Summary Key Points:


  • The Natsu versus Cobra fight continues from last week
  • Cobra can hear the thoughts of his opponents and thus Natsu takes him on by fighting without thinking
  • In response, Cobra unleashes his true powers, the powers of a Poison Dragon Slayer
  • Cobra is another Neo Dragon Slayer, having gotten his powers by a Dragon lacrima, much like Laxus
  • Elsewhere, Lucy and Gray meet up with Jura and Hot Eye, only to be attacked by Midnight
  • The newly changed Hot eye takes on Midnight by himself as the others head on forward
  • Natsu is able to defeat Cobra by his roar, the roar of the Dragon Igneel himself!


Opinions: (B+)

After a two week break, we finally rejoin Fairy Tail, with a brand spanking new OP and ED theme to boot. I’ll discuss those in a bit, but first things first. We finally get the conclusion to the battle between Cobra and Natsu, and little much else this week.

I think that really was for the best, as this episode really needed to wrap up this fight. One thing I really enjoy about the Fairy Tail series is that it doesn’t drag out fights. Two or three episodes are usually the limit for a fight. This really helps not make the fights and the story in general drag, something a lot of Shounen shows have a problem with (I’m looking at you Bleach, and you Naruto Shippuden).

The fact that Cobra was actually a Dragon Slayer was a neat little twist, even if it didn’t blow me away. If anything, Cobra was another variation of an exceedingly strong DragonSlayer that Natsu faced. Probably even on par with Laxus, because of his hearing and poison abilities. Of course, unlike Laxus, Cobra’s extra powers gave him quite a weakness, one that the loud mouth, easily angered Natsu took full advantage of without even meaning to. XD

I guess I can say I was expecting a much grander fight. There was definitely potential for the fight to become an epic fight where Natsu faught without thinking, becoming a killing machine while Cobra got clobbered, only to bring up his own poison powers but… I guess Fairy Tail just isn’t that kind of series. Fairy Tail isn’t about epic fights, its all about its characters and seeing them grow, mature and eventually win. In  a way, its a bit more childish than other Shounen series, but its also more story focused. All in all, I think  its fine, this kind of fight.

I have to give the series credit for not doing what I thought it would. I simply thought Natsu wouldn’t think when he fought and be able to take down Cobra that way. Instead, Cobra pulled out a power, and then Natsu ended up killing his ears with his angry roar. I gotta admit, as beastly as it was, I did think Natsu was a badass for roaring like an epic Dragon. I guess sort of like the primal, extreme strength of the guy just appeals to guys like me XD

Beyond the Cobra fight, we get a glimpse of Midnight and his powers. Him actually facing someone seems out of the question, since Hot Eye Richard is taking him on. I find it kind of odd that two characters were intorduced as villains and then simply take each other out? Its kind of like there was no real point to them in the first place. Oh wait… I guess they did take out Blue Pegasus XD

With this, Fairy Tail is back, I’m quite excited to get back into the swing of things each week. Here’s to more weekly Fairy Tail! =D

OP “Fiesta” Opinions (B):

Its no secret that Fairy Tail hasn’t been one for good OP themes, beyond its first one. The new OP theme “Fiesta” continues the tradition of light hearted, up beat OPs that Fairy Tail seems to have adopted as a staple diet. Its not a bad OP theme, the score and music for it being pretty catchy, and it definitely grows on you even if you don’t fall in love with it at first. It isn’t, however, on the level of  OPs of say Bleach, which has had almost totally amazing OP themes for a good deal of a while.

All in all, Fiesta is a decent OP theme, and perhaps, most importantly, it doesn’t do what nearly every other OP of Fairy Tail has done so far… it doesn’t SPOIL THE NEXT ARC! I count that as quite the win! XD

ED “Be-As-One” Opinions (B+):

After a Wendy centered ED theme, we get none other than a Gray centered ED theme. I would personally say that this has been long overdue, given that Gray’s whole arc with Lyon and Deliora was AGES ago!

It is a pretty nice catchy little ED, which really does convey the feeling of “its over… but I kind of wish it wasn’t”, that feeling that every good ED theme has. Again, is not stellar, definitely not as good as DaisyxDaisy or MerryGoRound, but definitely a nice sweet little song to end the episodes each week. If anything, its definitely more memorable than the OP theme which accompanies it. Either way, pretty good, another solid but not overly impressive ED theme for the series!


next episode, Jura finally shows off some 10th Saint-ness. We get to see Brain pummeled to the ground? Hell yeah! Can’t wait for next week!

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