This week, we take a break from our usual game of Keima going after girl-with-spirit to deal with a new and slightly more pressing matter: Keima has a girl chasing after him.  The episode starts off with a crowd chanting the name Kanon, who is a cute young girl with pink hair.  The chanting last for all of two seconds before we see the opening credits and pop in on Keima, Elcie and their mom having dinner while watching the results of an idol competition show (sound familiar?)  Elcie is delighted to hear that Kanon Nakagawa has won the show and is Japan’s newest idol!  While Elcie celebrates, Keima comments that TV idols are a part of the previous generation and video game idols are the new way to go.  Elcie refuses to believe him and an argument between the two over whether TV idols or video game idols are better ensues, only to be stopped by Keima’s mom.  You have to admit, whenever that woman’s hair is let down, she’s really quite intimidating.

Anywho, we join the duo at school the next day where a ton of people are super excited about something.  Confused, Elcie asks her classmates what’s going on and it’s revealed that not only does Kanon go to their school but she’s in their class!  Talk about excitement!  However, Keima has disappeared to the rooftop where he’s playing his PFP like any other day.  But this day is about to get a whole lot weirder.  Kanon strolls up and starts talking to herself about how she’s not the same person she was before and she’s a real-life idol now.  Noticing Keima sitting there, she greets him and he stares at her before asking “Who are you?”  Talk about being cold Keima!  Upset about this, Kanon pulls out a cat-shaped taser (yes, it really is cat-shaped) and tases Keima and his poor PFP.  She repeats this before exclaiming that because he doesn’t recognize her, she’s not really an idol.

But then Elcie comes to the rescue!  She dashes up to Kanon asking for an autograph – which she takes Keima’s PFP for something to write on – and Kanon eagerly obliges.  Devastated that his PFP has been written on, Keima tries to scrub the autograph off of the screen so that he can save his progress.  And he gets tased again.  I really don’t think he’s going to be able to win in this situation.  As Kanon stalks off, declaring that she’ll get her revenge on him, Elcie’s barrette goes off, alerting them to another Loose Soul.  Of course.  Kanon is the next target. *headdesk*

We then get a nice little montage of Kanon doing gigs; everything from performances to commercials and guest roles on TV shows.  She’s a busy, busy girl and yet she still manages to find time to plot against Keima.  One day at school, Keima finds a cd sitting in his desk with a note on it: Kanon wants him to meet her up on the roof after classes are over.  He wanders up there only to find that she’s set up a huge stage with speakers, lights, the whole shebang.  She then proceeds to give him a private showing of her talents, which Elcie is watching in awe from behind a tree.  But Keima being…well, Keima, he doesn’t pay her any attention and Kanon is devastate and runs off, but not before demanding that he show up the next day.

Elcie asks him why he isn’t being nicer to Kanon and he reminds her that in dating sims the boy usually chases after the girl, not the other way around.  So instead of being nice to her, he’s ignoring her until he gets his chance to chase after her.  It’s odd logic, but I can see how it works.  The next day, Keima is given yet another private concert by Kanon and like the day before, he pays her no attention.  Kanon is so devastated that she disappears.  Literally!

Opinions: Another excellent episode and a nice twist of the typical boy-chases-girl.  Kanon is adorable and Elcie’s mindless fangirling over her is pretty much spot-on for normal fangirls, so good job animation team! *thumbs up*  I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how Keima is going to conquer Kanon with her being so headstrong, not to mention the fact that she completely disappeared! D:

Score: A+/A+

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