Summary Key Points:


  • Jellal’s destruction circle is stopped by Brian, who was the one who originally taught him the spell
  • Nirvana’s true form is revealed, an old city of the ancients, a movable one at that
  • Erza and Jellal manage to survive as the city uproots out of the ground, and decide to travel forward together
  • Natsu, Lucy and Gray head up, but are seperated when Natsu falls off and is rescued by Happy
  • Charles and Wendy are shocked to find that the moving city is heading towards their own guild, Caitshelter
  • Natsu and Happy make it to the King’s Podium and square off against Brain and Cobra
  • The episode ends as Natsu and Cobra are about to seriously take on one another


Opinions: (B+)

We hit the 60th episode of Fairy Tail with more of a whimper than a bang. That’s hardly a problem though, as this episode sets the stakes for the upcoming confrontations and battles.

First things first, Jelllal survived, even though I could’ve sworn he threw himself INTO the destruction circle. We find him collapsed a good few feet away from it. The flashback taking us back to evil Jellal and how he learned magic from Brain was definitely interesting. It serves as a good reminder that, as nice as Jellal seems right now, he was pretty close evil incarnate a while ago.

The real big reveal though, was that Nirvana was a mobile city of the “ancients“. Now I’m curious about this whole Ancients thing tbh. We’ve briefly touched on them a few times in the series so far. The ancients were obviously a very powerful, more magic based civilization from what I can tell. It makes me wonder if this has anything to do with Groove Adventure Rave, the previous manga series by Fairy Tail’s mangaka. There’s definitely hints to suggest that this is the same universe (Plue being one of them) but at the same time, there are fundamental rules. I’m not sure if the worlds  are related or not, but it would be darn cool if Natsu and Fairy Tail’s story is set in the distant future or distant past of the same universe.

Either way, it seems like these ancients had the powah XD, with Lost magic being extremely powerful, as well as their contraptions and inventions throughout. It’ll be interesting to see how they met their end. The  whole ancients, lost civilization thing kinda reminds me of One Piece, and its whole “Lost decade” thing. But I digress, moving back on point.

With the Ancient powered City of Nirvana, Brain is going to head straight for Caitshelter. I’m kinda unimpressed by how everyone and their dog leaves everything to Fairy Tail, and by a larger extension, Natsu. Jesus guys, why are you all so friggin useless? Lyon just stands there, holding Sherry and lets Fairy Tail go on? Wendy and Charles just chill? And I don’t even need to point out how useless Blue Pegasus has been. I’m surprised the Dark Guilds haven’t gone in and wiped out every one of these Guilds.

That said, I really loved the team work between Natsu and Happy. Happy I think, is a really strong character, despite the fact that he’s a talking cat. I  generally was RATHER annoyed by Plue and the other animalish characters in Groove Adventure Rave, but its no stretch to call Happy a rather important member of Fairy Tail’s strongest team. I’m really excited to see the flying battle between Natsu+Happy and Cobra+his Snake. I really think this works out to be a very different and interesting fight, since its totally in the air.

Also, its worth noting that Happy has considerable stamina, much more so than Charles, as he’s pretty much keeping Natsu in the air even with how Natsu and he are being thrown back and forth. I think Cobra’s a rather strong opponent, but I’m thinking he has the power to read minds or something, because he couldn’t read Jellal’s mind, and he remarked that it was because Jellal had lost his memories?

I guess we’re going to find the true nature of his power in the next episode. All in all, a pretty solid transition episode, and its definitely got me excited for next week’s battle!


The battle is going to transition into night as we get into the heart of the battle between Natsu and Cobra! All of this and more… Next week!

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