We pick up where we left off last week, with Kanon throwing a tantrum about Keima not paying attention to her and magically disappearing.  Well, kind of.  She didn’t really disappear.  She’s just temporarily transparent.  Apparently anything goes in this universe so okay, I’ll roll with it.  Anywho, Kanon is muttering something about still being invisible and she transfixes her vacant ghost-stare on Keima who quickly denies the fact that he wasn’t paying attention.  Not believing him, Kanon pulls out her taser once again and lunges at Keima, but misses and hits the tree behind him.  As the tree snaps in half (how strong is that taser anyway?!) he tells her that he was so relaxed by her singing that he felt like he was in heaven.  She seems to believe him for now and returns to normal before shuffling off while telling him to be there the next day.  Elcie scolds Keima for not paying attention to Kanon, but he says that to uncover the reason for a woman’s trauma or sorrow is worth putting your own life on the line.  In this case, he’s literally putting his life on the line.

After taking a breather and thanking whatever God there is that he’s still alive, Keima charges Elcie with the task of gathering information on Kanon in the hopes that he may uncover some reason as to why she needs to have constant reassurance.  Eagerly taking on the challenge, Elcie begins educating Keima in the ways of Kanon by making him watch a TV show that’s featuring the idol.  While nothing exciting happens on the show, we get a sneak peek at her new single.  While performing, Kanon spots a boy in the audience playing on his cell phone and she falters in her performance, forgetting the lyrics for a split second before trying to carry on like nothing ever happened.  Keima, however, notices and tells Elcie to go out to the TV station and see if she can gather more information.

Once arriving at the TV station, Elcie is quickly kicked out but soon finds Kanon’s fans standing outside of the building.  They stop her from running after the van carrying Kanon, but she quickly starts talking to them about the idol.  Meanwhile, Keima is in the bath playing his PFP (this time he put it in a zip-lock baggie) and he starts exclaiming that a real idol is nothing like Kanon.  Hearing some shouting from the living room, he gets dressed and goes to investigate.  He finds his mother scolding Elcie for being out so late, the two make up but before Keima can sneak away, his mother turns her fury to her only son and yells at him for not keeping a better eye on his sister.  Once the lecturing is over, Elcie reveals some information she learned from Kanon’s fans that may become critical in completing the conquest.  Apparently Kanon was originally part of a female group that was put together to try and launch the lead singer to fame, but Kanon became more popular and the group split up.

The next day, Keima shows up on the roof ready to begin his conquest, but Kanon doesn’t show!  He gets an e-mail from her and he goes to meet her at the site of the TV show she’s shooting in for the day.  She seems down and Keima cheers her up by telling her that he listened to her songs and he really liked them.  This is where things start getting hilarious.  She asks him if she can continue e-mailing him and of course Keima agrees.  It seems like every minute of everyday she’s e-mailing him, and he meets her to comfort her whether a director yelled at her or she can’t fix her hair.  Poor Keima is soon exhausted and is carried around by Elcie because he’s just too damn tired to walk on his own anymore.

During all of these shenanigans, we get a peek at Kanon’s inner thoughts a little.  Judging by her flashbacks of sorts, she was practically invisible to a lot of her peers and even her teachers.  Maybe that’s why she feels like she always needs someone to reassure her?  Either way, Kanon asks Keima to meet her for coffee to chat, but she runs off just as quickly as she appears.  Keima finds out that she’s due to have a concert on Christmas Eve and he goes to the arena that it’ll be held only to find Kanon there.  They chat for a bit, but Keima ultimately pulls out his PFP.  She scolds him for always playing it, but then realizes that he’s actually listening to her album in preparation for her concert.  Needless to say, Kanon is please and says that she doesn’t feel like she’s invisible anymore.  This is good! …Right?

The day of the concert, Keima shows up at the arena only to see people scrambling around trying to find Keima.  Elcie is worried, but Keima simply says that the ending of the quest is upon them.

Opinions: Another great episode, but I have to get something off my chest.  I don’t like Kanon.  At all.  There!  I said it!  *is bricked*  Any girl who constantly needs reassurance despite having a bazillion fans throwing themselves at her feet gets on my nerves.  She’s cute, but damn girl!  Get a life!  My feelings about Kanon aside, this is definitely becoming the interesting conquest for Keima and I’m desperate to see how it turns out.  Is it next Wednesday yet?

Score: A+/A+

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