Summary Fight Episode Highlights:

Ring Announcer: Gooooooooood evening fight TnC fans. Tonight’s fight episode is gonna be a good one!  IN THE ORANGE CORNER! Weighing in at an unknown pounds, born and raised who knows where but with definite ties to the secret government project ENED, the ghost of Igura, the provider of Line, its Na-nooooooooooo *waits for the cheering to die down* AND IN THE BLACK CORNER, the CHALLENGER! Weighing in at ??? pounds, the current King of Igura, nicknamed the strongest charism of town, feared by all and avoided by all those with two brain cells to rub together, the one, the only, SH-IKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!

Referee:*walks in the middle of the stage* Alright boys, I want you to two to shake hands and I want this to be a clean fight you hear me. So lets get it on! *ding*

The King:  And Shiki comes in with some strong moves, he really knows how to use that sword of his JR.

JR: Smooth moves arn’t everything if you can’t even get on hit on your opponent there King, Nano is easily evading all of Shiki’s attacks – physical AND verbal. Instead he’s trash talking using philosophy to taunt Charisma even more. Premier is not a target to be taken lightly!

King: Whoa look at Nano jump to the top of that lamppost! Spiderman’s dna must have been inserted in him or something. And in Shiki too! The crowd seems to be enjoying the fight a lot even if Gunji and Kiriwar seem intent on joining in. Atleast Arbitro can keep them in line. Oh but whats this? Looks like Nano’s words seem to catch Shiki off guard enough that they…whats this?!

JR: It seems ladies and gentlemen that both men are now talking in the middle of the ring without regards to the fight and they….are they reminiscing of their first encounter?

King: Wasn’t that the time when Shiki’s team met Premier in the middle of a battle field and they all got wiped out by the man?

JR: Thats true King and it was at that time that Nano, rather than killing Shiki, let him live. This really got to Charisma but bad so thats why he kept chasing after him to this point.

King: That is quite the history between these two. Oh looks like Shiki’s back to fighting against Nano but WHATS THIS?!

JR: Shiki’s sword is just slashing at Nano’s after image and not his physical body so its nothing but useless hits on Shiki’s part. The taunting along with this new attack cannot be good for his patience and…OH MY GAWD WHAT DID PREMIER JUST PROPOSE?!

King: He’s allowing Charisma to take his blood in order to gain the power that he wants? THIS IS UNHEARD OF D: What will Charisma do? I dont think that he would do such a thing JR…would he though?

JR: Well thats completely his…oh wait a minute wait a minute…he’s dropped his sword…why would he do such…OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! SHIKI JUST RACED TOWARDS PREMIER AND BIT INTO HIS NECK D8 OH MY GOD!

King: THIS IS INSANE D: There’s NO WAY that he could survive this! Nano’s blood is 100% undiluted Line! This is suicide!

JR: Folks it looks like…it looks like its all over for Igura’s strongest charima as he falls to his knees screaming in pain. Looks like…yes it looks as though his body was unable to handle the intense concentration of Line and he….he has fallen. *takes his cowboy hat off* It looks like…its all over for Shiki….and Nano seems uninterested and he’s…he’s walking away back stage…it seems like this is Premier’s victory…Wait…what….

King: OH MY GOD! Are you seeing what I’m seeing JR?! It looks like Shiki’s okay! :O

JR: I can’t believe my eyes! Its impossible! This is impossible! How can this be? And…And it seems that Shiki is still very much intent to finish his fight with Nano! Lets see what the camera crew shows us as they chase after Shiki.

King: Oh look there’s Akira and Keisuke, and he’s still out like a light that one. Seems that Igura’s turned into a bloody massacre site with all those army solider’s running around killing indiscriminately. Lets hope that they don’t find Akira who is hiding nea- OH NO they noticed him!

JR: But Akira’s putting up a good fight even as Keisuke finally wakes up from his sleep. He even manages to be helpful by taking out a soldier or two using a plank of wood. And the two are running through the building town  and SHIT!

King: Its Shiki! This is…this is incredible! I never expected this to happen! And w…whats this? Shiki seems aware of Akira’s blood and…HE’S TELLING HIM TO COME WITH HIM?! D8 WHAT IS THIS SUDDEN DEVELOPMENT?!

JR: This is…this is unprecedented! And OH MY GOD! Akira tries to fight back but gets kicked down and Shiki – OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! Keisuke just…he just tried to attack Shiki from behind but instead he just got cut through his torso D8 OH MY GOD someone call the medic over there quickly! oh my God!

King: Oh *beep*! Holy *beep*! And look at Shiki he’s just…cool as you please about it! He’s even ignoring the two for Nano who just showed up and it looks like the Premier vs Charisma fight is gonna continue till next week!

JR: It looks like Keisuke is still hanging on just enough to save his farewell to Keisuke but….

King: …this has got to be a hard blow to Akira to have seen his best friend die before his eyes like that…*bows his head* A surprising turn of events this week JR. We had expected the Premier Charisma fight to be interesting however, no one could have expected this turn of events.

JR: Only too true King. Which makes you wonder what will happen next week in the final episode! Will Akira go to get revenge against Shiki for killing his precious friend? Will Charisma manage to kill Premier and overcome his own demons? Lets see how they’ll round this series up! We’ll see you all next week on the same time! GOOD NIGHT FOLKS!

Score: B+/A+

Well that was….not what I was expecting at all. Then again I wasnt expecting anything at all so thats not much of a statement now is it? XD But okay Nano vs Shiki was pretty okay. I didnt like the animation but i liked all the lines and all. WHICH FLIPPING IDIOTS IDEA WAS IT TO HAVE THAT PERSPECTIVE/SHOT FROM WITHIN SHIKI’S MOUTH AND SHOW THE TEETH?! FIRE THEM IMMEDIATELY. Toss em out on the curb. How utterly *blargh* cheesy man!

Excuse me but Nano might be Super! solider and all but, last I checked, he aint Superman to be able to jump atop lamposts with such ease. And Shiki too! Is he Spiderman’s clone? Are the soles of his shoes coated with flubber? Does he have invisible springs underneath his feet? Rocket shoes like Number 1 from KND? Christ….silly things like those really get to me. And his sword too…is it made outta adamantium that it can cut through the lamp post like that? I think ive read TV Tropes way too much *facepalms* you can’t enjoy certain aspects of shows after reading too much TV Tropes

Keisuke kicking the bucket. Whoa I hadnt even hoped for that :O But still thanks! But…for Shiki to have killed him *taps her chin* now thats interesting if they show Shiki and Akira going off together somewhere in the end. Now that’d be realllllly interesting…to be forced to stay with the man who killed your best friend if front of you in cold indifference. *purrs* why that sounds so dark and twisted and lovely~ i wants i wants!

Next week, Nano vs Shiki part duex and maybe with Akira breaking their fight up with his lines from the game I bet. But is Nano gonna make it outta this alive? *ponders* And where’s Rin btw if Kiriwar is with Arbitro O_o and WOW thats SOME eyesight those three have if they can make out Shiki twitching on the ground when they are on top of a building thats like 500 km away or something XD And wow…if you stab someone through the chest with your heart, THEY TURN INTO GUSHING BLOOD FOUNTAINS 8D NEAT~~~~


The flashback scene? DAMN NEAT. Nano, you float like a butterfly and sting like a bee sexay thing you looked amazing. Though BOO BOO on recycled footage within a 30 second frame D: Soldier! Shiki *pounces and takes home* ~<3 Though I wonder as well why Nano let Shiki live at that point…cause he sensed Shiki’s powers and hoped that he would grow strong enough to kill him (Nano) one day? I guess that’ll clear up once the subs come out 😀

Yet again loving this ED – remix of Still? Oh yes please <3 Next week, Grind please? *puppy dog eyes*

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