Summary Key Points:


  • During the battle, Index finds out that the cipher Orsola used was incorrect in deciphering the Book
  • Touma takes on and defeats Agnese and the Roman Catholic Nuns with the help of the Amakusa and Styl but collapses from the wounds he received in the battle
  • Touma awakes in the Hospital, where Kanzaki apologizes from having gotten him involved in this. Touma responds that he isn’t allied with any Church, and will even help Agnese if she needs it sometime
  • Kanzaki also tells him that the Amakusa and Orsola have both been amalgamated into the Anglican Church
  • Styl talks with Katherine and learns that she sent Styl into all this to have a shackle over Kanzaki Kaori, i.e using the Amakusa as hostages that they would protect against the Roman Catholic Church.


Opinions: (B+)

I really think this was an awesome finish to a less than stellar  arc. It does make me wonder why this all couldn’t have happened two episodes ago, but ehh… Still, it was worth the wait I guess XD

Touma finally defeats Agnese and her band of crazy Warrior Nuns (THANK GOD!). He also goes to uppercut Agnese and then punch her in the face before taking her down. Gotta love Touma, when he sees a bad guy infront of him, even if said guy is a gal, he will take them down, no mercy XD Although to his credit, she did bang him up pretty badly with her sound weapon, or whatever the hell it was.

Touma’s plan for this battle was interesting, but I do think it was a bit underwhelming compared to his plans and solutions from Season 1. I did enjoy the fact that the Nuns got screwed over because they couldn’t hear the commands of their leader. That;s what you get for stabbing the inside of your ears with a PEN!

Speaking of leader, Agnese was painted as a very dislikable character in this arc. Even with her small little flashback I really couldn’t feel sorry for someone who had deceived her original allies and enjoyed torturing Orsola. I wasn’t surprised when Touma said he would help Agnese if she ever needed help but, honestly, she’s one character I hope doesn’t show up again anytime soon. I’ve had enough of warrior nuns for a while XD

The bit near the end with Kanzaki was pretty interesting. I wonder if she was just embarrassed at having dragged Touma into this, or if she really is into him a bit as well? I dunno, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was, namely because Touma altered her very beliefs and way of looking at the world TWICE in Season 1, and he continues to do amazing things that pretty much bail her or her friends out of fire. The part with Tsukimidomo coming in and teasing Kanzaki was pretty funny, and I definitely think the Tuskimidomo and Kanzaki brother-sister pairing has a good dynamic in it.

Finally, I echoed Styl’s sentiments when he called Katherine a sly fox (or a bitch as Ayako fansubs translated). I definitely see that she is a pretty clever and sleezy head, perfect for running a huge organization like the Anglican Church. All in all, Decent arc, great finish, NEXT PLEASE!


Fans of Railgun rejoice! It seems the next episode/arc is going to center around Misaka, Koroko and the gang! SO CANNOT WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK! :O

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