It feel from the sky…. oooooookay….oh wait it was that can of beer he tosses in the air when the white suits turn their weird machine towards him. Wow that’s stretching the laws of physics…A LOT.

In some bar (or something) somewhere safe, Megane-kun/Asano shows Logan a picture of Mariko saying that he wanted to tell her where she was.She had supposedly disappeared a year ago so how had Asano found her? Long story short, Kuzuryu (largest organized crime group in Japan) has been spreading its influence in Asia and the guy in charge of the group is a bad ass of its true definition. Mariko is this guy’s daughter. Asano’s been trying to get Kuzuryu but no luck plus, Mariko’s engagement has been arranged with a sneaky lookin guy (Hideki) as well. Asano also shows him satellite footage of this island where many of the world’s criminal organizations have worked together to set up their own pad (I bet King Pin has a street named after him or something XD) called Madripoor and the man incharge of this city, is Hideki. Long story short, its one hell of an important political marriage where Mariko is being used as a pawn.

Logan remembers the boat and how he mentions to her that whats important to him is not the past or the future but the present and thinks that Mariko’s dad and her past are keeping her away from him and the present. So Logan heads to Tokyo and tis a wretched hive of scum and villany yaaaaaar. Okay maybe not. Logan goes to ‘visit’ the Kuzuryu HQ while Asano and his team are keeping close surveillance on his actions. Rather than bursting through the front door, Logan sneaks  in (read: illegal trespassing) from the side. Logan watches as Mariko comes out of a room and her papa suddenly gets up and grabs his sword and walks out of the room. He and Mariko come face to face but Papa-chan it seems is really in touch with the force CUZ HIS WARRIOR SENSES WORK BETTER THAN ANY ELECTRICAL CAMERAS. BOOOO TO TECHNOLOGY~ and he sends his sword right where Logan was hiding, forcing him to jump out into the open.

7 armed guards and one Logan…well that’s an unfair match….for the guards. Logan says that he’s here for Mariko, Shingen tells him to beat it cause shes already engaged. Not like Logan cares naturally and he gets shot at by 7 guards and they get turned into minced meat. RAWR. Never mess with Wolverine bitches! Shingen however, doesnt seem that impressed…or maybe vaguely idk.  Shingen tells him that if he can beat him, Logan can take Mariko away – it’ll be a match with wooden swords rather than katana’s though. Which is a bad thing cause Shingen is a badass mofo with a bokutou. And bad for Asano cause there’s no camera’s where the fight’s going on and Shingen lands one HELL of a bad blow on Logan. But its not like a bleeding head wound can stop Wolverine i mean PHUHLEEEZE~ XD

Shingen keeps landing blow after blow on Wolvie…including a final killer move which belongs more in Bleach than Wolverine Oo;; which makes Logan asks if his bokutou is really made of wood. Which pisses Shingen off to the point he pushes/hits Logan out of the dojo area. Logan reaffirms that he will take Mariko with him wheeeeeeen someone shoots him with a tranq…from the back. What a low blow = = Oh wait my bad, its a drug which paralyzes the central nervous system. Oh hello there Hideki you sneaky bastard. You sound as weaselly as you look. Wolvie pulls out his claws and screams…..looooooooooooooooong and looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooud. And wow, everything just got bleached white in those last few frames.

Score: B+/A+

Just like Ironman in some ways. Neat to look at for the most part but something was lacking in the story that I found myself getting slightly sleepy half way through. But then the second half started and I was sitting up a bit going “Hmmmmm.” But unlike Ironman, it makes more sense for me to have Wolvie in Japan. I mean, 616 Wolvie had some serious history in Japan and I wonder if it may be touched upon in this. And can I hope for some sort of cameo by the X-men in some future episode much like Wolvie had in Ironman? *hopeful eyes*

I’ve said it before I’ll say it again, I kinda LIKE this character design for Logan. But if I go by 616 verse, HE WASN’T SUPPOSED TO BE THAT TALL. He’s like… 5feet 2inches? THIS version of him is WAY TOO tall. But hell, I ain’t complaining, he’s got a nice rugged handsomeness to him. Same with Mariko in some ways. I look at her and I can’t say “Wow now there’s a pretty lady!” I look at her and I think “Well distinctive features for sure…not your traditional definition of the term ‘beauty’.”

Okay the skin regeneration after Logan takes all those bullets? THAT WAS SOME WICKED SHIT.  And er…nice jump from the boat into the air….layer of Flubber on the soles of your shoes there Logan? Pft, nice touch having Logan with a CANADIAN beer in his hands – very nice, very amusing. Can you get Canadian beer in Japan? Or maybe Logan bought some with him? aw shoot it was all in New York and not Tokyo like I thought it was! Aw who cares, ITS CANADIAN BEER O/ CANADIAN BAAAAAACON~ That was a damn decent English accent by Logan’s seiyuu btw. I mean, I got what he said without having to refer to the subtitles XD

I’m expecting that the story/plot will be similar to Ironman’s in the sense that…it starts off simple but actually grows to be something way bigger than was previously expected. So while this looks like a simple rescue mission plus “stop the bad guys”, I’m sure it’ll get techno savvy FAST XD I can hear the sarcastic “nooooo y’ think?” you just let out there, don’t think I didn’t hear that! I would like to make a bet that Shingen does a Hell Turn Face while Mariko goes all dark side or some shit like that. Or is too soon to be making bets like that? XD YEP ITS WAY TOO SOON BUB. But I hope this keeps my interest more than Ironman did – but this is Wolvie from Xmen so…more chances of me keeping up with this properly.

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