This week, we start off by following Gunji and Kuriwar as they chase after a blue haired, patch eyed guy. Odd…I didn’t note any new bits added to the OP this week, tch. Akira and Keisuke are wandering around on their own, Akira mostly thinking over over Keisuke’s decision. They meet up with Motomi-san, who is quite the heavy smoker. He accompanies them to The Castle, citing that he has some business to attend to. And what is this pathetic excess for a BGM? Fail fail fail! D8 Does not even begin to stand against the game’s ‘Unrest’ and ‘Anxiety’ – I hate that later track, it always makes me so damn uneasy! Ahem I digress.

Keisuke is taken into a room to wait while Motomi and Akira wait outside. And ho ho, whats this suspicious looking door that is chained and locked so. And HOLY SHIT, ARBITRO D8 YOUR HAIR! Isn’t that side sweep WAY too long?! Arbitro steps into the corridor but back tracks in surprise when he catches sight of Motomi standing behind Akira. They exchange some not to friendly words ending with Arbitro telling Motomi to not come back again. Arbitro walks into the room and Motomi later warns him to be careful of Arbitro and his ‘inu’/dog (Kau) – white haired, blindfolded, black leather wearing pet.  Basically Arbitro loves pretty boys so Akira should be careful.

Akira instead asks whats up with the heavily chained door – it’s a battle arena where you can fight against Il-re, provided you have the winning ‘hand’ in tags. Inside the room, Keisuke is explained the rules before he is handed his tags. Let’s go over cause I don’t think I’ve mentioned em all right? Every participant starts with five tags – each dog tag has a card house suite on it. If you manage to collect a royal straight flush set, you get to challenge Il-Re, the King of Igura. You can fight opponents, loser either gets killed or has his back forced to the ground. Any tags that are not part of the royal straight flush are referred to as pig tags. The dog tag is like an id card and must be worn by participants at all times. Breaking the rules means having your ass taken out by the Punishers/Executioners.

And speak of the devils, hi thar Gunji and Kuriwar~~Arbitro is not happy at all that they barged into the room without knocking AND with a bloody body to boot. Keisuke is clearly shaken by the sight and sits quietly in his seat as the Executioners leave, dragging the dead body out behind them. Outside, Akira and Motomi greet Keisuke as he comes out with his tags. Oh Akira yer so cold~ (I admit, I like him that way~~) In a faintly lit room, Arbitro is with Kau – inititally angry at having to meet Motomi but then directing his attention towards Kau and WARNING! If you don’t want even a hint of Shounen-ai, I’d suggest jumping 3-5 seconds after Arbitro says that Kau is being a bad boy. I promised Amar & Setsukan that I’d give em fair warnings. This is me doing that.

Back in the streets, our blue haired man is watching from the shadows of a nearby building as Motomi bids Akira and Keisuke farewell. He notes Keisuke’s tags and you idiot, put the tags around your neck or your pocket but don’t just hold em that loosely in your hand! I swear….yer defense levels are WAY too low for a place like Toshima! There see! SEE! TOLD YOU SO! Blue haired guy quickly slips behind Keisuke and grabs hold of him, pressing his knife against Keisuke’s throat as he tells him to keep still or else…Akira tenses, telling him to let go of Keisuke but blue haired guy quickly pushes Keisuke down as he simultaneously grabs his tags. And runs away. Oh yeah forgot that one last rule, you lose your tags, the Gunji and Kuriwar come for your ass. . . . maybe in more ways than one. Blue haired guy doesn’t really care if the Punishers would come after Keisuke but is surprised as Akira lunges forward and…wow that is one awkward fighting pose…just saying.

Akira slashes at the man’s throat – a cross shaped pendant falls to the ground before Akira kicks the man in the stomach. Akira takes back the tags and watches as the man runs away. A glimmer on the ground catches his attention and he picks up the cross before turning back to see Keisuke – who has fallen to the ground in shock. Yeah, you did say that you’d take of yourself but yer not doing that all that well Keisuke. Back at the coffee shop where Akira and Keisuke slummed out their first night, they are surprised to find Rin waiting for them. Hi hi~~~ … errr…choutou mattei… *looks around in the background…underneath and behind the broken sofa…behind the counter* where are the guys Rin was supposed to have killed cause he caught some guys sneaking around in the café? I wanted to see Rin taking pictures of those corpses ;A;

Wow that sounded way better in my head. Rin lightly admonishes them to be more careful and notices that Keisuke is now wearing a tag – but sorry babe, just one useful tag (an Ace. That’s a wicked design isn’t it? Who wouldn’t want a dog tag like that?). Rin proposes taking a picture to commemorate the event but as he pulls his camera out, a stack of pictures fall out of the pocket as well. One of them drift to Akira’s foot and he picks it up. It’s the same guy that he met after he entered Igura (er wasn’t it supposed to be a picture of *****’s back???) He looks up to see Rin looking at him with an incredibly cold and intense look before he takes the picture back. But he quickly smiles and speaks as he normally would before walking out.

Blue hair boy…ugh I can’t call him that anymore! Takeru is back at the scene of the fight and is searching frantically for the cross that Akira picked up. As Rin, Akira and Keisuke are making their way around, they run into the Executioners again. They’re looking for a guy with blue hair and they go off on their way. Just as they’ve walked away a little, Takeru sneaks up from the same alley they had just walked from and grabs Akira by the shoulder, saying that he needs to talk to him. AND to not yell so quietly or else the Executioners will hear him. Tch, I preferred the game version better…okay so I did NOT like coming into two bad endings in a row but still…

Takeru pushes him against a wall and tells him to quit the bullshit and give back what he picked up. Akira hands over the cross, asking if it’s something important. It belonged to Takeru’s little sister. Takeru quickly changes the subject saying that he knows who Akira is – Lost, undefeated champ of Bl@ster and all. Akira asks if he was a part of Bl@ster as well and Takeru asks if he’s ever heard of his name before. Akira admits that he hasn’t and Takeru laughs that off. Akira asks why he joined Igura, Takeru says for the money. There’s quite the reward IF someone manages to defeat Il-Re – in various forms. Takeru returns the question to Akira – why is HE participating in Igura. Akira says that it’s not for the money and that’s all he reveals.

Takeru taunts him before Akira walks away. Takeru taunts him some more before he pulls his knife off. Akira turns around in time to see Takeru running towards him and pulls out his own knife. Ah yes, necessary slow motion action where the blades have been crossed and some minor damage in the form of hair being cut or chains being snapped is shown. *monotone* impressive. Takeru grabs hold of the cross as it falls and stands up, reminding Akira that HE won’t be the one to defeat Il-Re – it’ll be him. And he runs away. Akira watches impassively before slowly sheathing his sword and walking away.

OW~ YEAH~ Now that is one sexy slamming ED~

Score: C/A+

I SWEAR that if I didn’t know the story, I’d be considering either to stop watching this or to put it on hold till the series ends and then wait till I’m TOTALLY BORED OUTTA MY GOURD to watch it. The good parts…we got Arbitro (FINALLY!) and Kau (hi hi~) and Takeru (the second or third sign of the impending plot!) and THAT is pretty much it.

Motomi-san, your character design, ah don’t like it. Yer skin shade is all wrong, your shoulders aren’t broad enough and you don’t look as big and bulky as you should. You just look…awkward. And Arbitro…you hair D8 WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR HAIR! Its so….long in its side sweep. WEIRD. Kiriwar looking STILL weird in his few scenes *weeps* though Gunji looked more or less okay…

The fight scenes…not too bad. Some of the scenes had nice amounts of shiny but damn, they were like trying to find a pineapple in the middle of the Sahara. I COULDN’T THINK OF A BETTER ANALOGY OKAY?!  Most of em were average and some shots were just flat out bad *deletes from memory* I SWEAR after this series is done, I’m totally replaying the game. Or I’m gonna include the game CG’s in the posts 😛

Its still all so…MEH. GET TO THE GOOD STUFF ALREADY. PICK UP THE DAMN PACE *fidgeting and tapping her feet against the floor* Get to the Line and Nano and Shiki and…aaah yes that reminds me~~~ Rin’s reaction to the picture (that was definitely before Toshima no? The get up doesn’t seem the same…). History/Back story? You bet your sweet ass there’s a story there. Course that was already hinted in the OP and she’s a nice tasty one too~~~

So yeah, GET to the good stuff already please. Before the new fans either conk out on their desks while watching or run away never to return. *sighs heavily as her shoulders slump* To be honest, I was expecting a LOT MORE awesome from this if you remember the original trailer. Remember how awesome that way? Now pass me the Kleenex, I think im gonna cry in despair. This really ought to teach me not to have too high expectations from a show. Now that they aren’t being met, I am NOT that happy of a camper. I WANTED MORE SHINY ;A;


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