Kujo Kazuya just transferred to the elite St. Marguerite in Saubure (how very European~~~) problem is he isn’t exactly fitting in. Unless you WANT people to clear paths for you and call you a Reaper…THEN yer fitting in just fine. But anyways. His teacher suggests that he should read up on some ghost stories and then try to make more friends using that as a conversation starter. Obedient boy that he is, Kujo trudges over to the library (which is MASSIVE. Its got NOTHING on the library from Beauty and the Beast. YES ITS THAT IFFIN BIG) where he catches a golden shine at the very top of the building. He runs up COUNTLESS steps (who needs Stair-Master with all these steps) and comes across a lovely yet mysterious girl who looks more like a doll than anything. But a few cryptic words from her have him running away as fast his feet can carry him.

He learns that the girl is actually his classmate, Victorique. AND he gets saddled with the duty to forward some class print outs to her too. So he goes to meet her again and asks how she knew of his coming. She says that she was told by the fountain of wisdom – which confuses the boy. But then a rather flamboyant hairstyle walks in with a mysterious murder case up his sleeve! A fortune teller got killed in her home (shot through the left eye) and the room was locked from the inside and no murder weapon anywhere! HMMMM~ This is the cue for our kawaii kawaii goth loli to take out her rather cute smoking pipe. Why does this girl have this? = = *pushes away little detail* By aligning the fragments of chaos (or something like that?) our Vi-chan determines that….*Pheonix Wright voice* HANIN WA…ANATA DESU~

Or well it was the maid. Not exactly the butler but close enough XD Inspector-san leaves after taking Vi-chan’s help and also gets the credit (plus a yacht from the grateful grand daughter of the fortune teller) which pisses Kujo off cause he thinks that the Inspector totally ripped Vi-chan off. In a bid to cork the boy up, he invites him and Vi-chan to his newly acquired yacht for the weekend. Come weekend, before they can embark on their little trip – word comes out that the maid who was taken in for the murder…HAS ESCAPED D: The Inspector leaves…but NOT BEFORE leaving some new information. The maid’s motive for the murder? Something regarding “revenge of the box”. Vi-chan inspects the yacht (as the last owner was the fortune tellers) and finds an invitation to an event – Miniature Garden Box Evening and our unlikely pair decide to check it out.

Score: B+/A+

Interesting. Very very interesting. Shoujo elements plus mystery and thriller with a dash of comedy. Yes please do want more~ *holds out her hands* With a nice OP and ED, BGM that caught my attention from the first ep. PLUS, I was a big Sherlock Holme’s fan some years ago so I still hold a good deal of love for a good mystery story.

The characters are interesting. At first glance I thought Kujo was the regular run of the mill “gopher” typa guy but I’m thinking that that’s not exactly it. ESPECIALLY with the way he goes through Vi-chan’s luggage. BEST part of the episode. We all love it when our loli goth’s turn all pink cheeked and pouty in embarrassed distress dont we? Vi-chan is definitely an interesting gal. A child in some manners yet so mature in her other ways. Why packing all those items Vi-chan? XD And Inspector-san….you are…errr…no wait i cant take you seriously AT ALL with that hair style.

Lets do the music first. While I dont think that the OP was THAT particularly catchy but its got the right hook to it. I think its one of those songs and tunes that … the more you listen to it, the more you’ll like it. Same for the ED – its slow and haunting and I know I’ll be listening to it on repeat for the coming days XDI’m already admiring the BGM music. The violins that play as Kujo is running up the stairs to where Vi-chan is sitting and how that tense music suddenly shifts into a gentler and more serene music to match the sudden light which shines. VERY nicely done.

Interesting seiyuu choice for Vi-chan….I hadnt been expected such a heavy/husky voice. Oddly that voice was fine for Mina Tepes from Bund but for Vi-chan…..I dunno *frowns in puzzlement* I hadnt expected such a voice…perhaps something a bit more softer? Ah that also reminds me…did anyone else find Vi-chan’s logic kinda…well totally based on assumptions? I mean, assuming that the arabic speaking maid said what Vi-chan assumed that she’d have said…I saw that and thought “But thats just assumptions….and you Inspector-san are believing it so easily? Without any proof? Sounds totally circumstantial or whatever to me….” Guess it was luck that the maid confessed on her own? : I hope that the other mysteries are better than this one to be honest 😛

Now, I want to know more about Vi-chan, you do too right? LETS ALL DANCE~ but not the Bon dance like Kujo did kay? *dances away*

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