Summary Key Points:


  • Fairy Law has decided to ally themselves with the guilds Lamia Scale, Blue Pegassis  and Cait Shelter in order to combat the Dark Guild Oracion Seis
  • Natsu, Lucy, Gray and Erza are sent from Fairy Tail to meet up with the other participants from the allied guilds
  • From Blue Pegasis, they meet Hibiki of the Hundred Nights, Eve of the Holy Night, Ren of the Silent Night and the annoying and creepy Ichiya
  • From Lamia scale, Lyon, Shelly, who Gray and the others know well, as well as the ace of Lamia Scale, Rockiron Jura join the team
  • Finally, Wendy arrives from Cait Shelter, surprising everyone because she is nothing but a small girl.


Opinions: (A)

And thus the new arc begins! The premise this time is definitely very interesting! Its similar in the sense that Fairy Tail is taking on a Dark Guild, but they’ve formed an alliance with all the other big official guilds for this task! There’s just so many interesting things that are in this episode!

To start off, the introduction of all the alliance members was definitely what this episode was dedicated to. We got to see the rather odd “Host” like Trimens and their general, the rather creepy Ichiya. I found it absolutely hilarious that Ichiya’s seiyuu is actually Show Hayami, most people will know him as the seiyuu for Bleach’s Aizen Souske. Having Aizen’s devilishly cool voice on the creepy, short Ichiya just added so much win to an otherwise really odd and weird character XD

Beyond the Blue Pegasus guys, we saw the members from Lamia Scale, and boy was that an interesting surprise! (if you hadn’t already seen it in the OP… ) Lyon and Shelly both showed up from Lamia Scale, which was definitely very pleasing to see. Lyon was definitely a very interesting character, and seeing him back in action kind of makes up for the lack of Juvia in what I feel should be the team going in to fight Oracion Seis. They were also accompanied by Jura, one of the 10 Magical Saints, so I do indeed see a very strong team going up against Oracion Seis.

I really do wonder just how strong Oracion Seis is. I mean, we got a glimpse of them in this episode, and tbh, their character deisgns did not impress me. I dunno, there is this thing with Fairy Tail, but some of the villains really feel stupid and uninspired at times, like Kage from the second arc, or Wally from the Jellal arc. These new guys are pretty “meh” too.

The final part, was seeing what seems to be a very major character in the Fairy Tail story, Wendy. Wendy seems to be playing a very major role in the events to come, and if you see her in the ED Credits, she’s seen with a child Mystogan (I highly doubt that’s Jellal tbh…). Either way, we didn’t see the female counterpart to Happy, that we see in the OP, but I’m sure we’ll get to that soon enough.

I do find it interesting how Lucy really felt like she didn’t belong in the team. At this point, I do agree that Lucy isn’t as strong as Natsu or Erza, but I think the story would just lose its interest without her. I really am glad they didn’t remove her from this arc. I do miss Juvia, as I really felt like she became part of the team, but I guess it really does make sense that the characters are mixed up a bit.

That said, this episode wasn’t perfect (hence the A instead of A+). The part at the start was too long for comfort, but I wouldn’t call it totally useless. We do know that the Magical Council is being remade, and that’s a vital part of info. The really useless part of the episode though, had to be the introduction and monkeying around of the Trimens and Ichiya from Blue Pegasus. I really can’t take the people from Blue Pegasus seriously, they’re a serious bunch of weirdos XD

All in all, a decent starting episode, I can’t wait to see this arc unfold!


Seems like Next episode will mark the introduction of the Oracion Seis Guild, and it seems like Erza is going to start taking shots at them! Next Week should be good! =D

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