Ryner changes his clothes and quietly leaves his room, leaving behind his previous ‘uniform’ in the room. The next morning, Ferris waits for Ryner in front of the Wynitt dango shop but no Ryner shows up. She slashes his door to splinters, angrily asking just how long he intends on sleeping but finds nothing but an empty room.

At the Palace, Luke is informed that Milk hasn’t come back to her room from last night. Her team panics while Luke wonders if maybe something happened after she met Ryner. He says that out loud, perhaps shes with Ryner Lute, which leaves the others slightly shocked. A pissed off Ferris meanwhile, barges into Sion’s office and angrily searching the place while Sion placates Eslina that he knows Ferris so she shouldn’t worry. Sion asks what’s wrong and Ferris tells him that Ryner’s gone. Sion is surprised and Ferris tells him that they planned to avoid going to Estabul as Sion’s escort by going away that morning. Sion asks  if maybe Ryner wanted to avoid the dango trip as well? But Ferris’s quiet look has Sion’s amusement dropping and he seriously asks if something changed about him perhaps?

Ferris replies that he did meet her older brother the day before when she went to the mansion. Sions asks why Ryner went there and Ferris replies that she doesn’t know. And that Lucile wouldn’t tell her either. Sion angrily slams him hands down on the table and asks Lucile what happened between him and Ryner. But he receives no response and Sion muses again that Ryner just left. Ferris also seems hit hard that Ryner would break his promise to her.

Calne enters the office and admires Ferris for being a real beauty (asking Sion to introduce them but Eslina pinches his arm hard) and informs him that Claugh sent a report from Estabul. THE FUUUUUUU-?! An AS bearer has appeared in Estabul and is causing great amounts of damage?! Claugh has gathered troops from Roland and Esatbul to deal with the problem and Ferris wonders if maybe that’s Ryner. Sion reassures her that it can’t be Ryner as he left just this morning. Clane comments that even Claugh would have a hard time against an AS holder. Sion immediately decides that he’ll be going to Estabul to deal with the matter, plus that the AS hlder needs to be captured and not killed. As its an opportunity to learn more about the AS. He asks Ferris to search for Ryner .

In Estabul, Claugh is going through a forest with some troops and asks his second in command if it really is an AS holder they’re dealing with. The guy says that beyond a doubt the guy’s been coming and terrorizing the people of the small towns. Black hair, black clothes and black eyes with a red pattern. And his guy consumes people as well. The guy looks at Claugh before taunting him that this guy who seduced their princess and defeated their troops, lets see what he’s capable of. Y’ know bub, its NEVER wise to piss off a guy who can kill you six ways to Sunday…just some friendly advice. Claugh ignores the man and murmurs the description to himself as he recalls a time from the past when he was younger.

He recalls being in the middle of a burning forest and when he looks up, he sees the back of a man holding up a soldier before ‘devouring’ the man. The solider just…turns into golden and black light that the man takes in. He turns around slowly and looks at Claugh, slowly muttering that doesn’t he look tasty. Keifer meanwhile … HEY THAT SYGIL *points at the book* That’s Ryner AS and the new guy’s symbol’s! So there ARE different types of AS then huh? Interesting interesting~ So Kiefer is in Gastark’s empire capital, Glennslade which is nothing but a small village. She further wonders that monster’s who consume people, beings which bring destruction in their wake…they are descendants of the heroes…there’s plenty of legends and myths collected in this place. It’s a really odd nation but thanks to that she found what she was looking for. She looks at the book before her and reads it – in the world there are people with magical eyes which grants them special abilities. Depending on their abilities, these people have different distinctive symbols in their eyes. The ability to look into people’s dreams, Ebura Crypt. To cosume people’s lives, Iino Dwoe. The ability to analyze and understand everything about magic, Alpha Stigma. Then there’s Torch Curse and Will Heim. So far, there are five different confirmed types that exist.

At birth, the AS holders are not different from any other child. Those people can supposedly see the truth of the world at a glance. By simply reading the structures in the atmosphere, they can instantaneously comprehend any magical power. And there were cases when something has triggered them to go berserk. They then want to destroy the truth and erase every and any structures. And once they go berserk, there’s no turning back. However….Ryner did come back. She wonders how that could be? She wonders that Ryner is an AS…right? As she is flipping through the book, her thoughts suddenly come to a stop as she reads “A goddess? A broken, black hero and a lonesome demon.” And that is when Riphal comments from the side that she’s REALLY into her studies.

Keifer turns to the side to find the Gastark King sitting beside her and smirking at her. He asks if she’s up for a short break, perhaps some tea? She asks what he’s doing here and he retorts that it is his country so what’s so damn weird about it? He’s right…I find it weirder that there’s a kitchen so close to so many books XD Still, Riphal says that he’s glad that she came. She is surprised when he says her full name but he blows it off saying that its natural to want to know the name of the woman he fell for. Pfffft, play boy king. XD Kiefer is less than amused as she asks if he has looked her up. Riphal answers that just her name.  Kiefer asks whats the point in JUST finding out someone’s name? Riphal comments for seducing. Kiefer is surprised at this response.

Riphal continues to make the tea as he admits that his subordinates wanted to look up her past but he stopped them from doing so. As he pours the tea, he says that when courting a woman, it wouldn’t be interesting if it wasn’t honest. Kiefer asks him why he thinks that she came to his place, she could be a spy for all he knows. He says that he has a keen eye for women…was that a pun? XD Plus, they both are fools who hate wars so he thought that they might connect. Ah they sound like an old married couple already~ <3 Riphal brings the tea over saying that his country also has things that she wants to know about so its okay if she wants to just them at first, both him and his country.

Kiefer keeps recalling the time that she spent with Ryner as Riphal speaks. Riphal puts the tray down saying that in that time, he’ll make sure to turn her around. Kiefer cracks a small smile before she turns to him saying that that’s some confidence that he’s got. But before that, she’ll have him server him lots and lots of tea. Riphal smiles as he replies, “With pleasure.” Meanwhile in Estabul, Berto Village. Claugh and his troops come across the village where its clear that a massacre has happened. Bloodied bodies litter the streets and they catch sight of the culprit dragging a woman by her hair.

They watch the man as he turns around and look right up at them. Claugh recognizes the man from that time in the past and he grins, muttering that finally they get to meet. The man holds the woman up before eh consumes her, leaving the soldiers shocked and horrified at the sight. Claugh yells at his troops to stay calm and to prepare their grand magic. The man watches with a bit of a mad smile on his face as the soldiers prep up. Claugh yells at them to kill the guy but the huge blast of magic doesn’t even hit the guy. He blocks the attack with ease before he jumps up behind the troops. GEH. He rips the head off one of the troops with his bare hands as he comments that humans really are fragile. The soldiers are left stunned speechless as the man calmly walks away saying that he’s done with his meal so, he’ll be on his way.

Claugh is pushed out of his shock and commands the soldiers to continue their attack and as three of them come from behind to attack the guy. The man suddenly appears behind the man before he crushes his head with his hand, as he says that he’s looking for someone and he’s appreciate it if they wouldn’t interfere. Claugh attacks the man but he nimbly leaps away from the attack. He comments that he sure is fast for a human before laughing shortly, saying that he likes lively meat. He pauses momentarily as the dust clears up and he gets a good look at Claugh. A sly smile comes to his face as he comments that he’s grown to look so delicious. Claugh angrily asks if he remembers that too then? Well and good! His hand glows with a blue light as he yells that he’ll make him regret not killing him back then.

The soldiers stand back, watching in shock and awe as Claugh launches attack after attack at the man but never manages to land even one blow. They think that there’s a chance that Claugh could win against the AS holder. The black haired man comments that he’s good for a human. At the same time, the Estabul soldiers start a magic chant from behind as Claugh comes in from the front. The man grins saying that its them who are finished. His eyes light up with his AS sigil and he blocks their attack and he reveals that he consumers power and then releases it. Claughs attack lands on the ground as the man jumps away to the top of a tree. HOLY SHIT! D: HE JUST TOOK OFF CLAUGHS ARM! HE HE HE *gob smacked*

The soldiers are shocked that Claugh got defeated and watch the man as he grins from his perch. Claugh watches, two shakes away from going into shock, as the man devours his arm and says that he’s glad that he didn’t lay a hand on him back then. Such amazing power…with it, he can kill everyone present leaving nothing behind. The man jumps down and makes quick work of all the soldiers. One of the soldiers tries to dissuade Claugh from fighting but he refuses saying that he can’t leave the field like this. He gives the order that he’ll keep the monster here. Get the troops  to withdraw in that time and he tells the man to follow the order to else, he’ll kill him too. Claugh gives him a pained smile and tells him to give his regards to Sion and Noa. But then the Estabul captain grabs Claugh up like a sack o potatoes muttering that who’d want to tell the princess anything about him?

*chuckles* nice save there. Claugh tells the man to let him down but he tells Claugh in turn to look at the scene behind him. The soldiers are fighting valiantly to protect Claugh and let him retreat. Claugh grumbles that they all are idiots and the Estabul captain retorts that all Roland’s people are idiots too. To the point that they can’t but help them out. The captain commands them to prepare grand fire magic. The Estabul knights prepare the attack and Claugh points that the soliders will hit themselves with this attack but the captain points out that that guy can absorb magic and that should buy them some time. The soldiers retreat as the magic hits the AS holder.  He takes in the attack as Claugh watches, letting out a pained curse before passing out. Back in Roland, Milk’s team is searching for her throughout the town. Luke reflecting that Ryner left that morning, after Milk met him. He thinks that maybe he was wrong in showing Ryner that. . . . maybe…. Maybe? MAYBE?! HOLD ME BACK BEFORE I TURN THIS GUY INTO DRAGON FODDER! WHY I OUGHTA! LET ME AT HIM! LET ME AT EM! *snarling and yelling in rage*

Luke stops and asks whoever who is following him to come out already. Three guys come out and Luke asks what they want from him. They admit to having Milk in their holding and they want Luke to come with him. And if he refuses, Milk won’t live to see another day. Luke admits that the thought that Ryner would take Milk with him DID strike him as odd. He asks that their target was him all along wasn’t it? The man yells for Luke to come with them quietly when something starts glowing underneath him. He looks down to see a magic circle below him and while he is distracted, the other two guys suddenly get beaten down. He looks up to see Luke patting his hands clean as he reveals them to be magic traps and should the man move his feet, he’ll go boom. And he wouldn’t want to kill his fellow countrymen.

The man is shocked that how could Luke tell … Luke reveals that it was clear really that they got their military training in Roland. And their superior, the one who kidnapped Milk and wants something from him is most likely Miran. Miran steps out from the shadows, commending the man’s through research. Luke punches the last guy in the gut, letting him pass out as he faces Miran. Miran comments that it’s the first time they’ve met and that he is kinda impressed to meet the man who stands undefeated in twenty battles, all of which were impossible situations.  Luke is impressed with his information, particularly because he never gave his real name in most of those battles. Luke asks where is Milk and Miran smirks, saying that before that, he has a favor to ask.

To follow Sion’s decree and kill Ryner Lute. Luke is surprised to hear this and after a moment says that he’ll have to refuse as that has nothing to do with him. Luke reaches for his sword as Miran grins and brings forth his shadow demons. Luke is surprised and Miran clearly thinks that its his win when suddenly, his demons get deflected before they can attack. Miran is shocked and Luke gives him a smirk. Miran holds his hand up again but golden threads are holding his hand in place. More of them come to grab Miran from his feet and throat and Luke calmly tells him not to move, unless he wants to loss some limbs.

On the other side of the border, Ryner is lazily eating some dango before he pauses and stares at the dango stick in his hand and quietly remembers his promise to carry the dango. He despondently thinks that Ferris must be really angry right about now.

Score: A-/A+

Whoa, holy wealth of information Batman! This show is starting to live up to its name of Legendary. I had been hoping from the start that this show would be damned interesting and it makes me happy as a cricket that its becoming as good as I had hoped.

So Ryner has left behind Ferris and Sion, feeling betrayed and alone. Its horrible that Ryner got the short end of the stick like this. And Luke, you you you..I REALLY want to sucker punch you! I mean, what the HELL were you thinking by doing that half assed stunt?! And it makes me wonder, what the HELL was Sion thinking by sending the Taboo Breaker Squad after Ryner in the first place? A watch dog to keep an eye on Ryner? If that’s the case, that just means to show that Sion never really trusted Ryner in the first damn place. Which makes me wonder then why would Sion go to all the trouble to go through Ryner’s report and try to fulfill that dream. Some misplaced sense of ‘I owe this man something’? WHY reach out to the man? Did he just want to make sure of Ryner? That would make more sense to me…

Clearly Ferris is hit hard that Ryner would break his word to her. Now I’m warming up to the idea of Ferris and Ryner though then I’ll hope that their baka-combi act would stop. Ferris’s teasing is very on the border line for me more often than not, not really falling on the funny side to me. And speaking of couples~ love is in the air for Kiefer as well. And no surprise that Riphal didn’t look into Kiefer’s past, I wasn’t all that surprised to hear that. Though you can call him just a bit of an idiot to not look into it but hey, he chooses to trust the girl.

I loved it that Kiefer was thinking about Ryner when Riphal was talking to her. It felt kinda like…a girl who was in love with a guy and its been some years and when she comes across a new love, she realizes that shes no longer in love with the first guy. That kinda revelation if you get where I’m coming from. That she’s realized that the past is the past and its time to move on. It was cute and nice. And I did NOT expect Gastark’s capital to be…well…a little village. I was expecting something with a bit more…okay A LOT MORE splendor. Something like Roland or Luna’s. Nothing so teeny tiny~

And I’m loving the information we’re finally given about the AS holders. Five different types then huh? I was half expecting Claugh’s arm to be one of the AS types but clearly not. Are we gonna meet the other three types as well? I should hope so! And now we know that they are born with this magic…is it hereditary? And this new guy? Clearly he’s searching for Ryner but why? Is it anything to do with that cryptic line that Kiefer spoke? “A goddess? A broken. black hero and a lonesome demon”? A prophecy of sorts?

While on the subject of Claugh, to think that he had met this crazy guy before! How long ago was this particular incident anyways? 5-7 years ago? Either way, to think that their paths had crossed before. And now Claugh is without an arm, nuuuuuuuuuuuuu! D: THAT move was like, “HOLYFUCKING SHIT! HOW did he…THAT …. NUUUUU!” major shock moment! I wonder if you can do some sort of magical arm replacements or anything….I don’t want Claugh to be taken out of the game so soon!

But still this new AS user…he doesn’t seem to have all his marbles in one bag. He’s a true blue killing machine. Killing that many soldiers with such accuracy and skill…freaky to the max. And he does seem to enjoy the work he does which makes it double creepy. And speaking of creepy~! Enter another contender into the list of creepy characters and that would be Luke! The nice guy on the surface but a seriously freaky guy underneath. To have been in twenty different impossible battles and to come out on top every time?! THAT is….freaky. He’s got to have either one HELL of a guardian angel on his side or some SERIOUS mojo on his side. And from him hog tying Miran like he did, looks like the serious mojo is on his side. Which makes sense abot what Claugh said before, that what is a guy like him doing on the Taboo Breaker’s Squad in the first place? I guess that Miran doesn’t know that Ryner has left Roland and effectively, left Sion behind. I wonder if he knew about this, would he give up on his mission to kill Ryner.

Next week’s episode should be damn good. Looks like our crazy AS holder finds Ryner and that Sion comes to the battlefield. Perhaps even faces off Ryner and finds out just how badly he has betrayed Ryner’s trust. This should be deliciously angsty.

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