The Black Hero went mad killing all the demons to the point that he was bound to the south. But another monster already lived there, the Lonely Devil. The Hero wanted out of his cage and asked if he could eat half of the Devil’s body. The Devil was more than happy to give half of his body to his friend – The All Formula’s Devil was thus split into Solver of All Equations and Weaver of All Formulas. And the Hero went back to destroy the world – again and again and again. But in the end, there was nothing left but darkness and though he wanted to destroy the earth, he realized that he would soon die. The Devil tells him to send the darkness into the renaming half of his body and thus he passes away, a fool to the end.

Ryner is running away from Sion before they come to a stop in a courtyard. Claugh wonders where Sion went off after telling him and Calne to wait in his office and Calne picks up a paper from the table and says that he knows why they were called. Ryner and Sion talk – “are you crying?” “no. its just the rain.” “so what are you gonna do with me now? I knew this day would come one day. Sion…do you want to kill me?” “……i’m sorry Ryner.” “I see…if its you then i dont mind dying. But i can’t let you kill me. There’ll be an idiot who’ll miss me. I’ve made a promise, i’ve decided who will kill me. ” “Ferris?” “yeah.” “i suppose its fine. i was the one who broke the promise first.” “You’re still my best friend.” “me too.”

Sion wants to end things but Ryner says “You can’t win against me” when those undead soldier thingies pop-up around Ryner and attack him. Touching them burns Ryner’s skin and Izuchi doesnt do much harm. He realizes that Sion’s been dabbling in some mad muck and asks what he’s been doing in Roland. Sion coldly replies that he only did what was necessary. Ryner asks how can human experiments be necessary, what was he doing and what burden has he been carrying. Can’t he help him? Sion doesn’t reply, soldier dudes fire more Izuchi but Ryner keeps fighting back saying that he won’t give up.

No matter what happens, or how far he sinks in the darkness, he will save Sion and he won’t be killed by him – Sion won’t kill him friend. Ryner holds out his hand to Sion, even as the latter’s hand tightens on his sword. Ryner declares that he won’t die until he has saved Sion. Another attack on Ryner by the soliders but this time, Sion follows up with a slash. Ryner dodges it before sending Izuchi at Sion, who deflects it. They clash in the middle, leaving a nice sized crater.

Sion conjures up black swords which stab Ryner and he activates his AS. The Black Hero inside Sion calls out to the Devil, saying that thanks to him, he has escaped the sword. Ryner calls out to Sion but to no avail. The Black Hero declares that is time – to consume him and to wander in the hell he’s gonna be sent to. Sion grabs Ryner’s neck but before he can do anything else, a flash of light comes out of Ryner’s chest which sends Sion barreling away. Ryner’s mom comes out saying that its not time yet.

B.Hero tells her that if she is not the Alpha then she will not hinder him but she insists that it is not time yet. That is something that even the Weaver of all Formulas should know. Lucile pops up saying that he hadn’t expected her to manage this much, he underestimated her. She tells Lucile to stop Sion and release Ryner. Lucile says that he wishes to eat but she says that now is not the time. With the state he’s in, the world won’t change. No one will be saved, no one, not even Ferris whom he treasures. Lucile agrees at that point and the she is glad that Lucile seems to have some shred of sanity left.

Lucile mocks her and wishes to see some in him (Ryner). Ryner’s mom disappears, leaving Ryner, Sion and Lucile. Sion would never lose his sanity, different from Ryner. Thus he was chosen by Lucile as he always chooses the right path. Sion WILL betray Ryner and until then, he should play the part allotted to him. Lucile walks up to Ryner and touches his forehead, sending him into a deep sleep. For a moment we see Ryner’s world before Ryner’s voice insists that he wake up. Sion is sleeping on his desk and being scolded by Ryner – why make him work and then nod off before him? Sion looks around sleepily and asks how long did he sleep. Ryner tells him four hours and Sion finds that hard to believe and wonders if it all was a dream…Ryner asks what but as Sion is about to explain he seems to forget it.  All he remembers that it was a really bad dream at which Ryner says that it was a good thing he woke Sion up.

Ryner teases him but with Sion going along with, ruins the fun for Ryner. Sion wants to work some more but turns out Ryner completed all the work on his own. Sion thanks him but Ryner yells at him to get some sleep in a proper bed but Sion insists on working, which to Ryner’s displeasure. As Sion watches Ryner he thinks that this isn’t right and that he has to move forward. In the courtyard, Sion is kneeling beside Ryner, sword inches away from Ryner’s naked throat. He tries to psych himself enough to kill Ryner but he is unable to do it.

He yells that he can’t kill Ryner, ‘he’ wins. The other Sion tells him that no one really won, they are one and the same. Sion stands up saying that they’re really weak but still they walk forward. Sion questions the action of betraying and murdering a friend just for the sake of moving forward. His other self simply says yes. Sion says that he can’t bear that but he can’t kill or save Ryner. Other Sion tells him that he did good still, his choice wasn’t wrong but that just pisses Sion off as he wishes to just disappear. He asks the other Sion to consume him, his mind.

Other Sion tells him to relax and leave the rest to him and he fades away. Sion walks away, looking back at Ryner one last time before bidding him farewell and disappearing as well. Ryner wakes up bandaged and in a cell…again. A familiar figure walks in through the entrance, kicking the guards butt while doing so. Ryner calls out to the guards and is about to bust out when Ferris crashes through the wall. Oye oye = =;;;; She throws herself on Ryner and tarts crying. She was told that he was dead but she never believed it, even when Sion said it…Ryner strokes her head and asks if shes met Sion.

Ferris admits that there’s something wrong with Sion because when he said that he had killed Ryner, he smiled while crying his eyes out. She tells him that Sion’s marched the army into Nelpha which surprises Ryner, as do the facts that Sion’s using black arts and killing the people of Nelpha. And the people are praising him, their Hero King. But they all are wrong. Ryner tells her that everything’ll be alright, she doesnt have to worry. Ryner and Ferris bust out, determined to find a way to save Sion. As they run away, Kiefer shows up just long enough to distract the guards so that Ferris and Ryner can get away.

As they make their get away, Ryner thinks that he’s got a lot to be grateful to when it comes to Sion. He always thought that he couldnt be at anyone’s side and he had given up on living but Sion was the one who saved him. Though it may not have looked that way, but he’s always been grateful to Sion and he wants to return that favor. On the battlefield, pretty much everyone is neck deep in the war even Milk and Gastark has reached near Roland as well. The AS users, under Tiia watch the Gastark forces advance .

Ryner thinks that he’ll make Sion regret leaving him alive and he’ll make Sion say that he was the best friend ever. He is determined to save Sion as he heads out on a new journey with Ferris.

Score: B+/A+

Hrmmmm for a final episode…this sure as hell didn’t feel like a final episode. Was it the open ending which makes me wonder if maybe talk of a season two is going on? Was it the lack of tying up of loose ends? Was it the lack of a proper climax? All of the above? I think its all of the above. Though as far as final episodes go, this wasn’t bad at all. Though I had kinda expected more….but now I’m wanting a season 2 because there’s a lot left to be covered – the whole Gastark vs Roland for one thing. How Ryner and Ferris are gonna save Ferris for two. Kiefer and Gastark for three. Tiia and the other AS users for four. Dealing with Lucile for five. The hell was up with Roland’s dad for six.

Even on the emotional side…something was…lacking…or just not hitting me. Though Ryner’s last words/declaration were both very sweet and a tad…well they made me smile and go “Yep, a fool to the end”. Though I had expected a bit more…grandeur of an ending. I wanted to see the Gastark vs Roland battle really bad. That seemed to be the climax of the series but…without it i feel a tad…gipped. and though history lessons/flashbacks are always cool, and I really dig it when they go back to the Black Hero and Lonesome Devil bits…but damn I WANT MORE DETAILS D: I think im gonna hafta go and find its light novels now and hopefully a summary of them all = =

I wonder if Sion really can be saved…if the Black Hero part of him has consumed Sion and by consume they mean CONSUME and not ‘lets just shove this into the attic and lock him up and throw away the key to a far corner of the room’, then CAN he be saved? I wonder…and dude I’m still a bit confused on the whole Weaver of All Formulas thing. Lucile was that? How? Oo;;; the Black Hero was the one who ate that part of the Devil…or was Lucile the Black Hero and manipulating people around him in order to make the world go kabloom? urgh, some help for a tired brain please.

Question…HOW did Ferris find Ryner anyways? The fact that Keifer was there to aid the bust out makes me think that maybe Ferris met with Kiefer and they thought up the plan together? Oo or am I reading too much into it? But even if we rule the Ferris-Kiefer thing out, HOW DID Ferris find Ryner? And now that I think bout it, havent Claugh and Calne and Eslina noticed a change in Sion too? Miran no doubt is the happiest cricket in the land actually I bet = =

Some last words….I’m…I don’t want to let this series go. It was a supremely interesting ride – so very different from my usual anime diet that I found it so completely and utterly delightful. The characters, the cast, the setting, the story, the emotions…I’m really gonna miss this show. And I’m kinda sad that not a lotta folk I know got into it. They said that the first few eps were a drag but I found them to be the most delightful part of the show. I’m a sucker for good flashbacks ^-^ I’m really gonna miss Ryner…and Sion. *sighs* I’m loathe to bid them adieu. I’ll be over here….hoping and praying for a season 2….

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