As per usual, The World God Only Knows amazed and astounded me with it’s storyline, humor and overall look into the realm of dating sims.  And let’s face it: how can anyone not like a dating sim?  I for one will admit that I’ve played my fair share of them (and failed miserably, I might add) and Keima is only strengthening my love for the genre of video games.

We open this week with Keima and Elcie (who sadly doesn’t make much of an appearance this week T3T ) overhearing an argument between Moi and her chauffeur/bodyguard.  He’s scolding her for spending her 10,000 Yen on soba noodle sandwiches because not only will they all spoil before she can eat them, but it was her entire allowance for the next four months.  This statement shocked me a little bit because isn’t she supposed to be the daughter of some company owner and/or founder?  I thought she’d be rolling around on beds full of money.  Regardless of what I thought, her chauffeur storms out of the apartment saying that he refuses to drive her around anymore because she’s not willing to leave by the means that she has.  This is where all hell breaks loose.  Moi finds Keima spying on her – Elcie disguises herself as a very adorable trash can in the meantime – and proceeds to splutter, stammer and make excuses for her abode.  On the way home, Elcie comments that things aren’t going too well, but Keima corrects her, saying that things are going along smoothly.  Now that only he and Moi (and Elcie, but who’s counting?) knows what her current living situations are, they share a bond of secrets.  Or something.  We then get a very odd scenario of Keima swinging on a swing, in a dress no less, singing about how if you have enough bad encounters good will come of it.  I’m still skeptical, but we’ll go along with your strange bit of logic Keima.

The next day, Moi is waiting for her chauffeur who doesn’t show and as she’s walking away, Keima shows up with a chauffeur hat and a bicycle, declaring he will escort her to school.  After much denial by Moi, she trips and twists her ankle, thus forcing her to allow Keima to drive her to school.  Over the next couple of days, rumors swirl around school and Keima continues to take Moi to school in increasingly large and elaborate carriages.  At one point she’s even riding in a tank! D:  How Keima was able to tow that thing, I’ll never know.  It’s around this point in time where Moi seems to come out of her shell a bit.  She threatens to beat Keima with a whip if he’s unable to drive her back home, and she seems to be genuinely enjoying herself as she teases Keima.  However, she quickly stops laughing before running home, her usual stoic expression on her face.

Several excruciating days later, Keima stumbles across an invitation to a ball held for the famous and elite that Moi had been invited to.  Deciding that would become his trump card, he shows up to school with – what else? – a carriage made out of a pumpkin!  Well, a jack-o-lantern to be precise.  Anyway, Keima escorts Moi to the dance and gives her a lovely dress that he picked out for himself.  Moi protests that she didn’t even want to go and that even if they were there, they were in the backyard of the estate and wouldn’t even have food or drink services.  Cue Elcie walking into the area in one of the cutest maid costumes I’ve ever seen!  Ignoring her, Moi relents to Keima’s wishes and teaches him how to dance.

It’s while this tender, heart-warming scene is going on that three gentleman show up and tease poor Moi about her father passing and how she no longer has any money aside from what her mother can manage to bring home.  Moi is visibly upset by their teasing, but does nothing to stop them.  Once the men disperse, Keima argues with Moi over whether she should really be apart of high society anymore or not.  Moi exclaims that it’s because she’s trying to keep the memory of her father alive, but she can’t because ever since Keima entered her life “Papa has become smaller and smaller.”  Keima then swoops in for a kiss, releasing the lost spirit that was hitching a ride in Moi.

Needless to say, Moi has no recollection of any of these events starting the next day.  She does stare at Keima after asking him if she has enough change to purchase a soba sandwich from the shop, which I thought was adorable.  Elcie says that it’s too bad she doesn’t remember anything about her relationship with Keima, but he says it’s for the best.  I think that he secretly wishes he could have one girl remember him, but I’m sure we’ll get to that later on.  On to the next conquest!

Opinions: Another amazing episode, although there wasn’t enough Elcie in it for my liking.  I missed her! ;A;  However, I really did enjoy that the episode centered around Moi and her troubles letting go of her father’s death and how Keima was able to wriggle his way into her seemingly cold heart.  As always, they had great animation and awesome voice acting.  All I can say is that I want the next episode now!

Score: A+/A+

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