Summary Key Points:


  • Touma, Stiyl and the Roman Catholic Church are able to take down the Amakusa and rescue Orsola
  • In midst of the battle, Touma puts on the cross he got from Stiyl on Orsola’s neck at her request
  • After the battle, Touma finds out from the captured Amakusa leader Tatemiya that Orsola had actually come to them for help, and that the whole idea of the magical grimore being stolen was a farce put on by the Roman Catholic Church
  • When Touma requests to see Orsola once more, he is attacked by two sisters, Index uses her powers to fend them off and they run away


Opinions: (C)

Again, the pace for the story was rather slow. On the whole, I’m really not digging this arc at all. Its really weak and a very typical Toaru Majutsu No Index story that’s been done to death, and in more interesting ways, already. Added to that, some of the characters aren’t all that interesting.

So Touma and the rest finally stop the Amakusa, only to find out that the Roman Catholic Church was the real villain? Jeez. I mean, I think its an interesting twist, but I really just can’t take a bunch of loli nuns as villains seriously. Then again, loli-warrior magician nuns is a stupid concept altogether XD

I mean, it sort of works for Index, but having a whole army of loli magician nuns is really wearing thin. The Amakusa were definitely a more interesting bunch, and it would’ve fit if they were the villains in this arc. They actually turn out to be the misunderstood good guys, and well, it really did feel like the resolution made the events of the entire episode a waste of time.

I do want to comment on the fact that the fight scenes, and the animation was rather superb, as is expected of JC staff. Its just a shame that the actual story of this arc is just… mediocre at best.

I just really hope this arc ends with the next episode, because this is really starting to get boring, and its sad that I have to say that for Toaru Majutsu No index, but honestly, they need to start showing in some of the good stuff already. I mean, its not a horrible arc to be honest, but there’s nothing really engaging or intriguing about it either. I just want it to be over.

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