Summary Key Points:


  • Steyr comes and grabs index and leaves a note for Touma saying that he should meet him at the Theatre outside of the Academy city
  • Touma runs into Orsla Acquinas, a sister who is trying to get into Academy city and states that she is being persued
  • As soon as Touma meets up with Steyr and Index, Orsla is taken away by the Amakusa
  • The Amakusa are the organization that Kanzaki kaori used to belong to
  • Index is able to single out the escape route that the Amakusa will be using, a plan is set to stop them
  • Touma asks Steyr if he would be ready to fit Kanzaki if he needed to.
  • Elsewhere, the current acting pope of the Amakusa declares that he will show Kanzaki how strong the Amakusa is with different religions fused into it


Opinions: (A)

A much better episode this time around, as the ball for the story is really rolling now! We’re getting into the first arc, and it seems to have picked up from where last season ended. Steyr meets with Laura Stewart, who is probably one of the higher ups of the Roman Catholic Church Magicians circle.

That said the episode introduced another weird ditzy sister that Touma has to save now. I kinda feel like the show is adding in way too many sisters. There’s a friggin sister army. On top of that, it seems that Agnese, voiced by Rei Kugimiya (Louise from Zero no Tsukaima or Taiga from Toradora) is in the story as well now. J.C Staff must really like her, she’s in half their shows!

If  Touma didn’t have enough loli sister trouble with Index, now he has Agnese randomly creeping into his bed at night. Added to that, Index is not too far behind XD

That said, this episode set the stage for the battle that’s about to take place. It seems like Kaori’s old magic circle is now in taters after she left, and is wrecking havock. It also seems like Touma, Index and Steyr are gonna clean up the mess. I can say I’m quite interested in what’s coming.

There was a bit of fanservice in this episode, with Touma getting some “Face on’ time with Agnese (unwantingly) and then getting to see Index in the bath with a naked Agnese clinging to him. On top of that we had Agnese crawling into his tent, with Index not far behind. Wow…  J.C Staff is sure amping up the fanservice in the series, its just kinda disturbing when most of the characters are pretty much loli though.

That said, decent episode, I can’t wait for next week when things really kick into gear!


Some big secret is going to be revealed in the battle next week! I can hardly wait! =D

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