Summary Key Points:


  • Lucy wakes up to find that she has lost most of her magical power.
  • In an effort to help Natsu, they both fall down a nearby waterfall
  • When they awake, Virgo has saved them and changed their clothes
  • Shery and Gray appear soon after, with Lyon making an appearance right after, clearly alive
  • Erza contronts Jellal and learns that he has no memory
  • After being told of who he is and what he did, Jellal feels genuine regret
  • Jellal’s purpose in activating the Nirvana was to destroy
  • Erza gasps in horror, as the now noble Jellal activates a destruction magic circle on himself
  • The episodes ends with jellal falling into the destruction circle he put onto Nirvana, and telling Erza that she will now be free of Jellal


Opinions: (A+)

Wow was this a good episode, even though there wasn’t much fighting or action to be had in it. The big reveals and shocks, coupled with some very emotional moments made this one of the most engrossing episodes yet.

The big thing this episode was clearly the confrontation between Erza and the an amnesia ridden Jellal. I gotta say, Jellal when he was a good person, was definitely one of the best. I think its a testament to the skill of the mangaka, and the voice actor, that the Jellal in this episode was definitely one of the most lovable characters. I definitely detested Jellal, and was very happy when Natsu took him out in the Tower of Heaven arc.

At this juncture though? I really felt sorry for Jellal, especially when he cried and felt bad for how Erza was trapped by her hatred of him. I’m not sure if Erza can eventually save Jellal, or if this is really good bye, but I can say that I really do think a “good” Jellal is definitely a very attractive idea. Of course, given that we have Natsu, Laxus and then possibly Jellal, the amount of extremely powerful characters in Fairy Tail would definitely rise. I guess in some ways… because Jellal didn’t remember what he did, I kind of feel like he’s not the REAL Jellal, and just a poor guy who’s having to deal with the Sins of his former self. I was impressed by the fact that he even put a Self Destruct Magic circle on himself.

The confrontation with Erza was hardly the only emotional part of this episode concerning Jellal. We also got to see the story behind Wendy and Jellal. Now… its clearly obvious that the guy that Wendy meets is Mystogan, not Jellal. Yet… in the flashback, Wendy calls him Jellal. That highly confused me. I’m starting to wonder if Mystogan is a clone of Jellal or another “half” of him, much like how Jellal split himself into two halves during the Tower of Heaven Arc.

It could be very possible that Jellal actually removed all the “good” inside of him, and that became Mystogan? There are various theories on this, and I’m sure we’ll eventually get the story behind all of this, even if it isn’t in this arc.

There were some nice Lucy x Natsu moments in this episode as well, which made the shipper in me feel very chipper! XD The part where Lucy and Natsu fell off the waterfall is one of the reasons I really love Lucy as a character. Instead of screaming like a defensless girl and yelling for Natsu to save her, she actually grabbed onto to Natsu, and put herself under him, trying to protect him. That is a testament to the strength of Lucy’s character, and one of the reasons why I think she’s definitely one of the strongest female characters in the Shounen manga/anime genre.

The part with Lucy and Natsu getting matching clothes was funny, and even more so was Virgo totally teasing Lucy when she blushed at Natsu’s thanks for saving him. Of course, what came next was pretty nice as well. We see Lyon alive and well, and that releases Sherry from her rampage. I think I kind of expected Lyon to be alive, even though I kinda mulled over the idea of him dying. If there’s one thing that’s highly unrealistic, and even at times a bit annoying in Shounen manga, its that no one… ever… ever dies. I did think Lyon would be back, but I didn’t think it’d be so soon. Either way, he’s back, alive and well.

With that, I’m curious to see what happens next episode, particularly,I’m curious about what fate Jellal will have in this arc, and whether he’ll be goone for good or just disappear again for a bit. Either way, solid episode.


Nirvana revived? Natsu and co decide to take Brain down! See it all next week! =D

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