Last week we left Ryner unexpectedly coming face to face with a man who looks way too much like his father to be a coincidence. The blonde haired man had pierced Ryner with a wicked looking dagger and had greeted him, “Welcome home Ryner”. A voice from behind chides the man to not do such selfish acts. He suddenly comments that he expected him to come – him being Lucile. Lucile greets the man, Duke Lieral Lieutolu. . . . wow… that’s quite the mouthful. Anyone up for the challenge of saying that name fast 10 times in a go? XD

They talk a bit – things are epicly fucked up, Ryner isn’t quite ready to see the gate yet, that aint up for Lucile to decide, Lieral is a problem but he has a hero’s relic (much like that pendant that Ferris found in the first episode). Lucile says “ha ha can’t touch this!” Lieral goes “O RLY?” and tosses the pendant in the sky. Cue a huge ball of light glowing and Lucile’s hologram goes “bzzzzt” and disappears. Lieral picks up his son and goes “gotta find some curse to kill that guy”

Ferris, Sion, Miran – all take note of the glow (gotta be blind not to notice it though. Its like going to Vegas and not noticing all the bright lights.) and Sion wonders if its Lucile. Lucile’s voice comes that he’s back and Sion asks about Lieral and Lucile tells him that he got away. With hard eyes Sion asks that wasn’t he gonna kill the guy? Very amused, Lucile says that his way of talking sure has changed. Sion tells Lucile to find Lieral and kill him. Miran attempts to kiss ass before he leaves the office. Sion feels sick and coughs up…. yellow vomit? ectoplasm? gold? glitter? HOLY SHIT SION’S BEEN INFECTED BY CULLENITIUS! QUICK QUICK! CALL DR. VAN HELSING! CALL ALUCARD! CALL BUFFY!

Sion chuckles darkly saying that this is what he wished for, to cut the chains and to save the world. He recalls the first time he met Lucile and the older man asked him questions and all. And then Lucile led Sion into a dark room, Sion thinking that he’s come too far along to stop now. No matter who is in front of him, he is gonna get rid of them. He’ll do anything for that. Lucile stops in front of a door and steps back to let Sion walk through.  Sion takes hold of the door handles and pulls as hard as he can as Lucile tells him to offer up everything as a sacrifice to the become his next master. He shall be the hero who will cut through the darkness of the world. And Sion throws open the doors to be bathed in a brilliant light.

In the stained glass chamber, Sion sits on his chair and says, “Shall we save the world?” when another Sion comes to stand in front of him, saying “ I won’t let you. I won’t allow you to do whatever you want.” The two Sion’s face each other off – taunting each other (UR TEH IMITATION! NO U! U! U!) Spiderman Ferris is jumping from building to building looking for Ryner and catches sight of Lieral. She draws her sword, he pulls out his flirt cards. Ferris asks what he did with Ryner but he just smirks and instead asks if she likes Ryner. HP down by 10 points and Lieral laughs which pisses Ferris off. Lieral comments that Ryner’s lucky to find a girl who really loves him and jumps away from Ferris’s attack.

Lieral puts Ryner down and says that wants to see more of Ferris’s srs face. Ferris tells him “you get up in my grill and I will fuck your shit up.” Lieral’s like “ho hum~” and Ferris is like “BITCH!” *SLASH* but gasp! She didn’t anything but like red dust which just weighed her sword down (How very Wabisuke) Ferris turns around to face Lieral as he walks up to her saying “match and set to me~~ oh and btw, I killed Ryner. With a knife to the chest, just so you know.” Ferris tells him to stop the bullshit but he says that he’s not – Ryner is very much dead. Ferris cries as she drags her sword over the ground as she yells that she’ll kill Lieral.

But as she’s managed to raise her sword, Lieral punches in the gut. She gasps and falls down as Lieral says, “You pass. Sorry for bullying you. Would you go that far for Ryner? In that case…” and she backs out. Ryner meanwhile, is inside his mind – same red liquid white columns place and he’s wondering “wtf is this place?” A voice from the skies is talking “I am nothing, I bring forth destruction etc etc etc” Ryner’s expression turns from confusion to surprise to shock as this…huge…logo/symbol/thing spreads across the sky with the voice saying that he has long waited for this day. The thingie is all “ha to think that faker tried to lock me up, well up yours bitch. I’ll just absorb you and this seal is gonna go bye-bye. Cuz I am Alpha and everything is ccording to the contract. So you, solver of equations, get lost!”

Ryner tries to use his AS as a wicked long hand is raised by the Alpha but his AS is a no go. Cue sudden scene change where Luke is telling Milk about some human experiment where the someone had gone berserk and killed everyone in the facility. The taboo breaker had been infused with forbidden magic which gave it above average abilities. Or that’s how the story goes. Milk asks that under Sion’s rule, human experiments were banned right? Milk and her team as staring down at the taboo breaker gone cukoo-cukoo and tells him that tey’re here to take him down but the guy ain’t interested in talking. Killing, hell yeah. And he sends a big bolt of lightning at the group. Milk managed to block the attack and tries to talk to the guy but Luke reminds her that their orders are to kill the taboo breaker.

The guys rush forward and cut the big guy down. Milk watches in disbelief before she turns to Luke and asks if Sion knows the truth or not. Luke tells him that this experiment was by Sion’s order. SAY WUT? Milk questions Sion’s sanity but Luke says that it was necessary to start these experiments again. Milk asks if they all knew about this and that this is what they were hiding from her right? The taboo breaker looks up and GYAH *falls back on her butt in surprise* IT’S A GIRL?! Or…was a…. oh damn that is just sick :S The kid asks if can find peace. Milk recalls when she and Ryner were kids and she asks him if neither of them die before they grow up, would he marry her? Ryner gives no answer and before Milk can finish her next sentence, she is called away.

As she is walking away, she thinks that there isn’t any need for  an answer as she will die soon anyways right? Ryner stops her and tells her that she cries too much and that she can make it through cause she’s strong. Plus, he doesn’t plan on dying either. So she shouldn’t say stuff like she’ll die either. Milk cries as she cradles the taboo breaker’s head in her lap and apologizes that she couldn’t save her. She looks up at the sky and vows to protect the country in which Ryner lives in. Back to Ryner, he is two seconds away to being swatted like a fly but…no blow lands on him. He looks up to see the Alpha being held in place by a spell.

The Alpha’s all ,”Artfare you bitch! Using that shitty spell to seal me?!” and his top explodes. No really, his top EXPLODES and he falls down to the ground. A female’s voice tells him to hurry and the liquid which poured out of the Alpha converges into the form of his mother and stands up before Ryner. Ryner is confused who this person is when she throws herself at Ryner, hugging him as she exclaims how much he’s grown. She says that she’s been waiting for the sake of meeting Ryner. Ryner quietly remains her embrace but then notices that the Alpha has gotten his head back on his shoulders. The lady tells Ryner to get away before the Weaver of All Equations appears. And then, to touch the gate – to protect what’s dear to him. The Alpha stands up and is all “BITCH HOW DAR U!” and comes down to take a bite outta her. She pushes Ryner away, expressing her regret that she couldn’t hold him longer.

The Alpha takes a bite outta her and Ryner begins to run, yelling that he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do. The Alpha’s like “YAH RITE LIEK I’LL TELL U!” and Ryner keeps running until he sees a gate in front of him. He touches it and he’s sucked into a flashback of a hero fighting against demons. The hero stands with his back towards Ryner before he turns slightly and says, “Help…me…” Ryner is confused and stands as the hero walks towards him saying that he wants to devour him. And he raises his blade. Ryner’s reflection is the last thing he sees before he suddenly upright in bed.

GYAAAAAAAAH *jumps a mile in the air* He’s sleeping next to Ferris! She wakes up too and Ryner hesitantly greets her and Ferris is “ . . . kaaaaaa——- (blush)” before she curses Ryner and…well I think she gives him one hell of a bitch slap cause the windows shattered >_>;;; Back in the stained glass room, the two Sion’s are still talking. “You run away, you can’t save Ryner and you cant save Ryner that way.” “NO U sold Ryner out using the excuse that it’s for the greater good!” “Shut up!” “NO U! I haven’t given up on Ryner like you!” “Yada yada yada you runner, you can’t save Ryner like that. I’ve made my choice, I’ll walk on that path.” “Like im gonna let you!” “Then show me how you’ll save Ryner from the darkness! U CAN’T. Else you’d have done it already.” “…still, I will save Ryner” “….can you do it?” “I can. I’ll kill him and save him before he falls into darkness. Its fine if you sleep. I’ll end everything.”

One of the Sion’s fades away as the real one is left in darkness which is suddenly illuminated and he falls to his knees. Sion leaves the room to come across Lucile who wonders who won. Sion looks at him and Lucile asks if he’s decided what to do with Ryner. Sion smiles sadly and Lucile smirks. Back with our crazy couple…well frak *eyes the beg* I’m tempted to make a joke here about really kinky sex but that would be too easy wouldn’t it? And even Ryner’s shirt is torn from the back…nope nope that’d be too easy.  Ryner and Ferris both don’t really remember anything but Ferris feels that she had learnt something important.

Ryner wonders what it could be when he notices an odd symbol on his chest where he had been stabbed. As Ferris leans in to take a look, soldiers come at their door, pounding away at it. In Gastark, Keifer is still stuck in the dungeon. She’s wondering what is the Solver of All Equations (Steven Hawking innit? *get smacked by a harisen*) Riphal walks up to her cell, commenting that she’s looked even into that? She really is superior. Kiefer asks about his awareness that something important is happening in Roland right? And the real meaning of it…Riphal asks if her desperation is all for Ryner’s sake. Kiefer looks away and Riphal continues to speak.

“The hero who fought to save the world, sought a broken power and was sealed away. And to break that seal, he consumed the power of the Satan of Loneliness.” Riphal opens the door to her cell and undoes the chains holding her up and she asks why he did that. Riphal tells her that soon Gastark is gonna move into the central continent and the fight against Roland seems more and more likely now. Before that, she is going to save Ryner. Before Sion betrays Ryner.  Kiefer is taken aback by this statement and asks why would Sion do such a thing. Riphal explains that for the sake of saving the world, the Fallen Black Hero devours the Satan of Loneliness. Before despair worse than death takes  over Ryner, Kiefer has to save him from the Black Fallen Hero. Her expression hardens in determination as she nods and Riphal tells her to come back to his side (with Ryner).  Later, Riphal stands overlooking a vast dry plain and comments that unrequited love such is harsh.

Reese comes up and tells him that the preparations are complete. The time has come to advance upon the central continent and a world where everyone live in peace. Its hammer tiem bitches~

Score: A/A+

LIKE whoa. Need a minute to process this new information that was given to us. *rubs her head* This feels so much like Battlestar Galactica in some ways. JUST when you think “Okay it’s the humans are white and the Cylons are black” is EXACTLY when you’re like “Wait..maybe its the Cylons who’re in the right and the humans who are wrong.” AND THEN you watch the next episode and yer like “….I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO BELIEVE ANYMORE ;A;” This is like that ALL over again. JUST when you think you know who is on the right side, SOMETHING happens to toss that notion into the toilet, push it in with a plunger a few times, and then flush the toilet like 10 times :

Okay so the Sion part makes sense now – he’s supposed to be the Fallen Black Hero. He wanted to save the world and in order to do so, he went and made a deal with the devil. I suppose he did that from the very start when he first went to see Lucile in the start. I would love to know more details about what went on in that room filled with light. Very curious. And that makes me wonder about Lucile as hell. Okay so we already knew that he was a super shady guy but doesn’t this hint that he really had more black than white in his agenda? Side effect of looking into the abyss perhaps? Or maybe Lucile IS the Satan of Loneliness? *helpless shrug* I’m reacing in the dark here….

THAT reminds me. WHAT is up with that room? Is that perhaps Sion taking with the Satan of Loneliness which takes on Sion’s guse just to fuck with his head? Though seriously, WHAT IS that room about? I had always thought that it was inside Sion’s head but to find out that it was a real room :O Duuuuuuuude. And then Lucile asks “I wonder which Sion …..” *trails off* wait….that implies that the other Sion could walk out the room too…which means that maybe all the ‘weird’ orders which go against the Sion we know (and love), were maybe given by that other Sion?! And that makes me wonder that if Sion A walks out and does…whatever, does Sion B (upon coming out of the room) have knowledge of Sion A’s actions? *wonders*

Ryner’s dad huh…quite the mysterious character! A guy who disappeared under suspicious circumstances and now is back. And Sion wants him dead. WHICH Sion though? But I guess the bigger question is WHY he wants Lieral dead. A wrench in his monkey works? He doesn’t want anyone to get in his way when he kills Ryner with his own hands? I…what? *blinks in surprise* Sion was the one who ordered that human experimentation? Oye to the vey. Was it maybe Sion B? God this is all so confusing now. Someone toss me the Cliff Notes for this please XD

I also wonder how Riphal knows what he knows about Roland and Sion in particular. He has a spy on the inside? How does he know what Sion intends to do? Its not a case of “all of this has happened before and all of this will happen again is it?” And Gastark finally has started its final assault on the central continent huh *sighs*

The Alpha! WHAT THE HELL Oolll WHAT is that? Looks like a reject model from Star driver! And WHERE exactly was that whole scene playing out…Ryner’s subconscious? And his mom coming out from the liquid that came outta the Alpha’s crushed head? THAT was leaning towards Nightmare Fuel don’t you think? I’d say that its interesting that Ryner couldn’t recognize his parents then again, he WAS separated from them at a very early age so its no real surprise that he couldn’t recognize them right? WHICH raises the question as to WHAT the HELL happened? His mother was killed perhaps and Lieral was blamed but he pulled a disappearing act after hiding Ryner away in some orphanage? Back stories, NEEDS IT NAO PLS 😀

Ryner seeing a flashback of the original Hero – that was interesting! Makes me wonder what that gate was. AND whats that seal on his chest imply now. And those soldiers who are here for him. Probably under Sion’s orders to bring him back to the castle. Which makes me wonder if Kiefer will be able to make it to Ryner in time. Come to think off….the part where the Hero saying that he wanted to devour ‘him’. We DO see Ryner’s face in the sword but he’s got a tear dropped shape painted on his cheek which I think mighta been Ryner in a time before. WHICH makes me think that Sion is the reincarnation of the Fallen Black Hero.

WUT WUT WUT WUT! HOLD ON! TOO MANY TERMS WE DO NOT KNOW AND HAVE NO IDEA OFF *sways dizzily* Solver of all equations, Arcfare, the Alpha, the Gate (how very FMA!), Weaver of all equations…toss in the Fallen Black Hero and Satan of Loneliness as well cause we don’t have their full stories either! COME ON~ *shifting from foot to foot in eager impatience* Hit us with it animators/writers! Give it to us! Enough foreplay! Yer teasing us so much and while its positively delish, give us the main course please! 😀

Is this gonna be 26 episodes or 24? I’m thinking 24 with the next episode being the climax and maybe 24 being the epilogue thing. Plus, we didn’t really get a preview for the next episode AND its named ‘The Last Day’.

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