This week’s episode starts with Akira accepting Arbitro’s invitation for a meal. Arbitro is with Kau when Akira is shown into the room (accompanied by two masked men). Arbitro welcomes Akira to his place and Kau seems to notice something about Akira’s tag and comes on over to Akira  but Arbitro tells him not to do anything rude to their precious guest. Arbitro asks Akira to take a seat but Akira just holds up his invitation and asks him if he knows something about Keisuke? Arbitro says that of course he knows – he knows what he’s been busy with lately. Akira repeats his words cautiously. Arbitro mentions that he knows that Keisuke was the one responsible for murdering the participants in the Neutral Zone. Plus, thats not something any ordinary person would be capable of doing – which implies that he is responding well to the Line.

This pisses Akira off as he angrily tells Arbitro to stop twisting his words . Arbitro argues back that that guy had wished to take the Line so he took it didn’t he? Or maybe what Akira wants is the only thing thats important? Arbitro walks up to Akira as he continues speaking. Akira is confused by what the blond is asking and Arbitro simply smiles before turning his face as he asks if Akira wants to save Keisuke…Akira eyes the older man cautiously as Arbitro says that with his help, it could be possible.

Arbitro turns his back towards Akira and says that however, he would like something in return. He asks Akira for a sample of his blood. Akira however is wary about Arbitro’s reasons for this and Arbitro looks away, asking him to sit down. He asks for them to have a more detailed talk in a more comfortable place.  So they move to sit down and Arbitro asks how much Akira knows about Line. Akira tells Arbitro to start from the beginning. Arbitro retorts that the answer to his question is important to the main question. Akira looks away saying that its a dangerous drug which drives people cuckoo.

Arbitro says that the Line unleashes the latent abilities in humans (*snorts* HATE to think what it’ll do to Type B Tsundere’s and Yandere’s XD). Within Toshima, only himself, Il-Re and Premier know of its true character. This catches Akira’s attention and Arbitro pulls out a vial of red blood from his coat pocket. Flashback tiem~ Arbitro tells that before the war, he was working on a government project called Project Nicole. The target being the creation of the strongest soldier. And for this sake, they set up a super secret research facility called ENED. They rounded up the best in their field researchers for the work and in the end, they did meet their goal.

From the blood of a single subject named Premier, they discovered a substance which would greatly improve the capabilities of the human body. The researchers named this unknown substance after the project – Nicole. And THAT, is the raw material for Line. Its one of the best kept secrets in the country which, after certain events, happened to land neatly in Arbitro’s hands…and Akira’s. Akira is surprised that he’s somehow involved as well and Arbitro says that he can’t say anything else until he is 100% certain. But he suspects Akira to be an ENED test subject.  Akira waves the notion off as he’s never heard of ENED before. Arbitro however smiles indulgently and says that people who are highly compatible with Nicole are very rare.

He mentions that ENED collected many orphans but Akira argues that he was living in a normal orphanage. Where there were no links with the government or anything. But then he recalls what Emma told him when she came to visit him in the jail – when she introduced herself and tells him to not think of them as anyone important. Arbitro explains that the children who were unsuitable had their memories erased and were then sent back to their orphanages. It is possible that Keisuke was one of the test subjects as well.

Akira is shocked at the revelation that he and Keisuke were maybe a part of a research project and Arbitro tells him that there isn’t any way that he is mistaken about this either. However, it seems that Akira was different from the others. Akira asks him to explain what he just said. The masked man explains that Akira’s blood neutralizes Nicole (and Line).  Akira asks, “Why did the guys who tasted my blood die?”  Arbitro is surprised to hear this at first but then as he gets what Akira is referring too. He explains that that guy’s body strongly rejected it.

When neutralizing Nicole, certain toxins are produced. And it stands to reason that that guy’s body couldn’t stand it.  Akira is shocked by this information but Arbitro speaks on. He says that with the right ways, the poisons can be stopped. Akira’s blood has something miraculous in it and Akira asks if he could save Keisuke with his blood. Arbitro asks for his assistance…if only for the sake of saving Keisuke. Akira is still shaken over the revelations but he agrees to help.

Elsewhere, Keisuke is walking into the coffee shop and ara ma~ he has more Line with him! :O Two vials to be exact. He looks around for Akira but well, no Akira’s here. Obviously Keisuke is not happy at ALL but he downs BOTH vials of the drug DX He tosses away the empty vials and ominously declares that no matter where Akira runs too, he WILL find him without fail. At the Castle, Akira turns to watch Arbitro enter the room and tells Akira that his guess was right on.

Akira however is more interested in how he can save Keisuke (Oh honey, he ain’t worth saving. Let’s just move on no~?) Arbitro says that that will take some time (he looks down at the paper in his hand) because he needs to find a safe way to use it. Akira angrily asks just how long will it take and Arbitro gives him a vague answer before asking him if he would like to take some rest in a room? Akira walks off saying that it’s alright, he’ll come back later. Arbitro yells at his back that if anything were to happen to him (HEHEHEHE~), it would be troublesome for him. As Akira opens the door to leave, two guards are holding guns up towards him, preventing him from leaving.

Arbitro tells him that he  needs to understand his own worth. Akira angrily asks if that was his plan from the very start and Arbitro gives him a wide, sly smile in return. He admires Akira’s angry look and licks his lips (eeeeee perverted Bitro D: He makes it look so damned creepy!) and tells Akira to go the room. Akira grinds his teeth together as he glares at Arbitro before one of the guards takes him by the arm. Akira angrily tells the guy not to touch him and kicks the other guard in the guts before he punches the other guy out as well. Other guards hurriedly arrive at the scene but are forced to stop when they see that Akira is holding a knife against Arbitro’s throat.

The guards are not pleased and Akira presses the knife harder against Arbitro’s neck. The blond tells his guards to lower their guns and then he asks Akira if he doesn’t want to save his friend? Akira asks, “What happened to your confidence from before? Besides, you already know how to use my blood dont you?”  Arbitro denies it, saying that he really doesn’t know, that will take time to determine. Though Akira isn’t pleased with the answer, he starts walking forward (knife still at Arbitro’s throat). One of the guards starts to make a move but Akira quickly turns towards them and slowly manages to back away from the small group. Just as he is out of reach, he pushes Arbitro towards the guards before he makes a run for it.

Arbitro yells at his guards to get Akira but to not shoot him. The guards run after Akira even as Arbitro yells at them to not kill Akira, no matter what. Keisuke meanwhile is prowling the streets for his precious Akira and he is not aware that he is being watched by Nano. Akira has managed to get away safely but he isn’t exactly in the right part of town. Still, he takes out the crumpled paper from his pocket – the report that Arbitro had with him. He looks up and finds himself in front of a church – with the lights on inside.

Curious, he wanders in to find Motomi praying in the front pew. Motomi is also surprised to find Akira standing there and asks him how long he’s been standing there. As Motomi walks up to him, Akira takes a step back to sit down in an empty pew and replies that he just came in. Motomi tells him to speak up then. Akira replies that he had something serious to take care off which has Motomi choking and commenting that THAT isn’t like Akira at all, sounds more like Rin. Motomi asks if he has managed to find Keisuke yet or not and Akira looks away with a hesitant “yeah…” Motomi leans down slightly and asks if anything happened.

Akira puts a hand into his jacket, brushing the topic off as he pulls out the paper and asks Motomi if he can understand what’s written here. Motomi takes the paper, bemusedly saying that its like he’s getting new intel. But his mood quickly goes from light hearted to serious as he reads whats written on the paper (chemical composition) and asks Akira where he got this from. Akira is quiet and Motomi sits down to read the report. And he gets so engrossed in it that he doesn’t realize that his cigarette has almost burnt down to a stub. Akira calls out to him and Motomi apologizes and tosses away his cigarette. He asks if he wants to save Keisuke, Akira responds that of course he does.

Motomi explains that from what he gets in the report, his blood is too dangerous and it musn’t be used EVER. Akira however tells him that Arbitro said that it was possible to use it safely and Motomi says that it isn’t that simple. Akira gets mad that Motomi is just an information broken so how would he know about stuff like this? Motomi is quiet and says that there isn’t any easy way to say it but he reveals that a long while ago, he used to be one of the researchers on the ENED project. Just a low ranked one though.

But he was colleagues with Arbitro at ENED. Motomi tells him that there isn’t any saving a person who has taken Line. It may be hard to hear but that is the fact of the matter. Akira is agitated, saying that he can’t just do nothing, this isn’t a game. He tells Motomi what Arbitro told him (that his blood + Line => poison created) . Motomi glances back at the report and says thats true. With a hint of desperation, Akira says that if they can do something about that poison, they could save Keisuke.

Motomi brings up the possibility that what if that doesn’t work? What then? What would Akira do if Keisuke dies? Akira is taken aback by this and  turns away saying in a shaky voice that he wants to save Keisuke. As he walks out, Motomi stands up, telling him to stay calm. He’s going back to Arbitro fpr help? At the very least, he should wait until morning before he leaves. Its too dangerous at present. Akira’s expression falls as he asks, “Why….why Keisuke…?”

Angrily he punches the wall as he yells “Why is my blood like this?” Motomi quickly grabs him from behind and stops him and tells him to calm down. Motomi yells that though it may be painful, its the truth. There isn’t anyone who has recovered from taking Line. That drug is of the devil.  Akira yells back if that is why he’s telling him to give up? Motomi asks him if he hasn’t seen how drastically Keisuke has changed? That seems to put out Akira’s ire and Motomi slowly lets go of him.

Akira falls to his knees as he brokenly asks if there really isn’t anything he can do… Motomi tells him that there isn’t any hospital or police in Toshima.  Strangers don’t care here if you die. Thats the kinda town that Toshima is. Akira starts to argue back but Motomi says that for now, he should let him treat his injuries. Elsewhere, Emma and Gwen are on their way to Toshima on a car.Emma asks if its just imagination or is the main force being really noisy? Gwen comments that shes noticed that?

She says that the rumors about the Nikkoren making their move was true. Gwen replies that both the Nikkoren and CFC are nothing now. They used to be symbols for the country but now they’re talking about taking control of the capital. But the true goal of both parties would be to secure Nano in Toshima. Emma says that they need to hurry, they can’t be defeated and Gwen speeds their car up.

In Toshima, Rin is standing on an abandoned highway bridge, watching the full moon (yet again?!) and he thinks that “Back then, the moon was just like this…” Rin recalls being with his team in a warehouse and…huh….he looks a lot like Akira doesn’t he? Kazui/Dark haired guy….uwaaaa *winces* WHATS with that slow  motion running away with a smile? *shivers* kinda gave me gooseflesh with the cheesyness XD But on the night of a full moon, Rin returns to find Kazui dead. And not just him but the rest of his team as well. He turns around to see the outline of a familiar figure standing on the rooftop of a nearby building. Tis Shiki.  Back to the present time, Rin angrily yells out, “Shiki! Where the hell are you?”

Slow footsteps are heard and we see Shiki’s figure approaching from the other side of the highway. Rin quickly pulls out his knives as Shiki approaches. As Shiki comes to a stop before him, Rin looks up saying that today, he won’t let him get away. He’ll make him use his sword. Rin runs forward and attacks Shiki but Shiki calmly blocks his knives with his sheathed sword. Rin quickly makes another slashing attack with his other knife but Shiki smoothly dodges that, leaving Rin to fall to the ground. Shiki taunts him, asking him “How many times are you going to show off your clumsiness?”

Rin tells him to shut up and to draw his sword. With a smile, Rin asks if perhaps Shiki thinks that he isn’t worth that effort? Shiki replies back that he isn’t interested in Rin’s cliched sentimentality. Rin stands up, saying that he’s been like this from the start. He’s never had the slightest interest in his worthless little brother. HA FINALLY they told it. Rin and Shiki are brothers! In a pained tone Rin continues that for him, Shiki was the big brother that he looked up too and wanted to be like him. Rin says that he was an idiot to be looking up to a guy like Shiki. They might have had different mothers but he still believed in Shiki. He wanted to be like Shiki.

PRin angrily says that he can never forgive himself or Shiki (for what happened to his nakama). As Rin rushes forward, Shiki runs forward as well and slams his sheathed sword straight into Rin’s chest (oooooo THATS gotta hurt). Rin eats asphalt and Shiki turns around to see Rin as he stands back up, saying that he’ll kill Shiki for what he did to his friends. No matter what it takes, he WILL avenge his nakama. Shiki tells him that trash should know its place. Plus, he isn’t interested in assisting Rin in his suicide. So he should get out of his sights.

Rin rushes forward yet again. Shiki just smoothly takes  a step back to avoid the attack before hitting Rin in the back with his sword. Rin falls yet again, this time coming to a halt just scant inches away from the broken edge of the highway bridge. Just as he is about to go into another attack, the ground under his feet gives way and the edge of the bridge crumbles. Rin JUST managed to hang on by grabbing some iron bars that are sticking out. Rin looks up at Shiki, who is standing at the edge.

Shiki tells him to stay there and curse his own weakness.  NICE Shiki, VERY nice XD Rin yells at him to wait and tries pull himself up but…the bar he’s holding onto gives out and he falls….Bumping into a lamppost along the way he slides down a bit before he falls down on the ground. As he lies on the ground, he slams his fist into the ground. As he hears a rattle, he turns his head to the side to look at some fallen tags. An Ace, two Jack’s, a 10 of clubs and…a photo that you cant make out.

Back at the church, Motomi is binding Akira’s wounded knuckles and Akira turns his head slightly to look at his reflection in the broken mirror. His reflection morphs into Keisuke’s face and he recalls his words and imagines Keisuke killing someone and his hands and face being splattered with blood. OH GAWD *facepalms and laughs* THAT’S THE GUTS CG XD WATTAY WAY TO CENSOR IT MAN! *laughing while leaning against the wall* Akira is shaken out of his hallucination by Motomi’s voice.

Motomi apologizes for what happened before, he was acting childish as well. Though he was slightly surprised as well. Though its up to Akira to believe Motomi or not. He tells Akira to rest here in the church if he wants and Akira agrees. He is surprised when Motomi thrusts a packet of Solid and a bottle of water in front of his face, telling him to eat up.

Akira opens the Solid and eats it as Motomi lights his cigarette, saying that they’re about to be thrust in the middle of a battlefield soon. Akira stops eating and asks “Toshima will?” Motomi explains that the CFC and Nikkoren armies are moving. A smarter man woulda made plans to escape long ago.  He turns to face Akira, telling him that he doesnt want to see him dying in vain. He should escape on his own.

Akira is taken aback by this information and says that he can’t leave Keisuke behind. Motomi turns away with a quiet “I see……but why did a guy like you come here in the first place?” Akira lets it spill – to clear away the false charges put on him. He tells Motomi the cliff notes version (they arrested him for a murder he didn’t commit and he was told to go defeat Il-Re or spend the rest of his life rotting away in prison). Akira comments that they probably got that idea from the military people in the first place.

Motomi comments “So thats how you landed here”. Akira continues that Keisuke was worried about him so he followed Akira here. Motomi tells him not to make it sound as though it was all his fault because it was Keisuke’s decision to participate in Igura. Akira stands up, angrily saying that he was  the one who drove Keisuke to take the Line though.Akira stands up, agitated as he as half rants that he’s always been relying on his kindness. He’s been taking Keisuke for granted and he never thought about his feelings.

Akira covers his face with his hands saying that he never even wanted to know about them. Brokenly he says that he’s the one who drove Keisuke that far. Motomi gently tells him that its not that easy to understand another person’s feelings. Its hard enough to convey your own thoughts. He puts an arm around Akira’s shoulder and tells him that this time, he has to do it. He tells Akira to not give up.

Akira looks up as Motomi reminds him that Keisuke once said that it was thanks to him that he came to Toshima right? He was betting his life and if that’s the case, that’s all the more reason to make things clear to him. He tells Akira that the most important thing isnt his blood or it can be used to save Keisuke. Rather, its his heart. He tells Akira that if he REALLY wants to save Keisuke, he needs to bring Keisuke here to the church.  He’ll help them escape…and Rin.

Come day break, Akira leaves and Motomi is praying again and he recalls when the four of them had the small party on the roof of the hotel. Their laughter shifts to that of a child. And he remembers when was a researcher and his son calls out to him. He picks up his child and swings him around but then he suddenly err…explodes like a water balloon in his arms (cept its way more bloody). Motomi stands in front of the statue and thinks “Are you testing me again? Give me a break…”

Akira is making his way through the foggy streets of Toshima when he sees Keisuke’s figure walking towards him. Keisuke greets him and asks whats up that long face? He needn’t be afraid of him. Akira tells him that he’s been looking for Keisuke and that he’s been wanting to meet him. *snorts* if it wasn’t for the tone with which Akira said that, it would make for a super romantic line XD

Keisuke and Akira stand facing each other off. And oooooh this ED! Epic amounts of win! I want this in tv size and full size version RIGHT NOW! Its so pretty *sways*

Score: B+/A+

Quite the plot driven episode this one. We had plenty of information pouring in from all sides – Arbitro, Rin & Shiki, Motomi…we got some vital information from all sources on various aspects of the show. We found out that yes, Akira’s blood is different and special. He and Keisuke were part of the n project. Arbitro and Motomi used to be on the Premier project, working on the development of a super solider. Nano is possibly related to this as well.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH Arbitro! D: Your face when you get a close up when talking with Akira! Whole new definition of the term ‘2D’ character *faceplant* That and yer hair just went ultra super WIGGY.  And OY FUCKING VEY, when Akira looks away from Motomi? HIS FACE IS TOTALLY DEFORMED. That eye just ashda;sdabsd;aldas *headdesks*

In terms of the information provided, I was quite satisfied with this episode. We got loads of information and I loved that we got it on different topics. The story is making excellent head way and its like racing full speed down the highway of the overall story XD If you get what I’m saying.

Oh dear God *dramatic head shake* is THAT how you explained Keisuke’s absence?! He went to get more Line so that he could ‘turn’ Akira? I….I need to headdesk for a bit. WHY A-1 WHY ;A; in the game, Keisuke had barely started to come onto Akira when Rin comes around the shop looking for Akira WHICH leads Keisuke to retreat. Why the change in plot? :S

Finally we’re told about whats the beef between Shiki and Rin! I was wondering when we’re gonna be told of the relationship between them and why Rin is so hell bent on chasing after Shiki. And whooooa~ Kazui looks a HELL lot like Akira D: its like, just stick a dark haired wig on Akira O_O  But my my, Shiki really is a shoe in for Brother of the Year award huh? XD His younger brother is hanging on for his life and Shiki tells him to stay there and think about his position? OH NAAAAIIIICEE XD

Next weeks episode,…FINNNNAAAAALLLLLYYYYY. Keisuke vs Akira! And those of us who know what happens next. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE FINALLY FINALLY FINALLLLLLLYYYYYYY~~~~ Cant wait cant wait cant WAIT for next weeks episode 😀

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