A mysterious figure be a lurking around in some village, killing as he goes about – long sword at hand and a mask covering his face. A soldier attacks him, his sword swinging right through the guy but he is left stunned as the guy seemingly turns to dust and his armor, sword etc fall to the ground. A scream from the side has them turning to their companion on the side. One of the soldiers has two masked guys crawling up his body before they kill him.

In Gastark, Riphal is discussing that event with Reese. He comments that “they” have appeared near the Runa-Roland border?  Reese says that some surviving Runa soldiers saw it with their own eyes and Riphal mutters that at last, they resorted to tabooed magic. Hoo hoo, tabooed magic you say? I’ll assume you are talking of Roland. Reese asks Riphal to maybe check with Kiefer about this but he quietly turns away with a slight grimace. Kiefer meanwhile, is being kept chained up, strung up, locked up in a dingy cell somewhere.

In Roland meanwhile, Ryner and Ferris have returned to the castle and stand before Sion’s door. Ryner recalls his last meeting with Sion and also what happened when Liir attacked the small house where the AS kids were living. He reminds himself of his determination to not run away anymore and knocks at the door. But no response. Ferris wonders if maybe he hasn’t come in yet but Ryner retorts that the sun came up ages ago! There is no way that he ISN’T working. It makes sense to Ferris and Ryner pounds on the door, calling out to Sion. He opens the door….UWA! WHATS WITH THOSE MOUNTAINS OF PAPERS DX

Sion is sitting at his table as he replies, “Geez you took a long time to get back.” FORGET THAT *slaps that aside* WHAT is with this INSANE amounts of paper work?! You REALLY wanna be known as the King who died on his table thanks to overwork?!  Ryner tip toes past all the paper work to stand before Sion’s desk and asks whats up with all this paperwork? Sion retorts that that’s so SOMEONE’S absence, he’s had loads of work to do. Ryner takes a step back, a very bad thought occurring to him. Sion smiles and tells him that until all this work has been cleared, NO SLEEP for Ryner. And there’s plenty of work for Ferris as well. Ryner flails (in slow motion) as he tells Sion to stop messing around and Ferris agrees as they attempt a dramatic exit. BUT the door slams shut (and cue sound of key turning in the lock~)

Sion smiles and tells them that the door is locked, the key is specially made so…they’re stuck here with the work. Ryner and Ferris’s expression turn desperate as Sion’s eyes hold an EVIL glint. Ferris reaches for her sword but WHOOPS SHE DON’T HAVE IT. TIS A CHECKMATE! XD Ryner angrily yells at Sion that he’s a tyrant, a dictator, A DEVIL. And Sion’s expression turns dark before he mutters that he’s glad. Ryner is taken aback by the sudden statement and Sion explains that he’s glad that they have returned. He looks up and tells Ryner, “Welcome home, Ryner.” Ryner is silent as he holds Sion’s gaze when Ferris tells Sion to open the door already. For she has a mission to attend to! Three guesses what the trip involves (hint: starts with a d, ends with ango XD)

With a tired, empty expression, Sion watches the two as they banter in front of him and he wonders if Ryner really came back this time. He is pulled out his thoughts when Ryner calls out his name and asks him if he feels ill. He smiles at him and tells him that he’s alright. Outside, Miran has been listening to the conversation…apparently from the start. Regarding Milk, I think she’s dreaming…dreaming that she’s hearing a voice crying in the darkness and she asks aloud if its Ryner. She declares that she’ll find Ryner and she runs into the darkness. As she runs, she comes across a kneeling boy…is that…Sion? She comes to a stop and hesitantly asks, “Are you…Sion Astal-sama?” He stop crying, muttering that he just wants to die, which shocks Milk enough that she slowly comes out of her sleep. She hears Luke telling someone that she should wake up soon enough. As she opens her eyes, she hears Luke say that “He (Miran) is quite worried about Ryner Lute.”

She sleepily sees the blonde guy from her team at her doorway, who cheerfully yells that Milk is awake and drags the other guys in as well. AUGH *slaps duct tape over their mouths* HONESTLY these two lunk heads! The girl just woke up after a spell and you talk THAT DAMN LOUD when standing on her bedside? HAVE YOU NO COMMONSENSE!? Thank you blue haired guy for telling them to keep it down! Luke comes to stand with the others and Milk suddenly recalls Miran and what happened. She sits up in bed with a jerk, wondering why that guy…but Luke quickly reassures her that everything is over. And asks if she’s hungry? The other guys settle into the usual bickering but Milk seems out of it as she watches them.

That night, she sits up again in bed with a sudden gasp. She thinks that everyone is hiding something from her. She sits on the edge of the bed and recalls the words she overheard Luke say. That Miran’s spell should wear off soon and she’ll be awake soon. Then Moe or the other guy saying that he’ll go to Kaiwel then. Milk wonders if he meant Calne Kaiwel…why would his name come up in this conversation? She wonders if her abduction had anything do with Astal but she knows that that’s not something that Luke and the others would tell her even if she asked about it. She wonders who else would know something about it…and she suddenly remembers her father.

House Callaud is a part of nobility so maybe she can get some information from there. As she stands up, she recalls sitting on the dinner table (heavily bandaged) and having her food. She remembers going through some seriously hard and harsh beatings/training. Even as her younger self cried out “It hurts! Stop it!” the master and lady of the house watch from afar before quietly walking away. Milk looks up with a determined gaze before she dresses and runs off, unaware that Luke is watching her from a window above. She runs through the night and finally reaches Duke Callaud’s residence but…its nothing but an abandoned mansion now. Rubble and stone litter the pathway, cracks and holes in the walls.

Milk is shocked to see the destruction and she runs through the abandoned mansion crying out for her father. She falls to her knees in the middle of one of the rooms and cries in despair. Luke’s voice comes out to her, telling her that both the Duke and the Duchess have passed away…to be more precise, they were killed. Milk turns to watch Luke as he walks up to her, tearfully asking him “Why?” Luke quietly watches her as he tells her, “You’re a king person, Captain….In this country, nobles buy children without any relatives to raise them for the battlefield. Sending them instead of their real children to war, as an attempt to achieve an elevated status. And only for that reason.”

Milk begins to cry in earnest and Luke asks that she would still grieve the loss of such parents…Milk quietly says that even with all that, they raised her up to this point. With heavy, sad eyes, Luke repeats that she’s a real gentle person.  Milk asks if Luke kept quiet about this in order to not hurt her. But, she wants him to tell her the truth. She asks him what is going on in this country. Aaaaah….thats a complicated question to ask there Milk….

In Roland’s medical facilities somewhere, Claugh is not exactly amused with the irony of Crimson Finger Claugh now having a pitch black arm. Nao sits near the end of the bed as she asks if he’s really being discharged from the hospital. Claugh holds up his new arm, saying that he wants to get used to this new arm of his and he can’t really train properly in the hospital. Nao reprimands him slightly, telling him to get some more rest first, like the doctor said. Claugh smiles widely and tells her not to worry so much about him – more importantly, he can’t rest in the hospital forever. Quietly, gravely, Nao asks if he’s going to war again…

Claugh replies that that he won’t be returning immediately but he is a soldier. As such, he has to make preparations to fight. Nao’s gaze drops down, clearly depressed over Claugh’s words. She places a hand over Claugh’s new hand – he responds, “Its cold isn’t it?” Nao replies back gently that its warm. They lace their fingers together and Nao continues, “Just like when we met, it’s your arm.” Claugh takes Nao into his arms and after a moment, he starts to lean in for a kiss…but JUST before they CAN, Clane coughs loudly at the door. Calne loudly comments that it was a good decision not to bring Eslina with him.

Nao quickly jumps up, blushing as she excuses herself. Calne steps in as she runs out, cheekily commenting that shes too good for him. Oh cork it you mood ruiner. Claugh asks if there have been any movements after that. Calne reports that the details on the murder of the Duke and Duchess Callaude is still uncertain. The way things are in Roland, any nobles who voice any objections to Sion’s orders, are being purged/taken care off. Claugh contemplatively looks down as he wonders out loud that the Duke was an earnest man, there’s no way he’d act for his own benefit. Claugh and Calne both believe that they’re being killed to keep their mouths shut. They must have learned something that they weren’t supposed too.

Claugh asks if Miran had any involvement in the matter but Calne says that it doesn’t seem that way. Calne is clearly agitated as he wonders who is pulling all the strings here. At the King’s office, tis past noon and Ryner looks two shakes away from death and the mountain of paper work is…STILL a mountain of paper work. Ferris apparently bailed – citing low energy level (midnight dango call!) and she never returned after that. Ryner comments that he’s near death but Sion retorts that one all nighter would hardly kill him. Ryner yells that Sion is definitely trying to kill him right? But Sion merely smiles at him, Ryner’s enthusiasm quickly changing to concern as Sion pinches the bridge of his nose.

Ryner observes Sion for a moment before he asks if Sion always works like this on his own. Sion says that he’s got a lot to do – Roland’s matters and Estabul’s and then there’s Runa, Nelfa, Gastark to worry about. And there’s the matter of finding shelter for the other magic eye holder’s that Ryner met. Ryner is taken aback slightly by this as Sion explains that they have to make it work, for Roland’s future. Sion tells him that given that’s the way it is, he’d appreciate it if Ryner started working. Ryner retorts that if Sion keeps working like this, he MAY wind up dead. Sion asks that when that time comes, would Ryner become king in his place. Ryner opens his eyes to look at Sion in confusion. Sion is looking at Ryner with a seriously hard look. For a moment they look at each other before Ryner turns away saying that he’s a lazy person so it’ll be impossible for him. Sions smiles and replies “But isn’t that a good reason to do it?” Ryner rephrases, “I definitely don’t want to be king. It’s too much of a pain.” With a tired expression, Sion agrees and wonders if he can quiet already. Ryner tells him to quit and take afternoon naps every day. Sion muses that that sounds nice…perhaps one day…before he can finish his sentence, he falls asleep on his seat.

Ryner stands behind Sion and mentally tells Sion that he’s been working himself too hard. But if he goes asleep in front of him like this, there’s no way he can just go to sleep. In a little while, Sion suddenly jerks awake and turns to see Ryner watching him. He asks how long did he fall asleep for. Ryner replies for 2-3 minutes before he walks away saying that he’s too tired to use his head. He’ll nap for three days and then come back. So he shouldn’t search for him. Sion smiles as Ryner leaves, repeating his words, “Come again huh?” He signs a document before he suddenly slams both palms down hard on his table, sending the paper work flying. He looks up, an ugly, pained expression his face as he holds the side of his head.

Sion wonders why Ryner came back. A voice asks him if he’ll kill Ryner but Sion responds that he promised to change the country and the world. The voice (Sion’s own voice, except more hardened) tells him that he will keep his promise and not have Ryner killed. Scowling heavily, Sion mutters that he won’t turn out the way that the voice wants him…Miran suddenly knocks on the door, asking if he’s alright and if he plans on letting Ryner live just like that. Miran admits that he preferred to have Luke kill him but…Sion says that that would be like he himself killing Ryner. Miran tells him that people live by devouring other people. Like the purging of the nobility…was Sion wasn’t it?

Miran comments that to think there were certain things kept a secret even from him, it’s surprising. Sion asks if Miran will kill Ryner and Miran replies that it wouldn’t be favorable for Sion if Ryner lives. For Ryner is the proof of Sion’s kindness, his weakness. With Ryner’s death, the king named Sion Astal would be complete. One capable of assuming leadership of the world. Sion however, quietly replies that he won’t let him (which startles Miran) and that’s an order. Miran offers that he’ll accept whatever punishment after killing Ryner but Sion asks back (in a stronger tone) if Miran is saying that he won’t heed his orders. Miran asks back is Sion is trying to test him? He believes that Sion truly thinks that Ryner needs to be killed.

His eyes hidden in shadow, Sion repeats that Ryner shall be killed. Miran starts to argue back but Sion repeats his words and then tells Miran to shut it. Miran says that he can’t stay quiet because at this rate – Sion yells “Silence, vermin!” which shocks Miran back a few steps. Sion yells that if Miran continues to speak, his failures will be brought to light. The door suddenly opens and Miran is bathed in a brilliant light. He sees Sion sitting behind his desk as he speaks, “you speak about killing Ryner. You don’t understand anything.” He stands up, “Did you think the world was always on top of your little hand-drawn map of yours?”

Miran, with a hint of confusion in his tone, asks, “Your Highness?” Sion throws his hands up in the air and is surrounded by flame and light. Miran is shocked by what he sees and Sion declares that he will show Miran both – light and dark, along with the truth. The truth about the world and the true shape of their enemy. Miran chuckles before he starts to laugh – a loud, evil laugh. Ryner is walking about outside and he thinks that he can’t leave everything up to Sion. With a sigh, he bemusedly thinks that wasn’t he the one who hated words like effort and willpower? But still….he remembers Rafra and says that he’s gotta try his best. Someone calls out to him from behind and he turns around. Its man with shoulder length hair and Ryner’s eyes widen as he remembers him to be the man from his dream (with his mother) and he turns around fully, “You…couldn’t be!” but the man has disappeared.

“Too slow”, a void comes from behind. Ryner quickly turns around only to feel the man slam against him. He slowly steps back…Ryner falls to his knees, a knife embedded in his chest (over the heart) before he falls to the ground. The man presses a gentle finger against Ryner’s cheek before speaking, “Welcome home, Ryner.”

Score: A+/A+

Holy fucking shit WUT?! The who did the what with the huh and the how and who and the HELLS GOING ON D: Who was that guy? Ryner’s father? He’s still alive? HOW? And WHO is he anyways? Nobility – from which house?! HOW IS HE ALIVE? WHAT is he doing here? For what aim? Did Sion contact him?

I STILL uphold that Miran’s got a hidden agenda! I CANT trust that man! We’re nearing the end of this series yet I STILL can’t believe that whatever he’s doing is NOT for his own gain in some way. WHICH, it just so happens, will completely screw Sion over! Short of Miran dying to save Sion, I don’t think I will EVER completely trust that man XD and all that crap talk about Sion being a king who wouldn’t spare anyone and kindness being a weakness. SOMEONE KEEL MIRAN QWUIK! Ryner, I hope you kill this guy when and if you fight him D: He’s not a spy is he?! *eyes Miran and hisses and spits at him* A Gastark spy?!

Speaking of that…what the HELL was up with those creepy doll soldiers?! D: Someone in Roland is playing with dark magics to get the war on the road faster then? ITS MIRAN ISNT IT?! D: *yes yes the needle on my recorder player is stuck on that XD* and that reminds me *smacks duct tape to Miran’s mouth* STOP PUTTING WORDS INTO SION’S MOUTH YOU ASS! D<

THAT reminds me. The purging of the nobles…that was Miran’s doing. So what the hell was that bit that it doesn’t look like Miran was behind it? D: A cover-up that Miran put up which is doing its work? AND DON’T LAUGH LIKE THAT WHEN YOUR KING JUST LOST HIS MARBLES *chases after Miran with a broom* I’ll use your head for a football you evil jerk!  Ah that’s right that right~ The Callauds! I wonder what Milk’s reaction is gonna be like if Luke DOES tell her the truth…and it also makes me wonder if perhaps Luke is gonna try to make Milk turn against Ryner. EVERYONE is out to have Ryner’s heart on plate non *facepalm*

And speaking of Sion, he’s really are the breaking point now isn’t he? D: And now that I think about it…It just…how’d this happen D: I fail to understand it all of a sudden…the slow progression of it all. Its just heart breaking to see Sion this way and at the same time, totally scares the hell outta me cause now im thinking that he is gonna either do something completely stupid like plan his own death and or just fucking CRACK like an egg. Or am I worrying too much? . . ..  NO! *tosses paper up in the air* I am worrying with good cause here D:

Well fuck scratch that last one, Sion DID finally crack. But the fuck D: WHAT was that magic? What did that mean? I’ll show you the truth of the matter and our enemy? It can’t be that somehow Sion started to tap into dark magic in order to just promote his own now twisted aims?! *ruffles hair with a yell of frustration* As we run towards the end, everything is just going to hell in a hand basket aint it? Sion’s become the good guy turned dark side but still will carry on his image of a good guy till the end when he will suddenly return to his senses before his best friend but will then ask his best friend to kill him before he loses it again and best friend will refuse but then another party will try to attack the best friend so the guy turned dark side will jump forward and wind up dying after saving the life of his friend and in this case will be entrusted with the throne *takes a deeeeeep breath* WOW that was long winded wasn’t it? XD

Next week’s episode title “The Beast named Alpha” now makes me think if maybe we’ll be dealing with some demons now Oo I hope not…cause that’d be scary and also, a bit outta left field. To introduce something like that so late into the series just sounds…a bit not so well thought out : SPEAKING of not so well thought out *puts an arm around Riphal’s shoulder* SO~ not so sure about marrying Kiefer now are you? HOW FICKLE of yee Your Highness. But to toss her into jail like that? With her clothes torn like that? Makes me think that you perhaps let some beatings happen there. Tsk tsk tsk, such a fickle King yee bee Riphal.

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