Summary Key Points:


  • Wendy and Happy get captured by Oracion Seis
  • Jura comes in and saves everyone from Oracion Seis
  • Erza collapses due to the pain from the poison
  • The Alliance decides to look for Wendy, as she can save Erza
  • It is revealed that Wendy is the Sky Dragon Slayer, and that she also lost her Dragon 7 years ago
  • Back at their hideout, Oracion Seis want Wendy to heal none other than Jellal


Opinions: (C)

This was a pretty slow episode, and pretty much a filler/bridge to what’s going to happen. I wasn’t all that impressed with the episode until the near end.

The big reveal this week is that Jellal is still alive, and Wendy can definitely heal him. It seems they’re focusing on the event from Wendy’s past where Mystogan (I’ve guessed its him thanks to the ED) probably saved her life. What will be interesting to find out is whether Wendy knows it was Jellal or Mystogan who saved her, and if she can and will revive Jellal.

It doesn’t even need to be said how dangerous it would be for Fairy Tail if Jellal came back. Not only would he head back into reviving Zeref, but he’d probably have a bone to pick with Natsu too. I wonder if Natsu can even beat Jellal at this point. Last time Natsu was doused up on The Lacrima crystals, which gave him a significant power up. If Jellal came back full force, I wonder if anyone could stand against him.

Beyond that, Erza collapsed, cutting off one of the alliance’s strongest mages  right there and then. Natsu and the rest are running around, being surrounded by enemies… Filler enemies until the main battles begin.

I do think this was a slow episode, but the finish was interesting enough to have some great moments in the next few episodes


Seems like we’ll probably see some hesitation and crying from Wendy next week, as the story continues to progress. Natsu also goes Super Say… I mean fires up XD

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