Summary Key Points:


  • The Alliance takes on a bunch of lesser dark Guilds and wins
  • Natsu finds Wendy and co
  • Jellal wakes up, easily knocks out Natsu and Brain, and leaves
  • Natsu attempts to get back to Lucy and Erza with the rescued comrades, but is blocked by Racer
  • Gray decides to take on Racer, allowing Natsu to  move on forward to Erza


Opinions: (B)

Wow I had no idea I was 3 weeks behind on blogging this. I guess that means I’ll be blogging episodes 55-57 in one, consecutive triple post explosion XD… This kinda shows how time flies in college when you’re stuck under assignments XD

My excuses aside, this was another sub par episode. Much didn’t happen beyond the fact that Natsu and Gray and everyone else beat up a bunch of thugs as they “attempt” to find Wendy and Happy. Obviously, during this time, Natsu also runs into none other than the old Einsenwald Dude (the guy who tried to kill all the Guildmasters with the Lullaby spell way back in the very early episodes).

This time, however, the fight goes by extremely quickly and Natsu pretty much makes quick work of him. At the end of it all, the Eisenwald is brought back only to illustrate two points. One, that Natsu has changed drastically from their first encounter. And two… That Jellal needs clothes XD

Speaking of Jellal, the guy finally wakes up, taking Natsu and Brain down as he quietly strolls out. There is something odd about the current Jellal, he almost seems like he’s a zombie. Time will tell if he’s actually properly revived or if this is a shell of the former monstrosity.

Natsu is able to get Wendy, Charles and Happy out, and now has to find his way back. Gray is nice enough to take on Racer and let Natsu go about his buisness, and this will lead to a rather interesting fight next episode!

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