Sorry for the lateness peeps, somehow I totally missed this weeks ep ^^;; So we start off with Ferris and Lucile in the past with both of them reading. Ferris stops and asks what “Ai/love” means and Lucile comments that she doesn’t know what love is right? Lucile says that he loves her, along with their parents and Iris. He changes the topic and asks if her training is too hard and commends her when she shakes her head. He strokes her head and tells her that she’s being loved rather than being complimented, as she asked.

4 years ago, Ferris is going through her training from her onee-san, who seems like the true definition of the definition cool beautiful….WAIT THAT’S HER MOM? *falls over in shock* HOLY SHEET MILF ALERT! She says that she is rat her disappointed in Ferris’s progress but her father comments from the side that he still holds high hopes from her.  Her mother comments cryptically that if only they would be able to bring her father’s blood into their House again (err…what? What what WHAT?)  and grabs Ferris by the collar before opening her dress and pushing her down.

WAIT WHAT?! I AM CONFUSED D: *frantic confused arm waving and finger pointing* the guy said that Ferris shares the same blood as “us siblings” so I thought he was the mom’s brother and Ferris’s uncle but then Ferris refers to him as Father as he moves between her legs. I AM CONFUSED D: Ferris closes her eyes but opens them as a loud thump sound comes. She turns to see her mother, flat on the ground with a growing pool of blood beneath her. Lucile stands there, splattered with blood as he turns to the man and says that he won’t let them touch his little sister.  The man jumps back, saying that he also is a failure. HOLY MOLLY, these two are fighting so fast and so quickly that you cant even see em D: Nothing but flashes.

But Lucile manages to kill the man  in the end and he taunts him before he crushes the man’s head with one hand, while laughing manically. Ferris is terrified as he turns towards her, dripping with blood, and tells her that he’ll protect her from now on. Back to the present, Ryner is rudely awoken by Ferris because it’s an emergency!  New dango stalls are available and THEY. MUST. BE. CHECKED. Midway the argument, Milk knocks and enters the room and of course completely misreads the situation, as always. Ferris doesn’t help AS ALWAYS. And Ryner gets a face full of lightening as Ferris walks away with a smile. Poor Ryner.

At the castle, somehow Ryner has (yet again!) sneaked into Sion’s bed. Sion comments that he’s really gotten attached to the place hasn’t he? Ryner comments at least Ferris or Milk can’t find him here. Sion requests his and Ferris’ company as he goes to Estabul and Ryner isn’t interested in any more work. He tries to ignore him, saying that he could take others with him as an escort but Sion insists. And he reveals that Arua is being looked after in the Eris household. Sion asks if he’d like to visit Arua or possibly do some work – when Ryner runs off to meet Arua…and is sneakily watched from around the corner by Miran.

At the Taboo Breaker Pursuit Squad’s Official Residence, Luke is receiving a copy of a VERY VERY rare book (only a few copies on the whole damn continent) ah…its got the AS sigil in it! :O In the former Stohl territory meanwhile, Keifer is reading up in a library about AS as well. Huh? When AS users go berserk (which they will), they definitely die? Interesting. Ah Kiefer is reading the same book that Luke got and…there isn’t any exception to the above rule. But Ryner went berserk twice atleast…maybe there’s some kind of time limit involved? Kiefer thinks that she’ll have to go to Gastark, where there are many folk tales about magic eyes. Back at House Eris, Ryner is greeted at the gate before he is taken to Arua and Kuku. They’ve been doing well and are in high spirits. Ryner points to the dojo and asks what the building is – butler tells him and that its being treated as Lucile’s room. Ryner coolly asks about Ferris’s parents and when told that they are not here, he comments that was when Ferris was released right?

The butler is surprised and turns to look at Ryner who is still calmly looking at the man and asks if she was abused a lot. The man looks away with a small nod. Ryner asks for how long was she abused and the man tells him that Ferris was fourteen when the last head passed away. Yeah…fourteen years is a damn long time. … Jenny? The butler is named JENNY? THAT can’t be right! Anyways, Iris jumps in saying that he should let Ryner get too close to him – yada yada yada~ XD Arua and Kuku come from the side and attempt to jump Ryner when Ferris decides to join the fun and smacks Ryner at the back of the head for causing a disturbance in her house. While Ferris is taste testing the dango, Ryner thinks back to the butler’s words about the dojo and attempts to ‘read’ into the place by activating his AS.

But its like…he suddenly gets sucked into this other place where his body disintegrates into dust much to his shock and surprise. He suddenly jerks out of that feeling by the sound of Arua calling out to him. Ryner is shocked but quickly gathers his bearings and asks Arua to take a look at the dojo with his AS. Arua agrees as Ryner warns him to close his eyes if he seems something weird. But he doesn’t see anything, much to Ryner’s surprise. The kids are conked out by the time the sun sets and Ryner tells Ferris that Sion wants them to escort him to Estabul. Ferris says that they should get back to searching for the hero relics – from the next morning.

He sighs before agreeing to carry seven backpacks worth of dango 😛 As Ferris runs off to prepare for fourteen backpacks (BUZAH?! HOW did they double? XD), Ryner eyes the dojo and come nightfall, sneak into the building. And he meets Lucile as he attempts to open a door. Lucile admits that he’s been wanting to meet Ryner alone for a while now before he tries to intimidate Ryner with a show of his magical power but Ryner doesn’t even blink. He comments that his power is probably at par with Ferris but Ryner says that she is definitely more powerful than him, if she’d be serious. Lucile admits he’s glad that Ryner is Ferris’s partner and asks if he’ll escort Sion to Estabul – can Lucile leave their care in Ryner’s hand?

Ryner asks back that he’s the one in charge of the King’s protection yet Sion asked him to be his escort. It’s as though Lucile can’t protect the king anywhere not inside Roland, almost as though Lucile cannot leave Roland for some reason. Such as a curse which is binding him in place. Ryner uses his AS as he gazes at Lucile, the later denying any such thing. Ryner says that he can see it or more like, he CANT see it – his AS can’t detect him at all. WELL THAT explains how he was able to do the whole “sneaky entry from the shadows” thing! :O Ryner asks what is he.

Lucile says that he is Ferris’s older brother but Ryner cuts him off saying that Ferris is human but he isn’t. Before he can ask WHAT he is, Lucile disappears from his sight before a hand shoots out to grab Ryner by the throat. Lucile comes from behind saying that Ferris isn’t a monster? Indeed Ferris is human, unlike him and Ryner. He lets go of Ryner’s throat as he says that she is not for him, his and Ryner’s blood will never mix with hers. Ryner cannot get what Lucile is implying and listens on as Lucile taunts him – a monster like him, with his blood stained hands, can’t ever grasp anything. That is why Lucile feels safe leaving his little sister with him. And he dissolves before Ryner before his Lucile’s voice pierces through his head as the older man asks him to continue looking after Ferris. Ryner is out walking through the streets when he chances upon Milk. He asks her what she’s doing out so late and she blushingly hands over a card – explaining that she’s having a birthday party the next day.

Ryner remembers that they’re supposed to leave on their hero relic search the next morning and asks if the next day is really her birthday. Milk admits that she isn’t sure if its her real birthday or not but Luke and the others decided to set the day they all met as her birthday. Ryner is left holding the card as Milk runs off saying that she’d like for Ryner to come the next day. As he opens the card, he thinks that one day should be okay but when he reads the contents of the letter, he is shaken. Luke is sitting alone in his room and he apologizes to Milk as Ryner sadly looks at the letter. Milk meanwhile…EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! MIRAN FOUND HER! RUN AWAY RUN AWAY! AS FAST AS YOU CAN! Oh noes….

Oh…oh God no…the letter is signed by Sion and is an official document saying that if Ryner should go berserk outside the country OR acts in a way that implies treason against Roland, he should be eliminated. As he quietly stares at the document, he recalls Lucile’s question. “What kind of unreachable dreams has such an unsightly monster seen?” He falls back on the bed and with an almost bored tone, he speaks ou tloud, “He’s right…” Oh Ryner…

Score: A-/A+

And this shit just just keeps on getting better~!  A VERY VERY interesting episode with lots of interesting information and ONE HELL of an ending punch line. I think this THROUGHLY constitutes as one of the most shittiest days that Ryner’s had in a long while huh? I mean…damn. To find that out that Sion signed a death warrant on him – after all that talk before about making a country that Ryner wants and all…total stab in the back and twist to the right then twist to the left and twirl it all around.

Wait wait…*counts off the points one by one on her fingers* Ferris is human but Lucile isn’t. That means….he is a demon that was referred to in the VERY start of the show which were ass whooped by the legendary heroes then? And then her mom saying that they want to bring “her father’s blood” into the House of Eris, does that maybe imply that they wanted a hybrid between demon and human? . . . *runs away screaming from the House of Eris* RUN AWAY!!!!

So Ferris WAS abused, though I never expected it to have gone on so long and to have been that severe. And her mother not only being aware of it but like being okay with it? Oh dear GOD, THAT is just squicky. And speaking of squicky, Lucile killing that man like that? My stomach churned…that was just cold blooded murder – no two shakes about it! THAT was…kinda amazing in the sense that he totally stood up against the guy for Ferris. It explains why Iris is such a happy child too and Ferris with her personality.

MILK D: RUN AWAY RUN AWAY! Or else Miran might kill you! . . . . no wait, WHY would he wanna kill her? *ponders* He did consider her to be Ryner’s ‘linchpin’ right? So in order to make Ryner go berserk/totally lose it, he’s gonna kill Milk? And then get Sion to get rid of Ryner? I wonder of Ryner is gonna be on his guard around Sion…the larger part of me is thinking that no he isn’t and he’s gonna act like normal around Sion and not give anything away. *eyes narrow* and what EXACTLY was Luke aiming for by sending that order to Ryner anyways? To build distrust between Sion and Ryner? WHAT was that man’s end game?

Urgh this is getting way too confusing for my little head. SO many questions come up from this episode! How come Ryner was the only one who got affected when he used his AS to check out the dojo? What the HELL is the real story being the House Eris? WHAT the HELL is Lucile? ‘Cursed’, you say? In what manner did you mean? Was Ferris a result of inbreeding? TELL me that she wasn’t a result of a union between siblings, TELL ME I GOT THAT WRONG! Arua and Kuku coming to Roland now kinda implies to me that they’ll be a part of the coming story line so perhaps the older guy in the OP just MIGHT be Arua then? I thought it might be but then I was like “no wait his magic circle symbol is totally not an AS mark” maybe there are different types of AS? Scratch that about Arua, seems like we’ll be meeting up with our mysterious brunette next week as he goes up against Claugh. Another Gastark fighter? Keifer is still searching for more on AS, why though? And on her way to Gastark means meeting the King again and perhaps pledging her loyalty to their side? WHY THE HELL did Sion sign that God damned order anyways?! As a contingency plan? What’ll he say to Ryner when confronted? URGH *holds her head with a whimper* my head hurts….

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