Amazing cast of characters, Light hearted but with great depth, Great MusicVery Short, only 11 episodes

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“Jellyfish? Fujoshi? Cross dressing? I dunno man…sounds way too eclectic a mix of things… And then finally the first episode came out. I found myself being so glad that I gave the show a chance. To me, Kuragehime was the dark horse of Fall 2010. Most underrated show of the season and a diamond in the rough. I really was disappointed to learn that this show was gonna have 11 episodes. It deserves at least 26.


The story revolves around a jellyfish otaku, Tsukimi and her fellow otaku friends who live in the same apartment complex (with a no male policy). They pretty much stick within the complex unless need be but they have a SEVERE phobia against the hipsters or pretty girls out there in Tokyo. But things take a change when one night Tsukimi winds up taking the help of a very beautiful stylish hipster and subsequently inviting her back to the complex. The problem? SHE is actually a HE. And that’s how the ball gets rolling.

I think the best part about this show is that its a true blue josei title and not a shoujo title. So the usual shoujo intricacies arn’t there and you can just sit down, kick back and just enjoy. That’s what I used to do – Kuragehime was my weekly delicious treat. Another great point about this show is the characters. MY GOD. They’re quirky, they’re silly, they’ve got real heart to them and most importantly, they’re just so human. Every.single. character we’re introduced too are the kind you can either fall in love with or really quickly develop one emotion or another about them. And I do mean, every single one. The otaku’s are just…the quirkiest buncha people ever – being into japanese culture and dolls, trains, Records of the Three Kingdoms, jellyfish and old men XD And then there’s Kuranosuke, our crossdresser who is heavily into fashion (yet has no CLUE how you actually make a dress), determined, quick tempered and passionate to a fault. . . . and maybe a little dense but that kinda applies to everyone (and also a bit of an airhead actually).

I promise you, you’ll be hooked on this show the second the OP starts. I mean, how can you NOT love a show whose OP has blatant references to Star Wars, Mary Poppins, Singing in the Rain, James Bond and Close Encounters of the Third Kind? And The ED is pure love. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Sambomaster’s ‘Kimi no Kirei ni Kizuite Okure’ is one of the more heart warming songs that I have heard in a while with lyrics that make me wanna sing the song at the top of my voice (but I dont cause I’m horribly off key). The seiyuu choices were excellent (and im just not just saying that cause I’m a Junichi Suwabe fan!). Kana Hanazawa brings Tsukimi to life with her voice while Mitsuki Saiga puts the real kick in Kuranosuke’s character. Though I think the seiyuu to be given the most credit has to be Akemi Okamura who makes Mayaya (Record of the Three Kingdoms otaku) OH SO REAL.

The character designs stay VERY true to the manga and the animation is pretty good all things considered. But this is one show that I didn’t watch for the art. I watched it for the characters (and the music). I think that another good point about the show is the art though – the character designs are not your usual shoujo style and have a hint of old school feel to it. And dear GOD I WANT THOSE WIGS that Kuranosuke wears *whimpers* they look so pretty…Oh and another good point about the show? The episode ‘half-time’ XD Clara (mascot jellyfish) comes onscreen and says in her cutesy voice “CM desu~” (‘Clara~’) and then “Second half~” (‘Tequila~’) I dunno WHY the other voices say tequila but it had me in stitches the first time I heard it. I was like “yeah THAT is how these half time episode thingies should be!”

To be honest, I’m hard pressed to think about any con’s for this show. At best what I can think is that the animation quality sometimes goes down a tad but then it kicks back up so I barely notice that. With a nice gentle and completely unforced pace, the show is both fun and unique and this quality holds for every episode, all the way to the end. While at times some of the characters can be…a TAD over the top *coughMayayacough* but you still can’t help but love them even more for it. The thing about this show is DO NOT go on first impressions when you read its summary. It sounds weird, the character names make you go “HUH?”, you want to push it away thinking “Fujoshi? AH DONT THINK SO.”. You gotta ignore that and just watch the first episode…by then, most likely, you’ll be hooked.

I would AND DO recommend this show to anyone who asks for a recc and tell them, “Screw what you’ve heard about its story and just watch it. Trust me.” A definite MUST-WATCH show if you like an anime which is light but with an underlying depth and has a great character cast and is visual candy. We give it an A Grade!

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Obsessive fangirl type. Loves a good romance story, likes her yaoi and shoujo with good art and good story. Also very much spazzy.

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  • Xipher

    You spelled the crossdresser’s name wrong, it’s Kuranosuke, but either way i enjoyed this article as much as i enjoyed watching this series, and the ending was rather satisfying though it did leave for much more. Also i stumbled upon this article through animeshinbun and it was after i started this comment that i realized that you also commented on my top 10 anime of 2010 article xD. Either way, Kuragehime is going in my favorite anime of all time and i’ll be keen to wait for that sequel, even though the manga isn’t that long but hey, there are enough awesome anime out there that didn’t even have a manga while airing, Code Geass, FLCL & Samurai Champloo to name a few. I love the your way of writing and will be looking forward to more articles :3.

    • Sweety8587

      augshdikasbdas *trips over her own feet to fix* GOD DAMMIT I KNEW I shoulda double checked his name before I sent the final draft in *headdesks* thanks for pointing that out πŸ˜€

      ikr? it was a satisfying end yet had me clawing at my screen “MORE! I NEED MORE JELLYFISHES!” XD awww im glad you enjoyed reading this πŸ˜€ and aye sir~ *Salutes*

  • korndog

    this is definitely one of my favorites too. It totally deserved 26 episodes
    do you know if there’s any chance of a second season?

    The ending was perfect (and that’s rare), but I want more!
    i wanted to recommend karekano, lovely complex, itazura na kiss
    to anyone who liked this show (most likely you’ve already seen them though ;))
    I’m new to the shoujo style animes but i think i’m now hooked.

    do you [sweety] have any other recommendations that
    you think have the same style as kuragehime??

    • Sweety8587

      ikr? I wonder why it only got 13 πŸ™ Well i aint heard no news so far but lets keep our fingers crossed *all fingers crossed* πŸ™‚

      hahaha yeah ive seen those XD i think that if yer into the shoujo genre, those titles are in the must watch category. Ooooh new to the shoujo genre eh? Well lets see….same style as Kuragehime *taps head* Nana I suppose…Tenshi nanka ja nai is a personal favorite of mine though read its manga, it just has an ova. and aaaaah…Ouran Koukou Host Club, A delicious relationship (manga again), Paradise Kiss, Otome Youkai Zakuro….Clannad, Air, Kanon, Angel Beats, Bungaku Shoujo, 5cm per seconds, Honey and Clover IS A MUST, Kimi ni Todoke is love love LOVE, I wanna marry Kobato, Nodame Cantabile for a bit of music…yeah thats all i can think of from good shoujo titles πŸ™‚ hope they helped πŸ˜€

      • Xipher

        I’m not the biggest shojo fan but i really loved Suzuka, and Ouran Highschool Host Club is hilarious :O. I doubt that there will be a second season unless, as i’ve stated, they do it independently from the manga, as there aren’t enough manga chapters for more episodes D:!

        • Sweety8587

          Ouran was amazing. Finally a shoujo series which didnt take itself seriously and poked so much fun at the whole genre. Complete win <3 le sigh..guess we'll have to wait for the long haul then. or give up hope....shiku shiku *clings to the manga* glad yer still with us ;A;

          • Xipher

            I just finished my review on Kuragehime, it should be up on my site ( in a day or two, i’d appreciate it if you gave it a look-see πŸ™‚

          • Sweety8587

            i’ll be more than happy too πŸ™‚

          • Xipher

            I’m also working on a review for Beelzebub which i could have done already but since it’s raw my editor wants me to wait for the subbed ep to get the “proper” feel xD! We’re also have a couple of new members joining the writing team, one is working on an article on genre distinction i’d love to pick your brain some more as i’m still new to the whole review thing, so if you can add me on aim Itsthestouche or lemme know where i can get in touch with you.

          • Amy

            I’m wondering if you have any anime to recommend if I liked Kuragehime? I liked Ouran, but most shoujo bores me. Hmm.

          • Setsuken

            Since Sweety is out for the weekend, I’ll give you a sorta recommendation until you get back.

            If you like Kuragehime, one series you might want to check out is Lovely Complex. Its got similarly light tones, kind of has a weird element to it (like the whole otaku thing that Kuragehime has going) and is pretty funny!

            You can also give NANA a shot, although it has quite a bit of angst in it XD Its still a very good shojo series.

            Bokura Ga Ita is also pretty good! Although the art takes a bit to get used to! XD

            There’s also the classics like Fruits Basket and even some older looking anime like Itazura no Kiss!

            I think that should be good enough for now aye? I’m sure Sweety can list a lot more when she gets back.

  • Setsuken

    Finally got around to seeing this! =D

    I really agree with everything you said. This is an awesome, under appreciated series that really deserves some real attention. I think the ending was definitely one of the decently better “sudden” endings, but I still really did wish we got more.

    None of the romance stuff was resolved at all! I was rather sad about that. I guess there’s probably a manga to read or something XD

    • Sweety8587

      tooold you so πŸ˜€

      not only the romance but the over all plot even wasnt resolved like i doubt thats the end of that woman trying to get a hold of the land πŸ˜› It cant be THAT easy

  • Amaya

    Damn, I just love this anime so much. Not asking for a sell-out but a second season or at least an OVA is well deserved (though not in the works) THIS MAKES ME SO SAD THIS ANIME WAS JUST SO GREAT