We pick up right from where we left off last week. Akira is still sitting in the middle of the road, in complete shock at what he has witnessed. He recalls Shiki and the stare down and then the feel of the blade at his neck. Slowly he lets out a sigh before shakily getting up and walking away as Nano narrates/wonders what color Akira will be colored.

Holy ;asldpaojsdsa SQUEEE! The new parts in the OP! AkiraxShiki bb! If we don’t get Shiki’s route, I swear I’m gonna declare A-1 as the biggest damn tease production house there is and then sue them for slander 😛  Anyways, Akira is running through the empty streets when he notices a building. He pushes the broken door open and scopes the place out. It used to be an abandoned café at one point but now its pretty much in shambles. Akira sits down in the far corner of the dark room, resting his eyes when a noise makes him sit up. He quietly sits up and stands up with his back against the wall. He peeks through this partition type thing and a figure enters the…establishment.

Akira quietly and slowly pulls out his knife before he kicks the guy in the ribs (ONCE MORE ONCE MORE!) and pushes him down with the knife at his throat. But then he recognizes who it is (tch), it’s the Saint Bernard…I mean Keisuke. Akira gets up and asks Keisuke what HE is doing in this place. He says that he saw Akira come in so…slightly exasperated, Akira asks that’s not what he meant. Keisuke looks away saying that no matter what, he was worried about Akira. So basically, he followed Akira. Akira sighs and gives him a hand up before saying that at least he looks alright. Keisuke admits that he saw something dangerous but he just ran away from there.

Akira sighs again, turning away from Keiseuke as he says that this place….it isn’t for a guy like him. For a minute Keisuke flounders before saying that he’d like to help in any way that he can. Akira bluntly tells him that this isn’t a game AND he doesn’t need saving. As Akira is walking away, Keisuke says that he won’t be going back….he doesn’t know the way back. This where you facepalm at this guy. Akira stares at him quietly before turning away saying that he can do whatever he wants. He returns to his previous position and Keisuke sits down next to him. And they sit like that quietly as night passes away to day. Akira says that he’ll be leaving – for Igura, he has the tag after all.

Keisuke asks if he loses, that means he may die right? (Oh Jesus Christ, HOW did I put up with this guy when playing the game? Ah yes, LOTS of double clicking…) Akira reminds him that this isn’t a game. He’ll have to kill – because its either kill or be killed here. And he can’t run away, not until he has defeated Il-re. Keisuke says that he’ll go with Akira and Akira immediately tells him no. He argues that he doesn’t like Akira going out there alone (For GODS sake man, HE *points to Akira* is a grown man. Undefeated champ of Bl@ster. HE can take care of himself. WHICH, by the way, is not what can be said for you…mechanic boy. So seriously shut up.) Akira gives him his knife, saying that he can defend himself with his bare hands. And he heads out.

RIN! *tackleglomps* hiya hiya hiya hiya!!! I had sooo hoped that we’d get a few fight scenes for you and joyful days and hallelujah, the first time we see you AND ITS IN A FIGHT SCENE. WIN! Our blonde haired Rin is kicking butt…or well, playing a bit with his prey but even during his fight, he notices that Akira and Keisuke are sneaking around the fight area. Akira and Keisuke caught the sound of fighting while they were walking and watched the fight from behind some rubble before walking away. Rin knocks his opponent to his back before giving him a solid punch to the face, knocking him out cold. Rin takes away his tag (Igura Rules: You are defeated either if you get killed or your back hits the ground) before he heads off, following Akira and Keisuke. He calls out to them before jumping forward and Keisuke, being the bright boy he is, thinks that Rin is a girl. He doesn’t look THAT much like a girl dude…Lacking a very basic part upfront…Rin teases him that he’s wrong before he starts slightly as he catches sight of Akira.

Rin says that it’s really unfortunate for them but this area happens to be his turf and to get through it, a toll needs to be paid. But then he turns away, more or less saying that he was kidding on that part and that he’s willing to let the guys go mainly because he’s taken a liking to Akira’s face. He asks if they need help with anything and Akira asks  if there’s anything they can get a weapon – for genius boy Keisuke who headed straight into a war WITHOUT A DAMN WEAPON. (no, screwdrivers don’t count…and don’t even say what I know you’re gonna say about that bad ending XD) Rin pulls out a…butterfly blade? Is that what you call it? I don’t recall the proper name…well Rin pulls a knife out from his belt and hands it over saying that he doesn’t really need this so, they can have it.

But he does expect them to pay him back by using their bodies. Keisuke acts like a blushing school girl … he’s too easy to tease. Rin gets between both of them and grabs them each by the arm and introduces himself and asks for their names. He asks if Keisuke is going to participate in Igura or not – it would be lot more fun if he did. But it would be best if everything was explained to them. Rin drags him off down the road, saying that he’ll take them to see Arbitro. They come to stand before a really big mansion building, big gates, tall walls and Rin explains that his place is Vischio’s HQ (I’m kinda guessing this part cause I find Rin’s speech hard to get. Accents…what a pain at times XD) and its name is The Castle.

A little bit of back history about the place, back before the last war, this place used to be where they’d hold major events. So it has this coliseum type arena inside too for concerts, plays and stuff. But now its completely under Vischio’s rule and with…really amazing decorations. They go up to the gate, Rin saying that he’s brought a new participant with him. The masked and suited guy behind the gate eyes Akira and Keisuke before letting them come in. Inside the whole place is decorated with LOTS of statues – nudes, knights etc etc. All in all, it’s one hell of a creepy and disgusting hobby to have and cultivate. Or well, that’s the general consensus by everyone who has seen the place. Another guy comes in from a hallway on the side, holding a mask saying that he’d like the potential Igura participant to please put the mask on before he can proceeds forward.

The mask covered just the upper part of the face. Keisuke puts it on, much to Rin’s amusement. Keisuke follows the man up the long stairs, while Akira and Rin walk outside. Keisuke is led into a room and outside, Rin teases Akira that he’s obviously worried about Keisuke – its written alllll over his face. (How can you tell? What with that always cool expression on his face I mean…) Rin asks that he doesn’t want Keisuke to participate in Igura does he? Akira gives a slight wry look before replying….I don’t know what he says and I SHOULD know what he says…this is going to bug me till the subs come out…Rin hmm’s in reply before the sound of the door opening, has them looking back. Keisuke comes out but without any tags.

Keisuke apologizes but Akira tells him not to and that they should go. The streets are still pretty much empty as the trio make their way around. Rin offers to take them to introduce them to someone he knows – an acquaintance who’s helped him out before, though he’s an old man/uncle. Suddenly Keisuke comes to a stop and asks why is Rin helping them like this. Rin says that he remembers when he first came to Igura and how it was like. So he’s helping them out cause of that. Akira asks/states that he must be strong and Rin admits that he is. Some talk about the tags before Akira agrees to go with Rin.

GUNJI! *gets ready to tackleglomp his back when…* wait…I forgot, never tackleglomp a Psychpathic Man Child from the back lest you get killed. So a guy is running for his life from a long haired blond in a red hood with a WICKED pair of slicers on him. The guy rushes down the road, passing our trio by many feet. Rin quietly comments, “The Punishers?” The blond jumps in front of the running guy before he slashes the guy in the chest. Keisuke asks for some clarification but Rin quietly says that if he watches on then he’ll get his answer. Blond guy holds scared guys head before telling that its useless for him to run before he runs his slicers through the guy and cheerfully declaring “Game over!” Gunji ladies and gentlemen.

And the man with the pipe (her names Mitsuko btw) and the dark skin, Kiriwar. Together, they are the Punishers and should be avoide..KAU! *picks him up and cuddles him* OMG HI! I didn’t think we’d get to see you this soon Oh I’m shooooo happy to shee you too! . . .  WHAT?! I like the kid! He’s adorable! . . . kinda. Anyways, the Punishers should be avoided AT ALL costs and Kau is Arbitro’s pet/dog. Kau sniffs at the dead man before nodding but then he turns around and heads (on all fours) towards Akira. THAT gets Kiriwar and Gunji’s attention – NEVER a good sign. But before they can question Akira or anything, Rin cuts in and drags Akira and Keisuke off.

Gunji and Kiriwar head off, saying that it’s time for dinner anyways. Our trip hurries to their location – Meal of Duty. It’s a little underground bar that’s a neutral meeting place. And hellllo Motomi-san! 😀 Okay wow, you look…good. I’m surprised…I was expecting some kind of kink in your character design but you look okay to me! Rin greets him, telling him that they had a bit of a run in with the Punsishers but they got out of it in one piece – all of em. Ah, I take that back bout the no flaws part- 17:41 – Motomi-san, your head is way too big XD Rin hands over a picture to Motomi, but then he notices Akira and Keisuke. Rin introduces them to Motomi, who asks why they’re hanging out with that noisy Rin. Cue some good natured argument/bantering between the two.

Akira asks about the picture in Motomi’s hand and he says that it’s for his work. He asks Rin for it. Motomi’s a journalist, who kinda asks Rin at times to get some pictures when he needs. Rin pulls out a digital camera out of his belt and is about to take a picture of them when he tells Akira to make a better face but Akira juts turns away even more saying that he doesn’t like pictures or being photographed to be precise. Motomi grabs Keisuke and Akira while Keisuke is grinning REALLY awkwardly and yay, picture taken. Akira pushes away Motomi’s arm from his shoulder and steps back. He looks at the bar and notices the barkeep sliding two VERY FAMILIAR looking vials to the customer. Motomi comes to stand beside him and watches the same scene quietly (the man breaking the vial open and downing the drug).

Motomi quietly explains that THAT is Line – basically it’s a drug that enhances the users strength and power but if you take the wrong dosage or the wrong strength/potentency/degree of it, you are one dead fucker. One hell of a dangerous and delicate drug. But its really popular in Igura and a lotta guys use it to so that they can get more powerful and win more fights and get more tags. And this kind of drug usage is allowed in Igura so…Motomi lights up a cigarette and asks if Keisuke isn’t participating in Igura then? Keisuke looks away before Akira says that they’re leaving. He watches the two of them leave and once outside, Keisuke says that he really doesn’t want Akira to be participating in such a dangerous game. *eye roll* whatever you say MOTHER. Christ, the way Keisuke treats Akira, drives me up the wall. Reason number 1 why I don’t like the guy. I don’t CARE if he’s his childhood friend, but he’s an idiot. THAT is reason number 2.

So for that reason, Keisuke will participate in Igura and he won’t change his mind on that. Akira eyes him for a moment before telling him that he can do whatever he wants. Keisuke happily says htat they’ll definitely win and go back home. (Sure if home is where Shiki is then HELL YEAH). Oh the new ED…oh I like this one too. Has a nice hopeful rock sound to it doesn’t it? And I like this one more than the first ED 😀 Needs its full version post haste!

Score: B/A+


Not a bad episode not a bad episode. Not enough bait and hook in it though that I think would really reel a new fan in but I will say this, HANG IN THERE! The story is only gonna get better from this point on! It is the beginning of the story line now and now, its gonna get messy.

But this episode…so so SO happy to see Rin and Motomi and Kiriwar but most of all, GUNJI! Yes I like my crazies so sue me. Awesome to see him in action – all slice and dice and his crazy laug hand just ffffff. Win. And Keisuke….Keisuke Keisuke Keisuke. You irritate the living daylights out of me. I really want to bitchslap you so hard that you’ll bounce off the wall across the room. Coming into Toshima, an area KNOWN and ILL REPUTED to be a war zone and then into Igura, a BATTLE GAME to the DEATH, WITHOUT ANY WEAPON of ANY kind?! Without ANY provisions except the clothes on your back?! Brother, why don’t you just wear a shirt with a bulls eye on it and paint a crosshair on your forehead?

And then the way he harps on and on over Akira. For GODS SAKE, he’s a grown man he can totally take care of himself. Stop treating him as though he’s a girl cause he’s totally not. Plus, the whole over eager puppy dog approach is very irritating. The whole hopeful bright eyed bushy tailed approach makes me a tad ill coming from Keisuke…then again that approach kinda makes me ill anyways so maybe that one isn’t him. And another thing, him saying that he’d participate in Igura and help Akira. HOW? You don’t know how to fight! WHAT help would you be?! D:

Speaking of things that make me ill. Don’t really like Rin’s design, his head looks more like a mop of hair rather than a more smoother hair style. Huh…didn’t his outside have more plaid in it though? Or am I confusing that little detail? I think I’m confusing that part. And augh at the animation *whimpers* And I must scream, is the term that comes to mind. Take lessons from Madhouse please. Though this episode also lacked the necessary shiny necessary to awe me but it wasn’t as bad as the first episode. Maybe I’ve started to get used to this style? Though I gotta admit, even this is WAY better than the animation we got on Gakuen Heaven (YEARGH!) But the fight scenes were nicely animated though just a tad, choppy at some parts. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! KIRIWAR DX You look SO DAMN horrible at 16:51! Slant eyes just took a whole new CREEPY meaning. And Gunji! Your honker looks…like a damned honker at that moment too…and your head looks WAY too small.

Okay WHY does everyone have SUCH long necks? Are they giraffe-human hybrids? I know I’m exgaerrating but DAMN…check out on 14:32! Their necks looks WAY long than normal necks. Its not kool. And…I just noticed, Akira is wearins his jeans/pants pretty high up on that shot isn’t he? Or maybe his jack is that short. DAMN I want his jacket…i want it so badly. Oh and a note on the music, I’m not really digging the bgm. I keep remembering the ominous and dark music of the game. Is there some way I can overlay the game bgm on the anime and get rid of the anime music? XD

NEXT WEEK! TAKERU! ARBITRO! And Kau and a show down between Akira and Takeru!  I hope we get some more Shiki though. That’s all I’m waiting for~

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