Night falls on Toshima and there aren’t a lot of guys out…except one. Keisuke slowly walks down the street, his eyes in shadows before he turns around to glance behind him. Aaaah, this is like, a flashback. But there’s no one behind him, with sad eyes he turns back and resumes his slow walk. He walks through an alley before stumbling and falling into a large pile of beer crates. But then he notices a shadow in the window of the shop and he starts back, falling to the ground.

Shaking slightly and his eyes filled with fear, he slowly looks back up…only to see his own reflection in the broken glass. He rubs his hand over his face before angrily slamming his fist into the road. Tch don’t do that! That frickkin hurts A LOT. Repeatedly crying out “Shit shit shit”, he keeps punching the ground until his knuckles start bleeding. Cradling his hurt fist against his chest, he mutters that the him like this, is being a burden to Akira just like before. He recalls Akira’s harsh words that he hasn’t changed since before and as he recalls them, a single tear falls from his eyes.

Nano stands atop a building, watching Keisuke as he holds his wounded hand. A sparkle of light from inside the shop suddenly catches his attention. Keisuke slowly stands up and walks towards the shop. He kneels down and rummages through the rubble. And he pulls out an unbroken vial of Line. He is shocked to see it and then he thinks that if he drinks this…. His heart pounding away in his ears, he stares at the drug. He recalls Akira’s harsh words yet again and tightly grasps the vial. He sits leaning against the wall of a broken down, dilapidated hotel and stares at the Line. He looks up at the sky and muses softly, “Ne Akira…If I got stronger…” err I totally couldn’t catch the next part. I guess maybe he’s saying if he’d be accepted or something. As the rain starts to fall, Keisuke breaks the vial. Tears stream down his face as he recalls Akira and thinks that he wants to see Akira’s smile.

And he downs the drug. His heart pounds away at a frantic pace as he fights for air. He grabs his throat as he stands up before falling on his back, screaming in agony as the drug rushes through his system. He lies on the ground, rain pelting his body as he mumbles that he wants to see Akira’s different faces. His crying face, his desperate face, his worried/scared face…his dying face. Keisuke stands up, chuckling darkling and slowly walking away. Nano closes his eyes and narrates something to the extent that once things have been set in motion, there’s no going back. Or as Stephen King put it in Insomnia, “done, bun, can’t be undone.”

The next day, at the coffe shop. Akira is waking up a nice sized headache and finds himself on the wooden floor, being stares at by Keisuke. The dark haired man is sitting with his hands clasped before him and asks, “Are you awake, Princess?” Akira blinks at him in stupefied silence and Keisuke continues that it must still hurt right? He should sleep some more (*whimpers* Who’d want to sleep when there’s a crazed loon in the same room? I COULDN’T.) Akira is staring at Keisuke with wide eyes and Keisuke tells him to not look at him like that. Then Keisuke asks, “Do you know why I was searching for you?” or is it… “Do you know why/how I was able to find you.”

Akira narrows his eyes slightly and says that he doesn’t know. Keisuke replies that it’s his smell….Akira’s smell. And he takes in a deep breath. Akira pushes himself up on his elbows and asks, “Keisuke…you didn’t…take the Line did you?” Keisuke ignores the question and instead says that he really likes the smell of Akira’s shampoo and something else. Okay….creeping me out now….*whibble* Akira stares with narrowed eyes at Keisuke as the other man says, “There’s something I’ve been wanting to talk to you about for a while now.” He gets out of his chair and crouches down before Akira, asking, “Would you listen to me then?” Keisuke admits that he killed a lot of people yesterday and Akira asks if he was the one who also killed all the guys at the neutral zone club.

Keisuke easily admits that yes it was him. He murdered all the guys there. They were all so weak and idiotic in the first place. If you’re an idiot then you deserve to die. There’s no meaning in living if you’re weak. It was fun to kill to them all too. Akira looks away from Keisuke, which doesn’t please him. He sits back down and asks him, “What’s with that face?  Did I say something weird?” (Try from start to finish….) Akira however remains quiet, choosing not to answer the man (Smart boy) Keisuke speaks up again, “Oh yeah, remember the guy who stole my tags from me? The blue haired guy?” He tells him that even though Akira saved him, he felt worse about himself even when he was thanking him for saving him. Which is why….

Keisuke pulls out the cross pendant and shows it to Akira. I think maybe he says that that’s why he went and got even with the guy. He laughs at Akira’s shocked expression, saying that’s a good look and tossed the pendant to his face.  Err…just a thought…after Keisuke went loco…did his hair too? Oo;; Keisuke says that’s the first time he’s seen that look on Akira. Keisuke asks that they both were in the same place together right? He could smell Akira’s scent on him. Then something that I can’t get. Then Keisuke gleefully tells Akira that “But still, his blood was really warm. It was a really good feeling.”

Keisuke asks Akira, “Aren’t I amazing? Ne Akira, say something already.” Akira looks up at him and asks why he took the Line. Keisuke is surprised at his question and replies, “What are you asking? You know that don’t you? It’s what you wished for.”  Akira sits up a bit more asking, “I did?” Keisuke tells him not to bullshit himself. Hadn’t he wanted Keisuke to … be stronger (I’m guessing this part). Akira shakes his head hard, saying that that wasn’t what he wanted at all. Akira angrily asks, “Is that why you took the Line?!”

Keisuke stands up, holding his arms out saying that “Everyone takes it for the same reason. In order to be stronger. To have more power. That’s why they take the Line.” Akira tells him that by taking it, his body is really gonna get beaten up. Keisuke is not pleased with Akira’s words or tone or expression. Akira gives him a hard, angry look as he tells him, “You’ll die Keisuke.” (If we shall be so lucky) Keisuke looks at him for a moment before letting out a short sigh and hanging his head. And I think he says that Akira should maybe worry more about himself.

He grabs Akira by the head and pulls him up. He tosses Akira away like a ragdoll before going over to his fallen body and kicking him in the ribs. As Akira curls in, hands coming in to wrap around his stomach, Keisuke stares down at him. He slams his foot on Akira’s face and asks, “What was it that you said to me that time? You get irritated when you see me?” He says that that’s why he won’t depend on anyone else anymore. He’ll do everything on his own. He leans in, asking “Did I say something wrong?” He taunts him to say something already. He crushes down harder on Akira’s face, Akira grimacing at the pain.

Keisuke asks, “Do you hate me, Akira?” Akira looks up at Keisuke. “You’ve always looked at me with those eyes.” Keisuke starts to kick Akira in the ribs, repeatedly this time. He asks if Akira was looking down on him from the start. Akira denies it. Keisuke asks them perhaps he was pitying him?  Akira lets out a pain filled, “No.” as Keisuke kicks him again. Keisuke turns his back on Akira, “Well, It doesn’t matter to me either ways. In any event, the one expression that I really want to see on Akira’s face is…what kind of face you’ll make when you’re dying.” He kicks Akira once more and the light haired man goes under. Keisuke sits back down in his seat, lips stretched in a wide grin as he watches a knocked out Akira.

At the bloodied club, Arbitro’s men have arrived and are preventing some guys from getting into the club. Downstairs, Gunji and Miriwar are inspecting the scene. Gunji asks incredulously if they are supposed to take care of all these guys by themselves? Kiriwar tells him “Obviously. It’s our job after all.” Arbitro is sitting at the bar, Kau at his feet as he grumbles about the state of Igura and Toshima. He yells that they should find the culprit as soon as possible. Gunji isn’t exactly happy at having to do that but Kiriwar says that it should be interesting. “Mitsuko-san is happy too” *weakly* well that’s good to know…One of Arbitro’s men runs up to him, saying that he has a report for him. And he whispers something to Arbitro.

Arbitro quietly listens and clearly something in the news has surprised him. I think he was just told that all the guys didn’t have any Line on them…or that they all were Line users? Arbitro lets out a small hmm before he stands up and proceeds to leave the bar. But as he is leaving, a picture catches his eye. It’s the picture Rin took of Akira, Motomi and Keisuke. With a sly smile, he takes the picture off the wall. In another part of Toshima, Arbitro’s men have found Takeru’s bloodied remains. All the blood doesn’t really emm sit well with Arbitro but Gunji crouches in front of the remains and says that he’s seen this guy before somewhere. Kiriwar comes forward as well saying that he’s the tag thief.

Oh ho ho ho looks like Arbitro’s guys were able to track down that guy who was spying on Akira and Takeru’s fight. He tells them that he saw the two fight and also Takeru’s reaction when he licked Akira’s blood. Arbitro takes that in and turns to watch Kau as he sniffs as the dead body. Arbitro warns him not to do that, the body is dirty. He pulls the picture out of his coat and shows it to the guy and asks, “Was this the man you saw?” The guy gives a positive ID on Akira. And huh…Arbitro’s hair kinda looks okay in this here shot XD At least, it doesn’t look like it’ll fly off any time soon. He smiles slightly as he says to himself, “Project Nichole was it?”

Back at the café, Akira wakes up with a start. He quickly scrambles up to his feet and looks around him and…OH THANK GOD *takes in a relieved breath* No Keisuke around. Akira kneels before the fallen cross pendant but turns around when he hears footsteps. Rin runs in, coming up to Akira as he stands up saying, “So you were here. What happened?! You’re really beaten up! What happened?” Akira grimaces before he falls forward. Rin rushes forward to grab the older man as he asks, “Hey, HEY! What happened Akira? AKIRA!” WHOA O+O Rin’s so strong! He carried Akira somewhere with a bed, tossing his tired body into the mattress.

Akira apologizes to Rin and Rin says that it’s alright. He sits down on a nearby seat and asks what happened. For a moment, Akira is quiet and then reveals that Keisuke has taken the Line. Rin is taken aback by this and Akira continues that what happened at the club, was Keisuke’s doing. Rin looks away and Akira continues speaking. I think the gist of it is that he didn’t know that Keisuke was always feeling that way…he never noticed that. He raises his arm to cover his eyes as Rin quietly tells him, “The one who is wrong isn’t Akira. It’s the Line.” He reassures Akira that it isn’t his fault or Keisuke’s. If he wants to blame anything, he should blame the Line.

Akira argues back, “But that guy…in his heart, he’s felt that way about me since the start.” Rin gently reassures him, telling him something about the Line. And something else about the town and how he doesn’t really get how Keisuke is feeling. He apologizes to Akira, saying that he shouldn’t be saying such stuff at a time like this. Akira is quiet and he stays on the bed as Rin stands up and leaves, telling him to rest and that he’ll be back soon. Before Rin leaves, Akira sits up and calls out his name. Rin turns around and Akira asks him where he’ll be going. Rin gives him a slight smile saying that he’s got some stuff to do.

Rin tells him not to make such a worried face, he’ll be alright. They exchange a short glance before Rin looks down saying that there’s something he just has to do while in Toshima. He says goodbye to Akira before he goes out and runs up the stairs.  Akira rests on the bed, reminiscing about his meeting with Keisuke when there’s a sound from the doorway. Kau crawls into the room, an envelope in his mouth. Akira sits up, watching the younger boy as he approaches him. He remains still as the boy sniffs at his tag and quietly sits back. Akira asks if the envelope is for him? Akira takes the envelope and Kau quietly retreats.

Akira flips the flap open and pulls out an invitation card. It’s basically an invitation to dinner at The Castle by Arbitro. Especially if he wants to know more about Keisuke’s condition. Akira stares at the invitation, wondering if he should accept it or not. Outside, the sun is lowering slowly as Akira slowly walks down the broken down streets. As he hears footsteps, he stops and looks around. Nano is walking down an alley, a black briefcase in his hands.

Akira quickly presses against the wall and he sneaks a look into the alley. He is startled by what he sees and he quickly jumps out but there’s nothing there. Nano walks behind him, Akira’s eyes widen and he quickly turns around. He stares at Nano as the taller man turns and walks up to him. Akira is tense as Nano grabs the hilt of Akira’s knife but doesn’t draw the blade out. He mutters some stuff something about destruction and time and he asks Akira something but he doesn’t understand. Nano places the briefcase in front of Akira and tells him that a man will come to him soon for this (briefcase). And that man wants to capture him. Akira asks just what/who is he? Nano gives some cryptic answer that I totally don’t get and apparently neither does Akira.

Before Nano walks away, he says that they’ll meet soon and then, he would like an answer from Akira. Akira is left standing there…staring down at the damned briefcase. Elsewhere, Emma is watching Toshima city from her apartment balcony with a glass of wine in her hands. Gwen comes up from behind, saying that they managed to make contact with their guy in Toshima. Emma asks if they found it? Gwen replies that Nano is present there (I think….or something about Nano). Gwen says something about capturing Nano but Emma disagrees. She says that they’ll do to Toshima. Gwen starts to disagree but Emma says that there’s no meaning if they were to stay here and do this. Gwen argues back – something about their mission and such. Emma walks away saying that she doesn’t want to hear that from him. Night has fallen and Akira is STILL standing in front of the briefcase (GOOD dog! You stayed there for so long! Here, have a snack *gets shot for the bad joke*)

He turns around when he hears footsteps and he stares at Shiki as he walks up to him. His eyes covered by his bangs, Shiki asks if he’s been waiting here the whole time. Akira doesn’t reply. Shiki asks why is Akira in this place. Akira’s eyes narrow as he stares at Shiki before he pulls out his blade. Shiki doesn’t move a muscle as he asks if that guy left the briefcase there. Akira glances back at the case before back at Shiki. Shiki mutters something before asking Akira if he saw where he went. Akira shakes his head. Shiki asks he knows about that guy. Akira angrily says, “That’s what I want to know! What the hell is that guy?”

Shiki’s cold eyes hold Akira’s as he replies, “That…is…” *blinks* I’m sorry … WUT? I didn’t catch that right…Akira is confused by what he’s heard and Shiki tells him to forget everything that he has seen here. Akira angrily replies that he doesn’t remember agreeing to take orders from him. Shiki pulls out his sword, saying that then he should die right there. The tip of the sword is inches away from a sweating Akira’s throat and he nervously swallows. But then Shiki lowers his blade. Akira is surprised as Shiki sheaths his blade saying that he’s not worth cutting.

He picks up the briefcase and walks away. Akira clicks his tongue angrily before he walks away as well.

Oooh this ED is really nice innit? Has a very nice head bang quality to it! I really can’t wait for the cleaner version and its full sized version.

Score: B+/A+

Show of hands, how many of you were chanting away under your breath “please no screw drivers please no screwdrivers” at the Akira Keisuke part? XD *raises both hands* And then let out a cry of relief when there were no screwdrivers involved? I think I scared my brother a bit when I let out a “Oh thank GOD”

Now see WHY I like this Keisuke more? He SERIOUSLY creeps me out. He does the whole crazed scorned neglected unfulfilled love part SO damn well that you get damn goose bumps. Plus he’s way more assertive too which makes it a plus 10 points. The whole Akira-Keisuke dialogue had my stomach twisting and turning in knots. Major kudos to Keisuke’s seiyuu for his awesome tone. It was just so damned spot on! I was thinking “crap if this guy was in the same room as me, I think I’d lose control of my bladder: OxO

Though other than the Keisuke and Akira thing, the rest of the episode wasn’t that…it wasn’t that amazing really. I didn’t wholly like it that Akira wakes up to find no Keisuke there…I rather liked it in the game where Keisuke STARTS to do something to Akira when he hears footsteps and he then retreats. I liked that. This feels a bit of a cop out to me. I guess they did it to avoid any shounen-ai *eye roll of irritation*

And talk about your majorly slow paced episodes Batman D: I had thought that Akira would perhaps at least get to the Castle by the end of this episode but nope. We’ll get that next week. Then again I hadn’t expected Akira to meet up with Nano or well…to be exact, I hadn’t expected that meeting to be that long. Or his talk with Rin as well. *snorts* THAT reminds me…where exactly did Rin take Akira? First I was like “Oh look there’s a bed….hey wait…this isn’t a falling apart love hotel is it?!?” XD The thought amused me more than it should…

Though, the animation quality kinda…lacked in this episode. A lot of the moves were..jerky. Some of the Rin parts especially and the Shiki bit in the end. It just didn’t flow that well. And when Keisuke was kicking Akira as well. And Akira…honey…it isn’t THAT easy to get knocked out you know? Keisuke, if you had smacked a table on his head, THEN it’d be more believable.  A-1, you didn’t REALLY blow all the budget on the sexy trailer and left nothing for the actual production right?! Every episode of this show is making me say “Okay so maybe A-1 studios, isn’t as good as I thought they were!” *pushes them a couple of more places on her list of good production houses*

Keisuke…crying…*twitching* I won’t say anything that I haven’t already said in the past 7 weeks. On Arbitro, his hair looked much better this week I think. Not as insanely long or weird looking as it was previously and same to Gunji. He looked like normal this week, thank GOD. Though I think that’s cause they didn’t make him WALK too much XD Oh yeah, while in that area. Was Emma’s shirt always THAT low? Oolll I mean, THAT is one low cut blouse. But still, it was kool to see her again.

Hey, how come it’s still a full moon in Toshima? Oo isn’t it like, the fourth night? Or …was it the third night? *confuzzled* SPEAKING of confuzzling stuff. WHAT THE HELL did Shiki say Nano was? IF? THE HELL? I DON’T REMEMBER THAT AT ALL! D8 Is that from the Nano route perhaps? Do I need to get my ass in gear and finish it? XD A kind soul on the lj comm informed me that “Shiki was probably using the Japanese word 畏怖, not a loanword.” My translation aggregator program said its translated as “Fear” or “awe”. The first one would make more sense…so…hmm…okay that makes more sense now…

Next week, Akira meets Arbitro in order to get more information.

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