It’s the start of a glorious new day but students, poor students, are stuck inside class. And poor Takuto is being asked awkward as hell questions by the green haired bishoujo high school wife  – “What do you think about me being a high school wife?” (“I guess it works?”) “more specifically please?” (“what is that supposed to mean?”). Her husband is the head of the Gran Tonnerre Foundation AND WILL BE 65 THIS YEAR? *falls outta her chair, frozen stiff* You’re teasing him right? Please tell me you’re teasing the poor boy…

Come lunch time, a very hungry and financial stricken Takuto is offered daily bento’s by Wako’s friend. Err…why is Mrs. Watanabe getting a haircut in the middle of the class? Wow, she’s really got a whole platoon of followers don’t she? She proposes to Takuto that she’ll help him out with the financial problems he’s having by letting him do some work at her place after school – Pool cleaning! And suddenly its turned into a group cleaning job with brown haired bento girl, Wako and Shindo (what sounds FUN about pool CLEANING?) wait, SHE LIVES ON A YACHT?! *falls over yet again*

I want a husband like that…oh even the Vice Pres is there. And nice to know that you know that he’s after your body and you after his money Mrs.Watanabe *sweats profusely* Bound by a chain of greed indeed. Uwa, that is quite the dirty UWA! AN ALLIGATOR?! THE HELL?! YOU NAMED IT BARON ALLIBERT?! Yeah SURE he’s friendly. I’ve never met an alligator who wasn’t friendly! NOT. The group makes small talk as they clean – mostly wondering what Mrs. Watanabe is doing on the computer and then what a girl like her is doing on an island so small.

Vice Pres jumps off to face off the Baron, gets the life scared outta him and jumps onto Mrs. Watanabe’s laptop and gets called a rat. And there goes the laptop. Vice Pres manages to make it back to Wako’s head and Takashi (ze help for the Mrs.) is about to smack the girl on the head when Takuto manages to easily block the mop – again and again and again. The Mrs proposes a match and that gets turned into part of the job. Shindo offers to fight in his place in case he hasn’t done this before but Takuto simply asks how much he’ll get for this. If he wins, double the pay. Otherwise, it’s as many kisses as the madam wants.

Takashi attacks aggressively but Takuto manages to hold him off but barely manges to stay on his feet, he attacks but eh? Why is he holding the kendo stick with one just one hand? Peculiar…the madam gets bored as neither are really trying their best  and walks off. Shindo stops the fight and it seems that the Vice Pres has really taken a liking to Takuto. Back underground with the Glitter Crux, Adult Bank has arrived and the meeting starts. Oho? All the Cybodies belong to the Adult Bank? Meaning they are the finances behind the operations eh?

And WAIT WAIT WAIT WHAT?! WHAT was that explanation about individual genes and crystals and *smoke starts coming outta her ears* And WOW, all the girls have such a NICE leg crossing technique. Anyhows, the GC is still set on defeated Tauburn and Ginga Bishounen. That night, Mrs. Watanabe’s maid/help, Simone asks the other help/guy, Takashi why he didn’t try his best. He replies that it wasn’t worth the effort. THAT has her grabbing him by the hands and forcing him against the rails as she asks if he can defeat Tauburn. She tells him that the one who defeats him would be the leader of the Cruz, not the winning TEAM.

…..OHMYGAWD *bursts into peels of laughter* WHAT in God’s good name was THAT half-way marker? *pointing and laughing* Wheeeewwww, man that was funny. The madam is getting a massage by Takashi while Simone collects the dirty clothes and Mrs. Watanabe conducts some business dealings – three cheers for the internet. And whoooooa someone’s been spying on the hired help – she asks him if he could defeat Tauburn and then replays the footage when Simone asks him the same thing. The madam admits that she doesn’t mind rather, someone needs to beat Taburn or else Gran Tonnerre will be in trouble. The issue is whether Takashi will well and truly try or not.

And looks like Takashi will be fighting against Takuto but the seriousness level? I suppose he’ll be trying his hardest now…maybe? Wako and Takuto get pulled into Zero Time and I really want the full version of the song that the North Maiden sings. Takuto brings out Tauburn and gets ready to dazzle everyone~ oooooooh that shot of Tauburn was SO SHINEY *stares happily* WA! Takuto brings out his own Star Sword against Takashi’s  and whoa! Takashi is really attacking Takuto with all his might. He actually manages to get Tauburn to fall…TWICE. He’s totally being pushed around. Takuto pulls out the twelfth sword (he’s supposed to have a total of 12) and now its dual sword wielding tiem bitch~

This time Takashi goes down on his back and huh…that explains his awkward fighting from before. And that’s another Cybody gone bye bye for the Glittering Crux. Wako is impressed yet again and starting to make me wonder if shes really nothing more than an air head. PLEASE prove me wrong soon girly girl. PLEASE. HUH? WAIT WAIT WHAT was THAT supposed to mean? How did it feel to use the casket even though he has the mark? WHAT MARK? GYAAAAH I’m hating this approach of having to come in the middle of a good story. All the lack of prior information is head achey. Mrs. Watanabe instructs Simone to tell her husband that she won’t be coming to Paris for some time.

Score: C+/A+


This just felt repetitive. It’s like week three of the same episode with minor changes in details. It’s like Groundhog Day 😛 I want the plot already please. Give me the crack theories, wacky scientist side characters, fights not involving Crybodies, creepy villains and all the other stuff that comes with a progressing story line please.

I nearly took a snooze dive in this episode but I TOTALLY woke up once the Zero Time fight started. HOT DAMN THAT WAS SO SHINEEEYYYY~ So lovely so lovely SOOOO lovely for the eyes. But still, as shiney and amazing as it all was, I want more actual plot now. They spent three episodes now trying to get us settled in from the middle of story without really giving us any back information so I think its time that they started moving their ass on the plot.

Thank GOD that the next episode is Wako centric – PLEASE show her to be more than an air head cause that’s the impression coming of her. All that the poor girl’s done since the start is stare at Takuto with an awed/admiring expression – ESPECIALLY during the Zero Time fights. That reminds me, why does this show have so many girls? WHY? And WHAT was up with ALL OF THE LEG CROSSING? WHY show that? And who crossed and un crosses their legs twice in so short a time?

The North Maiden is still being kept locked up in a cage by Head makes me wonder that if you defeat a Maiden’s Cybody, does that like make her useless? Kinda like a broken doll? But maybe she was attracted towards Head and him kinda towards her that’s why he’s keeping her with him? Does being a Maiden mean that they have some other kind of powers like maybe pro-cognition or something? Cause how else can the North Maiden know what’s going on and weave that into her stories?

In any case, things BETTER start picking up from the next episode or else I’m gonna be bored outta my skull NO MATTER HOW GOD DAMN SHINY THE ANIMATION IS!

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