Double Episode Review this time! I was not able to fit in the review of last week’s episode. I am kinda glad though, since these episodes really work as a pair!

Episode 49 Summary Key Points:


  • The episode starts off with Lucy worrying about her rent since she didn’t win Miss Fairy Tail
  • A reporter is scheduled to come to Fairy Tail to interview them all. He’s a real big fan of the guild
  • Lucy is told by Canna (via a card reading) that she will have a fateful encounter on this day
  • Lucy begins to imagine that the reporter will be her fateful encounter and goes to prepare for it
  • Lucy runs into a semi writer with glasses, and they both accidentally grab the book “fateful encounter”
  • Lucy is asked by the guy for a show around town, but she politely declines saying she has something to do
  • Back at the Guild, Lucy is hardly noticed by said reporter and is quite disappointed
  • She decides to meet up with the person she met and decides to show him around
  • Pleased, they set a date for dinner at 9
  • Back at the Guild, Natsu wants Lucy to come with him and Happy for a job
  • Lucy declines, saying she has an “appointment”
  • After Seeing Natsu and Happy’s sad faces, Lucy hesitates
  • Lucy ends up going to Natsu and Happy instead in the end after hearing from Mira how excited they were to go on a job with her
  • It ends up that Natsu and Happy found a job that was exactly 70,000 Jewels, enough to pay her rent.
  • When asked about their shares, Natsu and Happy says that they would rather have her place for weight training
  • Lucy smiles and is  really glad that she came in the end


Episode 50 Summary Key Points:


  • Juvia ends up going to a shady magic store to get a Love potion so Gray will like her
  • Meanwhile, Lucy is bored at Fairy Tail with nothing to do, since Natsu wants to rest for a bit before the next job
  • When asked why she isn’t going on another job with someone else, Lucy says that she has a responsibility to natsu since she’s part of his team
  • Mira lets it be known that Natsu may actually love Lucy, sending her into a daze.
  • Taking a look at Natsu goofing around, Lucy says that while it may be true, she’ll still pass and heads home
  • Meanwhile, Juvia uses her newly bought potion which ends up making the Fairy Tail member passionate about their rivals, making for some great hilarity
  • Back at her apartment, Lucy comes home to see Natsu waiting for her
  • She comments on how Natsu must “love” her apartment, and then the though of the word love flusters her
  • She tells him to leave even though Natsu has an important thing to talk to her about
  • The next day As odd thoughts continue to pop into Lucy’s head, she hears the guild members talking about how Natsu may have a girl he likes and that he really wants to see her
  • Lucy, further worried and tense, actually runs into Natsu who asks her to meet him at the Sobee Tree at night, as he has something important to tell her.
  • Blushing he runs away
  • Totally convinced that he’s going to confess to her, Lucy begins day dreaming about him and attempts to control herself  but to no avail
  • She ends up wearing one of her best dresses and styling her hair and pulling all the stops
  • After meeting Natsu, she finds out that he actually wanted to dig a photo album using her spirit virgo. Annoyed and shocked, she  slaps him and leaves
  • Meanwhile, the potion wears off on the Fairy Tail members, and everything resumes back to normal


Opinions: (49 = C  50 = A)

Okay so this was an odd pair of episodes. I really loved the second episode, but the first episode really annoyed the hell out of me. I think  in retrospect, the first episode kind of really made the second one stand out.

I think the whole emphasis on Lucy’s feelings and love life, in filler episodes has been a really solid way to build on the characters inbetween arcs. I love when Animation Studios actually use fillers to their advantage and enhance upon what they can probably not tell during intense battle centric arcs.

The reason I was rather annoyed with the first episode, was because I found out that the animation studio “decided” to edit out a rather important part of the story. Unlike in this episode, Natsu and Happy actually think its Lucy’s birthday, and then when she comes to the train, it turns out that it is the same day she meet Natsu a year ago. And “that” turns out to be her fateful encounter. This clearly hints  at some Lucy x Natsu stuff, but was apparently left out. I haven’t the faintest idea why Shounen manga can’t actually give a decent amount of time to romantic developments, and its things like this that really hits hard.

The second episode though, episode 50, had a good dose of comedy and romantic drama in it. Lucy going all weird after thinking Natsu might like her was pretty sweet. The romantic in me was definitely pleased and enjoyed it. It does indeed seem like Lucy likes Natsu, even if Natsu is too “boyish” to ever notice something like that. I’m definitely a fan of the Natsu x Lucy coupling, so I hope this actually develops over the course of the story. If Groove Adventure Rave is something to go by, then maybe it might happen? XD

That said, I also laughed very hard at the “rival” jokes that they did in this episode. This is just as funny, if not more so, than the episode where everyone exchanged bodies. Gray’s rival was Happy, and the whole idea of him wanting to fly was just… hilarious. Add stuff like Erza angry against a pillar, Markov facing off against a barrel of wine, and things just went from chuckle worthy to roll on the floor and laugh worthy XD

All in all, I really enjoyed the second episode. It really was a nice change of pace from the battle centric arc we had 3 weeks ago. I’m really excited for the next arc, as it looks to be upping the scale and amount of characters. I am so glad this show has been renewed for another year! 😀


Next episode, Happy takes the centre focus? Love? ZOMG! Although Lucy seems to have a good deal of focus too! I just can’t wait! =D

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