Summary Key Points:


  • Natsu reaches Erza with Wendy, Happy and Charles
  • Jellal finds Nirvana and activates it
  • Erza is healed by Wendy
  • Natsu realizes that Jellal is at the pillar of light where Nirvana was activated, and heads over to stop him
  • Hearing the name Jellal, Lucy beckons everyone to follow Natsu
  • They realize Erza has gone missing, probably to take on Jellal
  • Hibiki explains that the power of Nirvana is to change Darkness to Light, and vice versa.
  • Nirvana changes those who are good to evil
  • At the loss of Lyon, Sherry succumbs to the darkness and changes thanks to Nirvana
  • Other characters begin to experience similar changes
  • The episode ends with Natsu rushing towards Jellal, with Hibiki, Lucy and the rest in hot persuit.


Opinions: (B+)

While not as good as last episode, the 57th episode of Fairy Tail was definitely intriguing as it set up what could be a very interesting scenario in the future. (And yay! I finally made it back to the current episode, lets hope I can keep this up)

The most interesting reveal this episode, was obviously the power of Nirvana. Considering Nirvana has the power to pretty much turn allies against each other, and make good people succumb to the darkness, its a wonder that each guild only sent 3-4 members instead of like… their entire Guilds. This power is so dangerous, I would definitely have not left it to just a few members. Especially Cait Shelter… I mean, I love Wendy an all, but JUST her and Charles is hardly enough for a mission of this magnitude.

That said, Jellal activates Nirvana, and people are already beginning to change. Sherry already looked like she wanted to murder Gray when Lyon died, but with Nirvana, it was a quick step over the edge into murderville. Speaking of murder, we get to see Midnight get to work, as he quickly takes out one of the Blue Pegasus guys.

Things are definitely coming to a head as Natsu is rushing over to take on Jellal, probably with Erza as a close second. I’m guessing Lucy and the rest will get interrupted by one of the Oracion seis, and the preview seems to hint that as well. Its been a while since Lucy had a fight or battle to take care of, and it will be interesting to see her go.

All in all, good episode, and I can’t wait for the next!


Lucy gets some time to kick some Oracion Seis behind! Check it out next week! (and I’ll hopefully blog it on TIME! XD)

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