Scenes opens to a school chem lab where the scientist girl from last week  is working. But when she leaves the room for a brief moment, a mysterious figure walks in and picks up the bottle of mandrake. The drama club meanwhile is doing warm up exercises/stretches outdoors (fanservice…as declared by the President herself). They’re working on the setting of the lights and sound and all, we’re introduced to another pretty boy – Tsubasa Aoki. Honorary member, back stage work cause he’s not keen on acting.

Midway through, the ground starts shaking like something fierce and Tsubasa, who had been perched on a ladder falls on his back. Luckily, he makes it out without a scratch. Though he does leave the infirmary and the school nurse in the hurry and guess which of the two are disappointed? *blinks at the photo album* oh DAMN I want a copy of it oh YES I DOES. Mid-way through admiring the photo album, the Headmaster comes to her with an omiai picture. But she wordlessly refuses the offer/chance.

A tad dejectedly, nurse-san makes her way through the school and happens to see Mrs. Watanabe kissing another guy through glass. Keito, the class president and crazy scientist comes across the nurse in the hallway and more or less tells her to act more like a teacher and a better club advisor. Yowtch, this one doesn’t pull punches. But she tells Okamoto, nurse-san, that someone’s been pilfering the chemicals from the club room without permission. They agree that something needs to be done to fix the situation. By that I mean Keito says they need to do it and Okamoto smiles nervously as she agrees.

At the underground facility, the GC is …doing something with another star driver. I think they’re checking if this girl is compatible with a certain Cybody. Ah yes, that dimension warping Cybody from las week – the GC’s trump card for defeated Tauburn. Thanks to Star Driver Professor Green for making it all possible yak yak yak but the old guy asks why she chose to be the school nurse when they came as researchers in the college section. She only smiles mysteriously.

The next day, our Professor Green has shown up as a transfer student. And seriously, WHAT is up with all the glass kissing? Is this some…fad thingie in the show? Cause its…well it’s a tad weird. But if it’s a fad thing then I can chalk it up as one and chuck it over my shoulder. Hina-chan, the new transfer student, is super popular cause she’s pretty and girly and all but the drama club isn’t too impressed. Saying that her smell is a tad off. Now the drama club is watching from a corridor that’s overlook the grounds and the Pres points out that Hina is checking out Takuto and Shindo. And Hina then winks at them which TOTALLY freaks them all out. Cause its just…way too forward XD

And then she’s blowing kisses at all the guys. But she notices a guy just passing her by and allo allo, tis Tsubasa-kun. And he’s TOTALLY unaffected by the kiss that was blown in his direction, much to Hina’s surprise. Even the Headmaster is surprised at the girl’s popularity and then another earthquake hits the island. In the short while that occurred, Hina has disappeared! The Headmaster muses that he’s seen the girl before somewhere and Wako apparently has her suspicions.

At the science club room, Okamoto gets a minor panic attack when Keito comes in from behind, stating that its odd to see the club advisor here so late. Nurse-san explains that she was worried that perhaps some bottles may have fallen during the earthquake so she came to check. Keito smiles and says that it was sensei who was stealing the mandrake love potion then? For a teacher to be going after students…Keito does the GC greeting and Nurse-san does it as well. Keito explains that the mandrake potion has a captivating scent which enthralls the opposite sex, works only on teenagers but its fatal for teenagers to actually drink it. On its own the potion is worthless but combining it with Yoddock’s Driver, Nurse-san can use the potion. So for what purpose will the potion be used?

Takuto gets a note from Hina that she’s err like a taste of him which has Takuto smirked in amusement. The Pres, Wako, Takuto and Shindo meet at the little beach house/café where the Pres shows a picture of Hina from the school yearbook…just that its 10 years old. And that it’s the school nurse. Aha. I see. Takuto says that that’s not possible but Wako points out that there is a Star Driver with a first phase that lets them turn back their age. Basically it involves a strong distortion of space-time and most likely the earthquakes are caused by her abusing the power. Shindo explains that ever since the North Seal was broken, the North Island’s volcano has been acting up. Worst case scenario, it might erupt.

And all things would just go from bad to worse in that case. But its possible that the nurse doesn’t know that shes connected to the earthquakes, which is even worse. She’s been going around sending those letters to all the guys and even that letter’s got a a pretty pungent smell. Most likely reason to call them out? TO DO THEM! Takuto bravely accepts the mission to check it out. *dryly* WHAT a brave man XD He meets up with her at night, saying that shes sent that letter to a lot of guys. Shes like “just the ones I like” and leans in for a kiss when another earthquakes strikes. Takuto states that if the north volcano goes boom, stuff could get a lot worse.

But Hina blows it off, telling him not to think of such scary stuff and leans in for another kiss. Takuto straight out asks her if she’s causing the earthquakes? She asks so what? Its not like its against school rules. She reveals that whoever defeats him gets to lead GC so he should be reader for harder fights. She regrets that she couldn’t get a taste of him and then disappears. Nurse-san gets into her Cycasket and gets ready to kick some ass and enters Zero Time. Ooooh the design of her Cybody is really different. Takuto appears with his Tauburn, ready to kick ass and take names.

Tauburn takes out his swords, ready to test out the new weapon of the Science Guild. She uses the arms of her Cybody to shield the blow from Tauburn’s swords before entering into Precog(nition) mode and is able to correctly see Tauburn’s moves before he does them. And using it, she manages to land a few blows on Takuto. Wako warns him not to do anything rash as she’ll just predict his next moves. *falls flat on her face* well THAT just threw up of my pace XD FANSERVICE mode? Otanoshimi mode? OY VEY *shaking with laughter* and completely distracted me as to what Takuto was doing damn it *slaps her face*

Takuto uses his Galactic Cross Slash and it lands true cause SOMEONE was totally distracted in the fanservice mode. Even Takuto is seriously surprised as to what the hell just happened there. Nurse-san comes out, her own age this time thank GOD and angrily hands her Star Driver badge over to Keito. Who carelessly asks if maybe he hit her when she was checking him out.  . . . it’s a critical hit to the ego XD The next day, Nurse-san is regretfully thinking that “well that’s that” when Tsubasa-kun comes in and says that he’d like her advice on something. That when he’s around her, his chest feels tight. She happily directs him towards the nearest empty bed and proceeds to him give a thorough check out.

Score: B/A+

Ugh I dunno bout the rest of you, but watching Star Driver is turning out a bit like a chore and I get all “urgh I gotta review this now? Aaaaaaaaaugh I don’t feel up to it! It’s the same thing almost every week now :< I’ll it off till after I watch ______.” So I’m not gonna be reviewing this show any further. Unless it picks up again then I may or may not start reviewing it again. But till then, this be the last review.

Okay that was….different…love crazy teacher who gets her hands on a “youth potion” and attempts to go whack crazy with it. It was interestingly played out that’s for sure but it fell back into the previous pattern of “first half of episode is the set up for the second half where Tauburn comes in and kicks butt” *deadpan tone* yay. And god damn it, all these double names are making my head fucking hurt! *rubs her head* Professor Green and Hina and Keito and Igu-WHATEVER *tosses up a bunch of papers in the air totally peeved* All my memory slots are currently too damn busy trying to remember the names form Legendary and I did NOT need another series with crazy names XD

Someone inform Wako, her inner fantasy theater just got SUPREMELY upstaged by Nurse-san’s “Fanservice Mode” I mean like HOLY SHIT XD THAT was some classy stuff….i mean, classy animation ^^;; It was the equivalent of the Panty and Stocking transformation! You watch it and you are glued to the screen, utterly FORGETTING the subtitles and then go “eh wut? Someone say something?” To me, that fanservice mode was the saving grace in this ep…COMPLETELY threw me off my pace when it started. Kinda like when you slip on a banana peel while walking actually 😛

Tsubasa….*snorts* man you are quite the interesting character XD Random question, is there some rule in the “Rule book of Evil” that chicks have to wear tight, revealing clothing? . . . just…I was wondering on that point cause, the girls from GC well…just look at what they wear. Especially this Professor Green. Mild mannered nurse by day, bdsm vixen by night. . . actually that has a sexy ring to it don’t you think? XD

Next week, Wako and Takuto go shopping but yet another villain comes to attack Wako. And whats this whats this? Shindo also will play a part? Interesting interesting.

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