Madoka is having one hell of a nightmare where the world has been destroyed but still a girl keeps fighting against some unknown thingie in the spy that reminds me of the Anti-Spirals from Lagaan. The fluffy rabbit tells her that Madoka can make a difference and avoid this outcome by making a contract with it and become a Puella Magi or Mahou Shoujo.

Madoka wakes up from her weird dream and its a day like any other. She helps her little brother wake their mom up. They get ready for the day and have breakfast and go off (to work for Mama and to school for Madoka~). Madoka meets up with her friends and its time for a new school day! Complete with the introduction of a new transfer student, the cool beauty Akemi Homura-san. BUT WHATS THIS? Madoka saw this same girl in her dream! AND it seems that Homura knows Madoka!

On a trip to the nurse’s office, Homura tells Madoka that if she truly loves and cares for her friends and family, she should remain the way that she is and not try to become something shes not or she’ll lose everything. (oooooh crpytic~~). Madoka and her friend, Sayaka, decide to hit a CD shop after school. While listening to some songs, Madoka hears a voice in her head asking for her help. She follows the voice into an area where renovations are being done and lo~ fluffy rabbit thing falls into her lap, badly wounded and asking for her help.

Madoka looks up to see Homura before her, telling her to drop the rabbit. Madoka refuses, saying that it asked for her help. Sayaka suddenly comes to the rescue, along with a fire extinguisher. As the…err…foam is blown away by Homura, Madoka and Sayaka attempt to make a quick get away. Unfortunately,  the scenery around them suddenly becomes…extremely psychedelic and trippy and they lose sense of where the exit is.

They face giant butterflies and puffballs with an uncanny resemblance to the Pringles man (its the mustache) and wonder what the hell’s going on when chains fall around them and a light starts glowing in the circle. A blonde girl walks up to them and thanks them for saving her friend, Kyube, the rabbit thing. The blonde does a few fancy foot/dance moves and transforms! She makes quick work of the trippy butterflies and shit before turning towards Homura. She tells her to scat, she doesnt want any trouble right?

Homura looks at her for a moment before turning around and going away. Sayaka and Madoka watch as the blonde, Mami, heals Kyube. Upon waking up, Kyube thanks them and asks them to make a contract with him and become Mahou Shoujo/Puella Magi!

Score: B+/A+

I had been expecting something majorly moe, something along the lines of Tokyo Mew Mew but I think I was totally wrong. In a word this show is…different. The weird kinda different. It definitely stands out. The art style is not so usual and though it looks very moe, it has some definite darker over tones and a bit of a life of slice feel to it. I think that’s a interesting combination.

The music in the opening scene! I WANT IT IMMEDIATELY. Who is the music director on this? I’m getting some Kajiura Yuki vibes from the BGM music. It reminds me a lot of Tsubasa’s music and that was damn fine music right there. The OP…visually was nice and pretty but the song seemed very run of the mill and didn’t really catch my ear. But I think I’m gonna be loving the OST for this show A LOT.

The colors! They’re bright yet subtle at the same time – I kinda like that. But then the colors deepen and or darken for the darker more serious parts, which again, is more ‘I liek~’ and then there’s the trippy “whoa did someone just ingest some LCD?’ colors in the fight parts XD The art style is moe-ish but not like K-on’s. Its different and I think it’ll take some getting used too. And speaking of LSD trippy. Those triptastic butterflies and scissors and thorns and all :O I dunno what to say at that. It was just so…weird and artsy and different and WEIRD. But all in a good way…I think. It was very surreal and artsy and the colors were WOW. And those butterflies too!

Its too soon to make any real comments on the story but…I like the slight dark overtones that are hinted. The very first sequence was very gripping and makes you go “Whoa hold the phone, what just happened here?” I think this might be yet another show where we shouldn’t trust the summary too much because it doesn’t wholly cover what the story is all about.

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