For those of you who missed last week’s episode, we pick up where we left off with Kanon disappearing on the big night of her massive Christmas concert and everyone running around like chickens with their heads cut off.  Although first we get a nice little flashback to two years prior, where we see Kanon and her band-mates walking around near the arena that she’s currently about to perform at.  All three of the girls are excited about the possibility of performing there someday and they break out into song (which made me want to rip my ears off, but that’s just me.)  We then rejoin our beloved Kanon in present time where she’s getting her makeup done and being doted on by her makeup artist.  He excuses himself from the room to take a phone call and then something strange happens: Kanon from two years ago appears in the mirror.  She starts congratulating Kanon, but then goes on to tell her that if she screws up this concert, everyone will leave her again.  Kanon, your subconscious officially sucks.

As per normal, Kanon “disappears” and begins wandering around the arena in search of someone who can cheer her up and make her believe in herself again.  However, her makeup artist returns to the room to find her missing.  The word spreads and everyone backstage begins searching for her, hoping to keep this new development from the reporters and from the fans that are already lining up outside.  Outside, Elcie is busy panicking about Kanon being gone, but thankfully Keima has his head on straight.  He tells Elcie that they need to find her first, otherwise his conquest will be a bust and they won’t be able to obtain the Loose Soul.  As the duo splits up to look for the idol, Elcie runs into Kanon’s fan club and asks them if they’ve seen Kanon anywhere.  Dumbfounded, they tell her that Kanon is inside the arena, where she should be.  Nice slip up Elcie!  However, she quickly covers her slip and the group ask her if she would like to watch the very first performance of Citron, Kanon’s original band, seeing as it’s rare.  Elcie is tempted for a moment, but then remembers the task at hand and excuses herself.

Meanwhile, Kanon is still wandering around, muttering to herself about failing.  She then says she needs to see Keima because he’ll know what to say to cheer her up.  Way to go Kanon!  You’re well on your way to becoming a stalker! *thumbs up*  We see Keima wandering around on a boardwalk after the sun sets, unsure of what to do now that the concert is about to start and Kanon is still nowhere in sight.  Suddenly, Elcie gets the idea to use her Loose Spirit sensor to try and find Kanon since she’s already logged the spirit into the database.  Keima yells at her for not using that in the first place, which I don’t blame in in the least.  It would have made it so much easier for them.

Not even a minute goes by before the lights on the boardwalk flicker on and Keima spots transparent!Kanon sitting on a bench, sulking.  He approaches her and as soon as she sets her sights on him, she returns to her normal visible self.  After a brief conversation, in which Keima basically tells her everything we already know (she needs someone to validate her so that she doesn’t feel alone, etc.), Kanon literally throws herself at him, saying that he’s the only one who really understands her.  She goes on to say that she’d be more than happy to sing for him and him alone, and just as she’s about to move in for a kiss, Keima pushes her away and tells her no.  He reasons with her, saying that she has tons of fans and she shouldn’t need one person to stay by her side to cheer her up when she’s feeling blue.

Then we hear chanting coming from the arena and Kanon realizes that it’s her fans calling for her.  Keima goes on to say that he can’t keep her all to himself and that she deserves to share her talents with the rest of the world.  Personally, I think it’s a bit cheesy, but if it works, go for it!  Finally, oh hallelujah, she finally gets it!  Kanon realizes that as long as she has her fans and friends, she’ll never be alone.  After thanking Keima for being there for her, she kisses him, releasing the Loose Soul which Elcie quickly collects.  Kanon then runs off to her concert and we get a lovely five-minute montage of her singing her songs.  I’ll admit, for not liking Kanon that much, the first ballad she sings was actually pretty good.  Keima ends up leaving the concert early with Elcie in tow and Elcie asks him if he’s changed his mind about idols yet.  After saying no, he then goes on to say that Kanon isn’t an idol anymore; she’s a full-blown superstar.  Or something like that. XD

Opinions: Hallelujah, we’re done with the Kanon arc!  As much as this was a cute episode and Keima’s really starting to show more emotions towards girls and the real world in general, I’m so happy that we don’t have to deal with Kanon’s whining and clingy attitude anymore.  Unfortunately, while I did enjoy this episode, it didn’t seem to grab me as much as the others, thus the slightly lower score.  Elcie was adorable as always and although I wish she’d have a role where she’s more at the forefront of things, I know she won’t be. *le sigh*  I’ll survive, so long as I get to see her every week. :3c  On to the next conquest!

Score: B+/A+

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